Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome to the Vortex! Part 2

It has been a while since I have had a chance to do anything.  Crazy work schedules for both DH and myself, really threw my sleep schedule out of whack, and I spent almost all of my spare time sleeping.  Which maybe was a good thing.  My wound from my surgery at the first of December, finally healed over completely, even though I was working lots.

Conversations between DH and myself around the house are hilarious at times.

DH-- Are you going to put a curtain or valance on that window?
Me--No but I cannot stand that curtain that was on the window any longer.
DH--Without the curtain from outside the house looks like a crack house, might as well just throw a blanket over the window.

With the extreme cold the last few weeks DH has been struggling to keep the boiler up to temp so we turned on the gas heat to supplement.  When the first cold spell hit with all the wind this window felt like it had a breeze blowing through.

I have complained to DH that it is cold in the kitchen and he kind of poo pooed my complaint.  Until I put up a table cloth over the window which actually covered up the frame.  The room actually felt warmer almost instantly.  Between the really cold spells, DH pulled down the frame, and insulated around it, there was none.  Can you believe it?  The kitchen and family room were an addition to the house that he and his ex had built about 20 years ago.  We discovered that there is no wrap on the addition which would help cut down on the drafts greatly.  So the blanket came off this window, but these two in the family room remain blanketed.

 Sew yep I officially live in a crack house per my husband's standards.  But it warmed up the room quite a bit until the temp dropped and the winds kicked up again.  We decided to close off the "new" part of the house and move into the dining room.

And I got DH to allow me to hang a blanket over the doorway to the new addition.  The furnace is not constantly running, and it is almost too warm here with the thermostat set at 68!  The dining room table was moved into the formal front room for the time being.

Since putting up the blanket, the new addition temperature is hovering around 55 degrees!  Something is definitely wrong with that part of the house.  Guess we know what some of our summer plans are now. 

I finally wandered back into my sewing room after a couple of weeks absence.

I finished the stitchery for DH anniversary gift, and managed to "whip up" a small wall quilt.  I still need to bind it, but I ran out of time tonight, and our anniversary is tomorrow, and I have to work.

I even did a little FMQ and stitch in the ditch around the stars.  I think it turned out cute!

It is nice to be able to get my sewjo back.


  1. Glad you could get some sewing in today! You and hubby are too funny! What a wonderful gift you are making him for your anniversary - Love it. And have a great anniversary!

  2. Perhaps you could start a new trend of putting blankets at the windows - does that mean you'd then have to put curtains on the beds?

  3. I used to live in a house that when the north wind blew, the kitchen cabinets came I understand a drafty house. With's warmer ! That's what counts !

  4. The conversations between you & your husband sound like my parents! We too have a very cold (& old) house. We put plastic & blankets up to keep out the cold. Our floors are the worst though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! My follow button is working now if you are interested...

  5. sound like my husband 'crack house' men are the pits! i know mine is, he is getting sick and is so ill right now

  6. I'm shivering just reading about your cold weather...or maybe my body is just shaking from laughing about your "crack house!" LOL I hope your weather improves soon!

  7. I guess I live in a crack house too (it actually probably was at some point!), there is not insulation around any of the windows and the bedroom windows and one of the living room windows all have blankets!
    I love the wall hanging you made your husband!

  8. well you gotta do what you gotta do to stay warm even if it looks like a crack house. LOL
    Hope you had a nice anniversary despite having to work.
    stay warm!


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