Thursday, February 6, 2014

Technology Challenged

When I met my DH I was working as a business analyst for a major computer company and was subcontracted to one of the big three automotive companies- the reason I live in Michigan.  My job was to monitor all of the outgoing/incoming interfaces, make sure they were working/playing together correctly, identify and help correct coding errors, and monitor and participate in system upgrades--very high tech.  DH is a double master mechanic specializing in heavy equipment-very mechanical.

DH had a flip phone when we met, he had had it for several years.  I took his phone from him, programmed in my name, number, and a photo so he could see me when I was calling.  He was thrilled,he didn't know that it could do that.  DH had a computer, which a friend had set up for him.  It was new, but slow, and when I upgraded the internet in the house that computer would not connect no matter what unless you basically stood on your head, patted your tummy, and sang The Star Spangled Banner in the key of F sharp.  DH's TV was one of those old Sharp 25 inch glass tube TV's which is heavy, and he had a VCR.  OK keep in mind this was 2 1/2 years ago.  Do I paint a clear picture of his technology? 

Last year DH asked for an iPhone, he still is technologically challenged, but not so much.  The TV was replaced by my flat screen and the VCR replaced by my bluray player.  The other day DH came home from work and saw I was watching a show called "Arrow" based upon a DC Comic character.  He asked me how I was watching it. I showed him that it was on Netflix.  I then showed him how to set up the Bluray to view Netflix and how to find shows.  I went to work, came home and a found out the next day, he had watched 17 episodes of Arrow.  I think he is starting to warm up to the technology.  I'm so proud!

I know, where am I going with this right?  While DH is not up on tech I tell him one of my old girls is sounding funny and he is all over it.  While I was working on Lazy Sunday the lovely Rita, this 301-
started to sound like a load of marbles in a washing machine on the spin cycle.  I pulled the throat plate, and she was full fuzz, which meant she needed a good cleaning.  (All the green tape is frog tape/painter's tape-  I use it to mark my accurate 1/4 inch seam and it also holds a little portable LED light to her since I want to move it from machine to machine.)  Rita still sounded horrible, but her seams looked good, and her stitches were still beautiful.

DH oiled her up and she still was clanky sounding.  DH told me you are probably going to have to find a bobbin assembly.  Now a couple of years ago I would say easy peasy lemon squeezy, but now....well many people are starting to collect vintage machines, and a machine like Rita goes most of the time on ebay for about $200. The prospect was sobering.  I told DH that she was working wonderful until a day or two before and I got a tangle and had to snip it out of the bobbin area, so would he remove the bobbin assembly.  He removed it, took out all the screws, disassembled it, cleaned it there was a spot of rust, he put it back together and she purrs like a kitten now.

If it had been my newer machine it would have had to go to the sewing machine guy.  I am sew lucky to have a mechanical type of guy!

Technology gets me in trouble some times though too.  Pinterest I keep seeing this lovely fabric called Old New 30's by Atsuko Matsuyama who designs for Lecien.  Mostly it is sold in Japan, but there are a few Etsy shops that have it.  If you find another shop in the US which has a website I would be all over it, just let me know.  Anyway I had to have some of the fabric from the line.  There is more but I want at least 1 yard cuts and most are not even fat quarters for $5-$6 each!

I have also broke down and purchased a couple of patterns lately.
Thimble Blossom's Round and Round, and Franklin Quilt Company's Scrap Box Chevrons. 

With technology comes great responsibility.  (Sorry reference to Spiderman).  I could spend all day reading blogs, surfing Pinterest, and shopping online but life would pass me by.  So I am going to finish my post and get some coffee and go experience life!  Have a great day everyone.


  1. Well what a perfect partnership you have - you with all things technical and him with mechanical.

  2. While I can't compete with your technology knowledge my husband is right there with your husband...without the mechanical knowledge. :) He gets frustrated easily and the kids just laugh when he can't figure out even the simple things. :) blessings, marlene

  3. I'm getting better about my technology too, got my first cellphone two years ago! LOL I love my old machines because they are easier to fix then the new machines.

  4. I have a handy man who can fix almost anything, but when it comes to tech, I am the IT person of the household. I was so thrilled when he finally broke down and got an iPhone for himself. I fixed it up and am around to help him trouble shoot but he has taken to it like a duck to water. So proud I am!! Oh, did I mention that he makes cell phone Pas? Yup, he is a techy on some things, but not when it comes to keeping the Macs up to date.

  5. Ah - sounds like the perfect yin and yang!!! My husband and I are a lot like that too :) Glad you got your machine back to purring for you. I have that Scrappy Chevron pattern too - the ladies that designed it live very close to me in Franklin Tennessee :) I've seen the quilt and it is gorgeous!!!

  6. Rita is a beauty ! LOL Glad your DH is learning to be more techie....he should come give Ranchman a few lessons !

  7. We are the same way!! My husband is lost when it comes to technology but great with things around the house.....he doesn't work on cars, thank goodness my dad does! I agree that with our old machines there is so much we can do instead of taking them in to be worked on. Glad yours is purring along now!


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