Thursday, February 11, 2016

Julierose to the Rescue

My last couple of posts were about my hunt through my stash to locate some brown fabrics for the month of February's RSC.

You can read them here at My Brown Lament and here at Deep Stash Diving.

Imagine my surprise and delight when a package showed up in my mailbox.

Thank you so very much Julierose from Julierosequilt.  I appreciate the package greatly.  I teased her since she had recently made a comment about doing a destash....I asked if I was part of her destash plan.  (Huge cheesy smiley face)  There are some great modern fabrics in here that will go great in the twisted blossoms and I love the Asian print with the dragon and tiger.

I finally finished the baby quilt.  I started out with a binding dilemma.  I had purchased some what I thought were fat quarters a couple of years ago.  I had calculated with a couple of fat quarters I could probably get enough binding done for a baby quilt.

Imagine my chagrin when I discovered these were only fat 8ths and they were not really even cut straight.  With fat quarters doing the binding with the fake flange I could have made it work.  Fat 8ths--not even remotely. Ugh something which is going to get cut up and thrown into my scraps.  I did make a run to JAF and found this fun green stripe which you can see below,  that worked too, but I really did love the blues, and blacks, and the bubbles in the fabric above. 

I did get my binding done, and sewn on even though I was having some challenges so I actually ended up basting the binding down before I machine stitched it.

You can see I need to take my basting threads out, and trim up the loose threads.  I even managed to make a label.  I did Susie's Magic Binding from a tutorial I saw and I love how it turns out with the little fake flange. 

I also made a label. 
I used the bubble jet set and still need to do the rinse part.  Then figure out if I want to turn the sides over and hem them to attach the label, or do a fabric frame.  I am leaning toward a fabric frame.  This one is almost done and out the door! 

Now I need to decide what I am going to pick up and finish, and work on. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Deep Stash Diving

Yesterday I lamented that I did not have much brown (ok technically I whined) but lament sounds so much more mature.  Right?!?

I did a deep stash dive today before I wandered back to my never ending organic straight line quilting of the baby quilt.  I dove so deep I am sure I was down at least 2 if not three atmospheres, and once I headed toward the surface I was going to have to make a couple of decompression stops along the way.    Can you tell I have been reading novels which include a lot of diving lately?   I had to look it up but an atmosphere is approximately 33 feet when you are diving.

Do you know that when you have your stash all folded sometimes stuff squishes around and it is difficult to see it especially fat quarters, but I think I was successful.  

It is hard to believe that browns have such a range from golden browns, to chocolate browns to even gray toned, purple toned, and pink tone browns. 

While digging I also found some really ugly fabric!
No I didn't use this one, even though there were a lot of browns.  I actually cut it into 2 1/2 inch strips.  Someone once said if it is still ugly you haven't cut it into small enough units.  I cut some of it up into tumblers, as well as some others that I found.
While these were not ugly like the one it was nice cutting up these small chunks to be able to use up the scraps.  They were turned into tumbler units. 

Do you know what is in your stash? 

Monday, February 1, 2016

My Brown Lament

What color is missing in your stash?  I know we all seem to lean toward certain colors, and sometimes even certain fabric styles, but do you have some colors that are utterly lacking from your stash?  Brown is my color.  I don't have much brown.   Imagine my chagrin when it was announced that the color for the month of February by SoScrappy is brown.  Insert huge frownie face here!

I managed to unearth maybe 10 browns in my stash.  Not near enough!

I wanted to make 4 fox blocks for each month.  Yes I know I only shared one blue fox for last month, but I actually had three more cut out.  I just hadn't sewn them yet.

Blue Foxes
 My skulk of foxes so far.
How am I going to make 2 more brown foxes, a twisted blossom, Saw Toothed Square, Crown and Star, and Navajo block when I don't have brown scraps? 

Twisted blossom is made up of more modern fabrics, Crown and Star and Saw Toothed Square are reproduction/antique looking fabrics, and Navajo was going to be made of solids.  Am I allowed to buy fabric for  RSC blocks?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Looking Forward to a New Week

Last week was very busy.  I used to think that if I watched the kids at home I would get so much more sewing accomplished.  Boy was I wrong. 

When the boys arrive home they are asking for a snack.  While it may only be a couple of hours until dinner I like to give them something to hold them over.  Last week I tried a new Snickerdoodle recipe.  The cookies were nice and soft, but they were very large.  They were a hit with the family though. 

Tuesday was DH and my 3rd anniversary.  So I made some of his favorite foods.  Chicken and broccoli casserole for dinner, and fresh banana cake for dessert (no I do not make dessert every night!). 

