Friday, February 9, 2018

It's A Bobbin World

My daughter and I have decided it's a Bobbin World and I am just here to fulfill her every wish and desire.

My house used to not get very messy, but now...the vacuum stays near at hand.

See that?  The red looking blob.  It is a piece of onion skin that blew out of the garbage can in the kitchen.  Bobbin retrieved it and carried it into the living room before I picked it up.

Random tennis ball fur, and cat toy feathers.
A Bobbin eye view.  Trust me it is bad.

A human's eye view of the destruction.

Even the end table is not immune.  Bobbin has decided we can walk through to get behind stuff, and reach through the bars and grab kleenex out of the garbage can next to the end table to shred.

And it doesn't stop with just one room.  This is the "sick room" the only bedroom downstairs.  Feathers--from a stolen cat toy, a packing peanut or two, some styrofoam....where she finds it I don't know.  And don't even get me started about the plastic pillow packing bags in packages.  She loves to bite them and pop them.

Dining room, rubber band, paper that has been pulled out of the garbage can, fabric bits pulled out of the can that I use to collect those fabric bits for animal pillows.

Where she eats in the kitchen.

More tennis ball fuzz.  Why it is by the garbage can I have no idea.  Bobbin can defuzz a tennis ball in a matter of minutes.

The crack which separates the old part of the house to the new part.  I really should get my floors refinished, and put a threshold here.  Bobbin likes to come along and drop stuff into the crack.  Food, fabric pieces, fuzzies, paper.  I go through and vacuum it regularly.

Even the great room is not immune to Bobbinfying.

The bathroom I was trying to figure out how my towels and washrags kept ending up on the floor.  I know now.  Little miss goes in and pulls them off the side of the bath tub and the towel bar.  Also heaven forbid the bathroom door be closed.  

Bobbin likes laying on a fleece tied blanket that was made for Jeff a couple of years ago.  I am not sure if it was Bobbin or a kid, that tore a hole in it.  So I decided to make Bobbin her own pillow.  Stuffed with fabric scraps, batting scraps and some of Jeff's old socks.

It must be by the heat vent which is kind of behind the TV.  Don't even look at the TV stand.  I noticed the other day it was all gooey looking.  Bobbin likes licking the glass.

This area was picked up earlier.  This is after destructo struck.

Even Lucy's bed is not safe.  We drug it over by my feet, and decided to crush it.

Sometimes we fill it with our toys, or better yet.

Find a piece of cardboard out of the recycle box and barricade it so Lucy cannot use it.

Of course no quilt may be photographed without Bobbin assistance.

I forgot what a whirlwind of energy puppies were. 


  1. she is a booger but a cute one. How can you stay mad at that face? LOL

  2. I love his name, on the first picture I was looking for an actual bobbin...HA!!

  3. Our Alaskan Malamute shreds his stuffed toys all over the family room, but, thank goodness, doesn't drag them out of that room very often. He DOES leave huge handfuls of fur all over every floor in the house (and they drift, on air currents, to every surface, no matter how high). Thank goodness he only chews on his stuffed animals, and not anything else. The little dog doesn't leave much fur around, but, she loves to lick the glass patio door. You need to make a washable mat for Bobbin's food and water bowls. We put the water bowl, and the large dog's bowl in a plastic boot drying mat. If he sloshes water, it all stays in there.

  4. Oh my!!! Yes, puppies are just a bundle of energy and Bobbin adorable. Sounds like she is good company for you too. :)

  5. Thanks for the smiles. I have some of your problems but with my cat. He is the fifth cat that we’ve had over the years and the messiest with his food. We have the cat bowls on a plastic placemat ($ store) and it’s easy to wipe clean. Gave up on the water bowl so we got a water fountain and they have not slopped a drop, yet.

  6. Ha ha You made me laugh so much. Bobbin is the cutest! No one could be cross at her for long for sure! She is an adorable bundle. Snowy still rips apart and kills tennis balls and he's nearly 6! Karen, Hannah and Baa. xxx

  7. That little Bobbin is too cute to have done any of that mess. Totally made me laugh seeing all the shenanigans he's up to. My floors have similar bits of tissues and scraps laying around. I'm just lucky my dogs let me live in their house. LOL

  8. all looks too familiar to me, but isn't it a joy in the end? What would we do with perfectly clean homes?

  9. I agree with Mary, clean houses are for boring people :) Thanks for all the shots of your cutie lil Miss!


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