Monday, March 2, 2015

Goal Planning for the month of March

The first day of March and I slept in!  To 7:30 am which is a good thing.  I looked out the window and it was snowing.  Argh!  OK what do you do?  DH was going to make me breakfast but he was called into work.  So I decided I would work on some unstitching, creating a couple of posts for the blog, and some sewing.

What can I do that is exciting for the month of March?

1.  One of the high on the list tasks is to sew up a test block for my guilds bag lady group.  I chose a block, now I need to shop the stash and figure out what fabrics I want my quilt made out of.

2. Farmer's Wife quilt-  Keep sashing and making corner stones.  I ordered some fabric for the setting squares which should be here in a couple of days.  They didn't have enough, but I will wait until more comes in and order some more and pray the dye lots are close.

3. Grand Illusion step 3 I keep cutting, trimming and sewing and don't seem to be making a whole lot of progress, but maybe it is because I have been using a lot of scraps in it too.

4.  Quilt Group Blocks-  They are starting a new project this year, but I don't think I will join.  I have a lot of things to work on finishing up.  I think I have several more blocks to make to have all of the blocks made, and 5 more connector blocks to be ready to sew it together.
5.  Quilting-  I have my basket case quilt, and my charity quilt for the guild to work on.

6.  My slow stitching is still my words of wisdom blocks, and my tractor cross stitch.

7.  Yellow brick road I would love to get finished at least the blocks and it put together.

8.  Drunkard's Path I love the simplicity of the block just need to settle down a bit.

9.  Aurifil BOM for 2014 I need to get the blocks prepped for the setting.

10.  I think I need to do something new but can't quite figure out what yet.  Sometimes something fresh helps your spirit. 

I know a long list but when I look at the list and see what I accomplish it makes me smile, and also helps keep me on track.   I think that right now I am kind of in one of those loops where I have had so many projects that finished at once and now it is getting the "business" portion of those projects finished that will help get it to the flimsy stage.  I don't live and die by my goals, nor am I too harsh when I don't hit every one.  It is a fun way to keep me on task.

When you make goals are you a stick to em' type of goal maker or are they just a mere suggestion and you will go with the flow type of goal maker. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Is a Wrap

I am so glad that the month of February is finished!  I don't feel like I have done a whole lot, but pictures do tell.  So here is my February wrap up.

I read 8 books in the month of February.  I would have had a couple of more, but I kind of stalled out the last two weeks of the month. 

1.  I need to square up my Farmer's Wife blocks which are finished.  I would at least like to get that finished this month, and possibly start to put the lattice around it.  I also need to decide on the setting squares. If I do just 5 a day I would be done by the end of the month having the quilt blocks squared up.***  Check all squared up, on the design wall in a pleasing layout and I am working on the sashing, cornerstones, and I finally chose a color for the setting blocks.  

2.  Setting blocks for the 2014 Aurifil block of the month.

I started to work on it, and figured out that I had not enlarged my pattern correctly.  So I have to start it over to get it right.  At least I have the fabric to finish it. 

3.  Yellow Brick Road quilt  I would love to get this one finished up.

I actually buried this one under a ton of fabric...well maybe not a ton, but as I was cleaning it up it seemed like it. 

4.  Finish up Step 2 of Grand Illusion and maybe work a bit on step 3. 

 I finished step 2 which seemed like it took forever but step 3 is not a whole lot better!

5.  My quilt group BOM.  I am about 12 blocks behind now!   There are some ladies that actually have finished their quilts.  Five blocks.

 Twenty setting blocks.
 I realized that I needed to make a lot more blocks and the alternates to get enough to make this a big quilt. 

 6.  Quilting for charity quilt.  I feel bad I haven't worked on this quilt since before Christmas.

 7.  Quilting for Basket Case Quilt which I almost have loaded on my frame.

Got the quilt loaded started to quilt, and all of a sudden had tension problems  Grrr!  I had a bit of unpicking to do to start on it again.

8.  Maybe work on some drunkard's path blocks.  After finally getting all the rearranging done in the house I haven't touched these since before Christmas either. 

9.    Some slow stitchingHaven't touched my Words of Wisdom redwork other than to move it from spot to spot. 
But I have worked a wee bit on my tractor Cross stitch.
Overall not a bad month, but I know I didn't always use my free time to the optimum and probably could have done a bit more if I had.

I did make a mini for a friend as a thank you which I feel turned out sweet.

