Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lazy Sunday During a Blizzard

Many people say that it takes them hours to write the blog, get their pictures ready (I know my pictures could improve) and that they really struggle.  For me it is simple-I think of something and start writing.  Some days I think of several somethings and I will start drafts.  I have had 6-7 drafts sitting waiting for me to finish, or add pictures or schedule to publish, sew I am very fortunate.

Today is Wednesday, we have a blizzard, but I forgot to hit publish on my draft for February 1st.  Duh!  So this will not be published until tonight.

I can't make up my mind what I love more.  Scrap quilts or more modern quilts.  I finished the top of the Lazy Sunday Mystery by Bonnie Hunter which was in Quiltmaker Magazine.  Sorry the pictures are not great but all I can say is Blizzard.  I love the movement in this quilt! 

I stuck with just 6 fabrics instead of scrappy, and these farbrics are much more modern that what I would have chosen.  I purchased them all from my LQS from their sale area last year.

OK I don't know why but I love this picture since I can show all of the fabrics in my quilt in case anyone is wondering.

The Yellow is Grunge by Basic Grey for Moda.--Luv their line for blenders
The Turquoise blue bubble on the peach background is Habitat by Jay McCarrol for Free Spirit.
The Peach polka dot on the right side is Habitat by Jay McCarrol for Free Spirit
The Dark gray with Peach scribbles is Habitat by Jay McCarrol for Free Spirit
The Turquoise blue cross hatch lines is by Timeless Treasures but does not have the name of the fabric line. I think it is called Sketch.
Finally the white fabric with the dark and light gray dots is called Stella Dot by Dear Stella-  I have a few extra yards this will be a great blender too!

Hey I actually worked from mostly one line of fabric which is not my usual either.

The colors are very intense and saturated, I worked outside of my comfort zone big time on this one, but what is funny is that  DH loves it.  He says it reminds him of spring. 

I think I spent about $5 per yard originally. 

Just a smaller section of the quilt.  I love the border, and the colors in larger increments would have been sew intense because of the saturation, in smaller bits they all play well together. 

I can cross this one off my list for my monthly goals finished to a flimsy.  I will quilt it once my set up is finished, and it will be donated.  

Keep warm, and out of the cold. 


  1. The quilt immediately made me think of light blue skies and daffodils, so I see exactly what your DH means when it reminds him of spring..

  2. Your quilt looks greats. Your borders have me at WOW!

  3. I love the border too. I didn't know it was going to have a pieced border.
    Your are donating it?

  4. It is so cold here today that I cannot seem to get warm. I love the way the colors in the quilt turned out.

  5. Hi Rheema! I really like the colors in your Lazy Sunday quilt. I'm a new follower!
    Nancy from PugMom Quilts!

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  7. I hope you send Bonnie a picture of your gorgeous quilt !


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