Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I Like Thursday #14

Welcome to my 14th I like Thursday.

My last post was about Snowmaggedon and I haven't posted since then.  I find the snow fascinating, just in smaller accumulations.

Remember my post from my last I Like Thursday?  The swing, the shadows, how the snow had stuck to a vertical surface.

I really liked this though.

The swing, still snowing, looked like Belgian Waffles with powdered sugar on top.
I liked the snow how it accumulated on this spruce.  Makes it look like a Christmas postcard, if only it was a bit brighter out.

I like how the now accumulated on the butterfly bushes. 

I like the little pops of color from my flowers from farm implements that Jeff made me with the stark background.

I like how ice formed around the chain links in the chicken run.

It warmed up quite a bit Wednesday, and while I was out feeding the girls this evening it all collapsed at once with a huge crash.

I like the snow on the old oak.  I think about how heavy snow is and wonder that it doesn't topple those old branches to the ground.

I like the fact that Spring is on its way.  How do I know?  Tuesday was Fat Tuesday or in Michigan it is known as Paczki day.

Per Wikipedia:

Pączki (Polish pronunciation: [ˈpɔnt͡ʂkʲi] (About this sound listen); singular: pączek [ˈpɔnt͡ʂɛk]; Kashubian: pùrcle, Silesian: kreple) are filled doughnuts that are typical for Polish cuisine.

Pączki are deep-fried pieces of dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with confiture or other sweet filling. Pączki are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing, glaze or bits of dried orange zest. A small amount of grain alcohol (traditionally, Spiritus) is added to the dough before cooking; as it evaporates, it prevents the absorption of oil deep into the dough.[1] The common opinion is that the ideal pączek is fluffy and at the same time a bit collapsed, with a bright stripe around – it is supposed to guarantee that the dough was fried in fresh oil.[2][3]

 I like the ones with Raspberry filling.  Jeff used to always bring me Paczki from a huge bakery in Hamtramck called the New Palace Bakery.  One of the guys that used to work for the city would go and stand in a huge line to pick up several dozen for the guys at the DPS.  Jeff would always snag one to bring home to me.

I like craft fairs.  I went to one the other day, but frankly the only two crafts were a man and his wife making wire jewelry from copper, and another man that had lots of stones and rocks which he had found, and made into jewelry.  He called himself a rock hound.  I liked what he had, but I saw this and new I had to have it.

It is a Petoskey Stone!

Good old Wikipedia to the rescue again:

A Petoskey stone is a rock and a fossil, often pebble-shaped, that is composed of a fossilized rugose coral, Hexagonaria percarinata.[1] Such stones were formed as a result of glaciation, in which sheets of ice plucked stones from the bedrock, grinding off their rough edges and depositing them in the northwestern (and some in the northeastern) portion of Michigan's lower peninsula. In those same areas of Michigan, complete fossilized coral colony heads can be found in the source rocks for the Petoskey stones.
Petoskey stones are found in the Gravel Point Formation of the Traverse Group. They are fragments of a coral reef that was originally deposited during the Devonian period.[1] When dry, the stone resembles ordinary limestone but when wet or polished using lapidary techniques, the distinctive mottled pattern of the six-sided coral fossils emerges. It is sometimes made into decorative objects. Other forms of fossilized coral are also found in the same location.

Finally I like prints in the snow.  I saw this one the other day, and smiled and though my guardian angel has been here protecting me.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018


Snow days are great reasons for getting a ton of sewing done.

I finished my block for guild, which was supposed to have been turned in Thursday, but I fussy cut it wrong and had to get more fabric and recut.  I reread the instructions and think it turned out perfect.  I will turn it in at the next guild meeting.

Since I was already working on guild stuff, I grabbed the March friendship block and made it up quickly too.

My temperature quilt.  January is done, and I got the first 5 days of  February done too.

I worked on my It's a Wildlife Blocks for February which is a BOM which is being hosted by Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy.  I previously shared the fabrics I purchased for the backgrounds.  These are digitally printed from Hawthorne Threads.  I picked some fabrics that I thought would be outdoorsy.
Constellations in glacial blue on white.
Constellations in white on glacial blue.
Plume in glacial blue.
Snowflakes in glacial blue. 
I kind of really like how the backgrounds worked with my batik scraps I had selected.

