Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I Like Thursday #13

Welcome to my I Like Thursday post.  This is week 13 for me.  I want to say a huge Thank You to LeeAnna for encouraging me, cajoling me, nagging me, goading, prompting, inviting me to join in with the other ladies posting things that they found during the week that they liked.  By doing these posts most of the time I am thinking of places to go, or to take a picture of something that I might like.

I went to the bank today and am always fascinated by these grasses that have taken over the area around the parking lot.  From what I understand they are an invasive species which were introduced as ornamental grasses.

I like how the snow sits on them, they look like huge q-tips. 
I also like how tall they get even though they are not a good plant.  They muck up the marshlands, and dry them up. 

I like how the snow clings to vertical surfaces.  Life the leaf motifs on my swing. 
I like the shadow the webbing makes on the snow.  It is so fun and interesting with the curlicues.

Even the shadow of the end is very interesting.
I like how the snow is so even and pristine and white. It looks like a huge fluffy blanket has been thrown over the earth.
This is the "lot" we call it.  A big open expanse of grass during the summer. 
I like this little tree.  I had to look it up and I think it is a spruce to be honest.  Pine trees the needles stand up, and are flat.  Pine trees several needles come out of the same spot.  Spruce trees the needles are single needles along the branch, but they are more rounded.  Wow I learned something new today!  All the little birds that hang out around my house get into this tree and fuss.

Finally I like this hot chocolate.  I am normally not an impulse buyer.  I go with a list and stick to my list.  Most of the time.  Today I veered a bit from my list and bought some pork ribs, a roast, and this hot chocolate mix.  

The flavor is Double Udder, and you make it with hot milk, and a couple of heaping teaspoons of the chocolate mix.  I will say that it is awesome! 

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  1. Yummy! That hot chocolate looks very tasty!

  2. I too like the images of the snow when I don't have to go to work in it. the chocolate sounds yummy. lots of stuff to like

  3. Lots of snow heading our way again today and since today is my day off, I am thrilled to see more snow! We are ready to go cross-country skiing. It's been years since we have had the right weather conditions to do so.

    I am curious about the grass and what kind it is. It looks like pampas grass, but I don't know much about plants.

  4. Pretty snow pics! We are forecast for more, guess it's still the name of the hot chocolate, glad it tasted good too :)

  5. you're looking at the world like an artist. I imagine taking the photo with shadows, (sad to tell you if a chair sees it's shadow that means 6 more weeks of winter) and cropping it different ways, and making an abstract from that. Glad to hear you impulsively bought good food to eat. The cocoa is soothing to the spirit. It was something special when we got home made cocoa growing up. The mother warmed milk in a pan, then added cocoa powder and simmered it and poured it over those little tiny marshmallows.
    Our recent snow coated everything vertically. It was odd to see it coat the chicken wire on the fence, each blade of grass.

  6. Hi Colette,
    I love those pine trees and the birds they draw. I have three smallish ones on our lot but the trucking firm that is behind us has a line of huge ones. They have tons of birds in them, always chatting or fighting. I am not much for hot chocolate . . . but every now and then it is a real treat. That bottle of Double Udder looks delicious to me today! The shadow created by your swing reminds me of a tutorial post for a quilt that posts on Saturday. It's called Shadow Mini Quilt and it rather captures the swing look. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Lovely images--that hot choc mix looks fantastic...glad you are enjoying your outings hugs, Julierose

  8. I enjoyed all your snow and shadows photos - winter definitely has its own kind of beauty! The hot chocolate sounds yummy, too. We have a tree like yours that often attracts the birds, too - I think there must be some berries that they like in it. Fun to see them flitting around from tree to tree looking for food.

  9. Good hot chocolate is lovely stuff. I like shadows on snow. Something pretty for all the cold one must endure.

  10. I Love all your snow! I might not love it so much if I had to shovel it, but we've had such a dry cold winter, I'd love the moisture. And I love your q-tip description of those grasses! So apt!

  11. Snow pictures are endlessly fascinating imo. Your spruce will be a great spot for Birds. I am into my hot chocolate season, it is so comforting. Lol Like LeeAnna I have a Mom memory of her making me grilled cheese to go with hot chocolate. I did not know these grasses were a menace; I always love the look of them.

  12. The places around us are amazing if we stop to look. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love your photos. I love wild grass and plants.

  14. Your are amazing! You find wonder all around you in simple things! I love fresh snow. I will have to look for that brand of chocolate mix.

  15. The snow does look so pretty, but I don't think I will be sitting on that bench anytime soon. ;-) BUT....that hot chocolate might make me reconsider. Do I get marshmallows in it too???


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