I make a stabilized whipped cream frosting and believe it or not the cake keeps several days in the refrigerator. 

DH gave me a dozen roses for our anniversary.

I am terrible when it comes to quilting, I tend to be slow, and will quilt for a short time then move to something else.  I started to work on the monthly block for the quilt guild's friendship block.
This is the guild fabric.  We were supposed to use a red to match, but it was not to have a one way design.
I thought about this one, which is similar to Moda Grunge, but I think I purchased it a JAF.  While looking at it for some reason it seemed to have a one way design so I was not thrilled with it.  I then chose this red instead.
I think my block turned out alright.
I decided it was time to work on machine stitching some of the applique which I have been working on.
The cowboy from the Row by Row from Friends and Co. quilt shop in Cody, Wyoming. 
I also finished one of the blocks from a Row by Row from Bits & Pieces Quilt Shop in Wayne, Michigan.  Once I have the blocks appliqued I will wait to determine if I will sew it together vertically or horizontally.  The Row by Row kits are kind of nice to have a quick little finish. 

I will say that I am looking forward to the new week, and new month too. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Blues

I decided to throw my lot in with all the wonderful quilters over at SoScrappy for the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Blue is the color for the month of January.

I know I showed a couple of  these two before.

Twisted Blossom
Crown and Star

 In between quilting the baby quilt, I would take a bit of a break and cut pieces to make some  more blue squares.  I will say that I do love the Bloc-Loc HST rulers.  They are fabulous for squaring up.
Saw Toothed Square

Bloc Loc rulers come in really handy when you are squaring up 28 HST.  I actually managed to square up 28 HST in less than 15 minutes.  
Fancy Fox

At the last minute today I decided I wanted to make a quilt from scraps with the Fancy Fox pattern, I have some more blues pulled to make a couple of more in the next day or so. I think the faces are so cute!  

I will say it is nice to have these to use as a break when doing a lot of quilting, or or working on one specific quilt.  It helps keep things fresh. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

When Less is More

I kept playing with the baby quilt and was just not loving it.  Isn't that kind of sad?  All those animals, and I just did not love the way it was turning out. 

I made a bear, and while I think he is super cute.  I still could not find a configuration which pleased me.

In the middle of the night I had a dream, less is more.  I awoke the next morning grabbed the three biggest animals and started sashing. 

It turned out the perfect size!  I didn't think it needed to be any bigger and I loved the way the colors blended.  I grabbed a piece of cuddle fleece that I happened to have and pin basted it together and started to straight line quilt.  I call it organic straight line quilting because I do not measure or mark, just use the edge of the foot. 

I could not find my gray Aurifil so I grabbed the lightest gray I had.  Once upon a time I made a lot of my girls' clothing, so I have many different colors of thread.  The spool of gray I had was about half full.  I got about 1/3 of the way before I ran out.  Of course that meant I would have to do a JAF run. 

Yes I will have some poor little orphan animal blocks, I will figure out somewhere to use them eventually. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Do you ever get an idea, you don't write it down, nor do you completely figure it out, you just sort of have a concept?  Start working on it and think, maybe this was not the best thought out idea? 

I thought about doing a female lion, but I already have one lion.  The lioness is 10 x 9.  I would have to probably pull the monkey block, but I love the monkey block.  The other thing is that I would have a big empty space somewhere on the side, but to switch it to the other side kind of make the piece look unbalanced.  . 

I have a deer pattern which I could use which is 12 x 12.  I would just change it up so it doesn't look like Rudolph.  With the pale background and a bit darker brown for the deer face but the dark brown for the antlers it may work. 

Again though if I did the deer then I would have to take the monkey out.  I could take the monkey out and use it on the back as a label.  The option would be to do a small bear block by the monkey. 

I have considered an alligator--too threatening, squirrels, I saw this super cute baby sea turtle (but cannot find a pattern, nor is the blog where it appeared active any longer), cow, chicken, sheep, pig and even a dog.  None seem to fit. 

While I was at a standstill today I worked on the 2nd block for the RSC.  I chose the crown and star pattern from Quilter's Cache.  A beautiful pattern which looks complicated, but it is very simple, especially if you have a scant 1/4 inch seam, and square up your blocks.  Here is a link to the block.  Crown and Star.

Its a big block- 16 inches.  I loved the soft blue fabric that I used.

Still contemplating my baby quilt.  Maybe I should just make the lioness block, bear block and the deer block and audition different layouts since nothing is written in stone.