Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Year for Finn

Can you believe it.  This little guy is one year old today. 

We are going to his house for a pizza party with the family.  Should be a house load of people and chaos.  I need to go find him a gift today. I have ideas, but sometimes just because I have ideas does not mean that I can locate what I am looking for. 

I am finally done working overnights for a while.  I may have some evenings, but nothing like the last couple of weeks. 

There has not been a lot of sewing going on around here between the weather, and crazy schedule, and of course life has gotten in the way of my plans.

This is as far as I have gotten on my anniversary gift for the hubby.  I still have 2 more letters for this line, then one more line of embroidery.
I saw a pattern by Jen Kingwell, well actually I saw 2 different ones and I decided that I absolutely had to have one.  They are a mixture of templates, piecing, and applique'.  The pattern is called Green Tea and Sweet Beans.

I recently won a bundle Ghastlie fabrics from Carol at Just Let Me Quilt. I think this will be fun to work with. 

While I was working on my jewel box quilt and finishing up the final few blocks, I started cutting for another one, this will be my next project, when the jewel box is completed to flimsy stage.
When you have another quilt or a few in mind, do you cut sometimes so that you can kit them up to be ready to sew?


  1. Oh, I have been wanting that Green tea pattern ever since I saw it last year. I just love it. Will you start it this year?

  2. Happy birthday to Finn. All the best people have birthdays about now!

  3. I frequently make my own kits up, put them in zip lock bags with the pattern and have them ready to pick up and start when I've got some time. Right now we're preparing for a couple of lengthy mission trips so I've been trying to do just that. This sciatic issue I'm having has sidelined me so I'm afraid I won't have many ready when it's time to go. :( blessings, marlene

  4. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla


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