I had some acquisitions that I had not shared yet.

Puppy Love by Riley Blake, I will make a simple quilt for a charity.

Some fabrics I picked up.  I decided I needed some greens.  I selected some of the Riley Blake Kisses.

I chose some buttery yellows for backgrounds for some more wool blocks.  There is the Buttermilk Basin mystery BOM, and River's Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft that have free ones. 

 I have been adding to my wool stash so that I can work on these when I am ready to go.

I liked the names of these two bundles.  Flag blue, and charcoal grey.

I was invited to join another quilt guild. Mainly we do hand sewing, but once a month they all work on one quilt.  I am a wee bit behind, but I decided to grab a kit and try to catch up.

I need to get to work on it so I can catch up. 

I first had to figure out what fabrics were what.  I used the Andover website and labeled each fabric.  Unfortunately the picture is not very good, and the directions do not tell you which fabric to use other than light, or a blue.  Now if all of the cuts were the same amount it wouldn't be a problem, but all the cuts are different sizes. I found a good picture, blew it up and with the pattern I marked each color on the pattern.  Now I am collating each fabric to figure out the sizes that I need to cut out of each fabric.
As to our snowmaggedon we had about 36 hours of hard snowfall.

The boys did 4 rounds of shoveling to keep the porches, walkways, and driveway clear.  You can see how much they have had to pile up.  They actually ended up breaking the shove.

Here is a good reference to how much snow we got. 

These marks were in the snow in front of my garage.  Wing marks!  I think my angel has been visiting.

Friday, February 9, 2018

It's A Bobbin World

My daughter and I have decided it's a Bobbin World and I am just here to fulfill her every wish and desire.

My house used to not get very messy, but now...the vacuum stays near at hand.

See that?  The red looking blob.  It is a piece of onion skin that blew out of the garbage can in the kitchen.  Bobbin retrieved it and carried it into the living room before I picked it up.

Random tennis ball fur, and cat toy feathers.
A Bobbin eye view.  Trust me it is bad.

A human's eye view of the destruction.

Even the end table is not immune.  Bobbin has decided we can walk through to get behind stuff, and reach through the bars and grab kleenex out of the garbage can next to the end table to shred.

And it doesn't stop with just one room.  This is the "sick room" the only bedroom downstairs.  Feathers--from a stolen cat toy, a packing peanut or two, some styrofoam....where she finds it I don't know.  And don't even get me started about the plastic pillow packing bags in packages.  She loves to bite them and pop them.

Dining room, rubber band, paper that has been pulled out of the garbage can, fabric bits pulled out of the can that I use to collect those fabric bits for animal pillows.

Where she eats in the kitchen.

More tennis ball fuzz.  Why it is by the garbage can I have no idea.  Bobbin can defuzz a tennis ball in a matter of minutes.

The crack which separates the old part of the house to the new part.  I really should get my floors refinished, and put a threshold here.  Bobbin likes to come along and drop stuff into the crack.  Food, fabric pieces, fuzzies, paper.  I go through and vacuum it regularly.

Even the great room is not immune to Bobbinfying.

The bathroom I was trying to figure out how my towels and washrags kept ending up on the floor.  I know now.  Little miss goes in and pulls them off the side of the bath tub and the towel bar.  Also heaven forbid the bathroom door be closed.  

Bobbin likes laying on a fleece tied blanket that was made for Jeff a couple of years ago.  I am not sure if it was Bobbin or a kid, that tore a hole in it.  So I decided to make Bobbin her own pillow.  Stuffed with fabric scraps, batting scraps and some of Jeff's old socks.

It must be by the heat vent which is kind of behind the TV.  Don't even look at the TV stand.  I noticed the other day it was all gooey looking.  Bobbin likes licking the glass.

This area was picked up earlier.  This is after destructo struck.

Even Lucy's bed is not safe.  We drug it over by my feet, and decided to crush it.

Sometimes we fill it with our toys, or better yet.

Find a piece of cardboard out of the recycle box and barricade it so Lucy cannot use it.

Of course no quilt may be photographed without Bobbin assistance.

I forgot what a whirlwind of energy puppies were.