Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Dreaded Stash

I have SABLE....stash beyond life expectancy.  But I have also been grabbing stash and using it, in charity quilts, and other projects.  Even today I grabbed my 2 1/2 inch strips to us in the making of a charity quilt. 

But.......that does not deter me from fabric acquisitions.

This one I am blaming on Nancy from PugMomQuilts!  She sent me a message on Facebook with a link to 
 OMG Hunks with green tractors!  I mean, my hunk may be gone, but the green tractors live on in my world. 
 Of course while I was perusing the site I spied a batik with chickens, tractor, barns and a windmill. Gasp!  All of our favorite things.
 And more green tractors
 And John Deere fabric with daisies
Some green and yellow for Jeff's quilt.

Squeee!  and lots of chicken fabric!
I have been thinking of my RSC Saw Toothed Square and decided I needed these kind of aqua, colors. I know of a shop that has lots of reproductions and when I looked at their e-mail the other day and saw these I knew I needed them for my RSC which I should return to shortly. 

The other day I decided a little quilt shop therapy, I had received a sale notice (e-mail) from Pink Castle Fabrics in Ann Arbor.  I love it when I order, I can go pick it up after they notify me, so no shipping!  Nice little drive on a lovely sunny day.

My polka dots were needing replenishing, and I had to have some green, and yellow polka dots for Jeff's quilt.  Then I saw the green small hashtag, and the green and aqua gingham, and on sale too!

Of course while I was picking up my fabric I saw these candy packs at the register.

I just knew I could use these in my tumbler quilt.  I really needed some nice neutrals.   Yes they are already cut into tumblers and being used.

After I left I decided to wander over to the Ann Arbor Sewing Center.  I needed some batiks in lavenders, aqua, and turquoise.   I will just say that at one point this year I am pretty sure I had 4 Christmas Wall Hangings made- waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.  I am undecided if with the insanity of life I was wrong and didn't have that many or I misplaced them, and have not been able to lay my hands on them again because I could only locate 2.  I decided I needed to make at least 3 if not 4 more.

Of course seeing chicken fabric I had to have it.

I have also done some thread acquisitions.  I really need to work on my quilting and get some things finished.  Nothing like watching all of your bloggy friends finish up stuff to add to the peer pressure.

I like variegated threads for quilting.  Especially if the quilt is scrappy.  I have Creme Brule', Mocha Mousse, and Mango Mist.  I think 2 of these will work well for the gurney quilt once I get it sandwiched.  I have a few quilts to get sandwiched right now.  (Hangs head in shame).

Finally a friend from high school and her spouse had been worried about me, and so he thought that maybe I should read this book called Option B by Sheryl Sandberg, it had been recommended by one of his colleagues.   

Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and suddenly lost her husband to a heart attack and as the cover says "facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy."  I am not too sure if I am ready to read the book quite yet.  I have had a couple of other books sent me regarding grief which are on my to read list also. 

I do know that I have seemed to find peace, and a level of contentment with life once more.  I still miss Jeff dearly, and there are tears on a daily basis, but when I share stories of Jeff it is because they bring me smiles.   I had to have a mammogram the other day and while standing there squished and in pain, I started laughing.  Jeff said he would go have a prostate check and colonoscopy if I had a mammogram.  Dirty bird got out of it.  :D 


  1. Superior haul you managed there!! I have those hunks too--
    glad your smiles are coming back...;)))
    hugs, Julierose

  2. I take full responsibility for your new acquisition! That means I'm entitled to half your haul, right? What are friends for... Pugs and kisses,

  3. Hmmm, lots of pretty fabric coming in my friend :) All those chickens are in need of a starring roll in a quilt, yes?! Are your ladies well? We get new little peeps in a couple weeks. Grief has no schedule or timetable I have found, we all travel it differently and that is ok and right. I am so glad you have so many happy memories and thoughts to carry you.

  4. We lost our music minister about the same time as you lost Jeff. Rick was also my Sunday school teacher. His last Bible study was on Heaven. Rick died before we finished that study. We all said that Rick 'cheated' and found out about Heaven first. I think it makes it easier if you can talk about the one you lost. Brings back good memories. Hope I was part of your peer pressure. Gee, now you have more fabrics to turn into scraps. Get stitching gal.

  5. Fabric therapy is great! I have never been through what you are going through, however, I think it is good that you talk about your husband. When my mom lost her husband, it helped her to talk about him, he was a major part of your life and you will never stop loving him and the grief will just get less everyday. It just takes time, just remember that God will always be there to walk you through life.

  6. Wow, that's a great haul of fabric. One of the local fabric shops closed and fabric was 50% off so I do buy a few things wellll, a lot of things, lol. I got mostly Xmas fabrics for an upcoming project. I think the more you talk about Jeff the more you will heal. Hugs and get busy sewing. Take care.

  7. they have said it all, great that you are to the point that you can remember the funny times

  8. great stash enhancements. glad you found some peace and contentment. isnt that always the way? men get out of it. lol

  9. I like that term - SABLE. Very clever. Great fabrics.

    I imagine the mammogram tech's reaction when you started to chuckle. I would say that is a rather drastic way to get out of his tests. You had so many traumas so quickly and I am sure it will affect you (or any of us) for a long time.

  10. What a great stash of new fabric. So glad that you are able to have some laughs, even with tears in between....your mammogram story made me chuckle...

  11. Happy to read you are finding some peace and joy.


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