Saturday, February 16, 2013

Escape from "The Traz"

It is Saturday sharing day and over at  PhotobucketWhat have I done this week?
I got all my blocks sewn together for my Easy Street as posted earlier

 and was waiting for my stash enhancement supplies to arrive to finish the borders.  Funny haha around our house my new Hubby is a mechanic, we have a huge barn which he uses to work on tractors, heavy equipment, cars....our family owns 6 cars of which at this point in time only 3 work.  Lately I drive the 1980's vintage Jimmy which has been lifted.  It was appropriated this week when DH vehicle lost a transmission and a clutch.  So to say the least I have been stranded at home with no way to get out so my fabric enhancements have been via mail.  I wanted a purpley grape fabric for a small 1 inch border and so this looked like it would fit the bill.

Then I wanted a turquoise polka dot for the borders and I ordered this.

I am not too sure about the turquoise at this time, but I feel that I may be committed to it.

While I was waiting I started a jewel box quilt using strips from my stash but I definitely need some more oranges, yellows, pinks, and greens.  I would also love to find a beautiful yellowy amber color.  I finished 2 blocks and am working on my 3rd.

Since it is the weekend, and DH is off with is buddies I have a ride to escape from my prison.  Don't get me wrong I love this house it was built by DH great great grandfather before the Civil War, but it is a big brick block building and she needs some definite love!  So I jumped into the Jimmy gassed her up and away I went.  I really wanted to go to The Quilt Patch in Tecumseh, Michigan.  Love the store they have rooms, and rooms full of  bolts and bolts of fabric.  While not really my closest local quilt shop my favorite by far even if it is about 1 hour drive away. 

Then horrors of horrors it started to snow,and so I thought well I will go to Lake Erie Mercantile they are on my way and we will see if the snow lets up just a little before I head west.  They had a few yellows, and greens, but not much in oranges that really caught my eye.  I did pick up these beauties though.

I really wanted to find a soft buttery yellow batik, and maybe one more the color of lemons but this is a start.

And here are my greens.  I wanted some more lime, emerald, and apple greens but this will help a bit too.

Since the snow didn't seem to want to let up I nixed the idea of Tecumseh and decided to head homeward and see how the road were.  The roads were not too bad so I thought well lets help the local economy so I tried to go to The Material Girls in Dearborn, MI.  Obviously that was just not in the cards.  The snow really started falling heavy, and wet, and it became extremely slippery.  So I put the truck in 4WD and headed home.  Since I have been home I bet 2-3 inches of snow has fallen, and at one point it was a complete white out.  DH brought me a sandwich home, and told me that my travels were done for the day and took my car, he was off to help the local tow yard.  There are several huge pile ups on the local interstate and he would prefer me safe and sound.  Now though mother nature is mocking me and the sun has come out and it is beautiful blue sky with high whispy clouds and I am sitting here with my sandwich just a wee bit perturbed.

Hmmm what to do, Easy Street Borders?  More Jewel Box quilt blocks?  More trimming of my ancient flying geese?  Some Machine Quilting?  The day is still young and the possibilities are endless.  Everything happens for a reason.  Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. I LOVE the colors in your Easy Street quilt! Bonnie is going to love it too!

    Thanks for linking up to the It's A Saturday Sharing Day Linky Party on my blog and for the fantastic shout out!

  2. your piece is looking good-love the colors you have chosen.Kathy

  3. your easy street top looks great so far! love your new fabric finds.

  4. A partial stash enhancement is better than none right! Have fun with your new finds...

  5. Hi!!! Your Easy Street is looking wonderful!!! Your new fabrics are pretty!!!!

  6. Love the jewel box blocks. The colors are awesome! And yes...a partial stash enhancement is better than none...I agree!

  7. The jewel box blocks look great, thanks for sharing!


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