I also did a dog pillow for one of the Quilt guild charities. 
I also redid an old Christmas stocking saving the Cross stitch and using it to make a sew sweet pillow.

I am looking forward to March, warmer temperatures and days filled with smiles.  How was your month?

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mourning, A Birthday, Anniversary, and Blogging Anniversary

I will admit I have been in an uber funk for the past few weeks.  I am sure we all have times in our lives that life feels like it has gotten  so out of hand, that it takes lots of prayers to just slog through the day---one foot in front of the other.  I won't blame it on the weather, but that has not helped either.  Sorry if this post starts kind of whiney, complaining but it does get better if you keep reading!

I posted that DH grandmother passed away around the end of January here.  That was tough, but a couple of days later we found out some really disturbing news about the grandsons which knocked me off my feet.  I just want to thank those of you I asked for lots of prayers they have helped immensely. 

January 26 DH and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary and lets just say we didn't feel a whole lot like celebrating.  My 2nd blog anniversary came (I was considering doing a giveaway)-- and went, as well as Valentine's Day.  We were told that the grandson's great grandfather on his father's side passed away, he was a sweet old man who helped care for the boys when they were babies, and a few days later the boy's great uncle joined his father.

My birthday was on Thursday,  February 26.  Thursday morning the tears started rolling and they just would not stop.  Mourning for those which we just so recently lost, some that chose to leave, and the loss of innocence.  I decided that I was mourning so many things all at once and I  just wanted a break.  Yep that attitude lasted for about 2 hours and I thought OMG it could be so much worse.  Get up, do a little housework, thank the Lord for all the good things and move on!   I folded laundry, did the dishes, put a bit of makeup on and I felt a ton better.  While doing the dishes--

I thought about a sermon I heard years ago about a woman and child that  saw a tornado heading their way while they were out in the fields.  Their house was torn apart before their eyes, everything was gone the woman thought, their protection.  The woman took the child and they were laying in a ditch waiting for the storm to pass over them, and a cellar door fell across the ditch over them.  The mother clung to the handle of the door with all of her might, waiting out the storm, in a ditch, under and old cellar door.  When the storm was over and the mother was crying about all they had lost child said, "Mommy it will all be alright, just think about all the people who did not have the cellar door!"  The way I always think about it is that there are always people around who have it so much more difficult than my measly little problems. 

OK again sorry for the pity party...had to go there so I could get here!

I saw this bundle on a blog the other day and loved the texty low volume bundle.

The bundle was from Stash Fabrics.    They have some great modern fabrics to add to your stash and as of this morning they were having a year end clearance sale with up to 75% off. 

Now if you order fabric online there are some sites that you either register or check out as a guest.  While a lot of people do not want to register (including me), for a few I do.  What is great about it is that you get some special sales opportunities, and Birthday discounts!  Come on 10-25% off, some with one item, some with whole orders! 

Shabby Fabrics had this lovely fabric from Lecien called Durham one was from the Quilt Revival line, and the other was from the 2014 line.  I saw the red stripe and decided I wanted to do the snapshot quilt but use that fabric so I purchased some.  I also love it when they send you a little gift with purchase.  Isn't that black floral gorgeous?

I also saw this bundle called crazy for red which was by Minick and Simpson for Moda fabrics.  Sixteen fat quarters was just too good to pass up.  

Now I would not recommend retail therapy to remedy the funk, but I will say that seeing the beautiful fabrics made me smile, and the prices were fabulous! 

I also ordered an azalea which will actually grow in our zone from Wayside Gardens.  I also have 2-3 more coupons for my birthday which I have to use if I want by the end of March.

Did you make it this far? 

Anyway to celebrate my highs, lows, Blog anniversary, and birthday and just because-- I would like to have a small give away.

1.  Leave a comment make sure that I have a way to reach you with an e-mail address on this post..
2.  For a 2nd entry be a follower and leave a comment on how you follow on this post. 

That gives you an opportunity for 2 entries.   To anyone throughout the world!

This giveaway is open from February 28, 2015 to Midnight, March 6, 2015 and I will choose a winner randomly using my great scientific method.  Can't tell yet, it is a secret.

Oh what will you win?  

A $25.00 gift certificate to The Fat Quarter Shop. 

Thanks for sticking by me through this post which is light on pictures and heavy on drama. 

*I have no affiliation to any shops mentioned in this post other than they are just a couple of my favorite. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Doldrums

No I am not depressed, but via maritime lore the doldrums were an area where the seas  and the prevailing winds were calm.  Another term was becalmed which is probably more accurate-- at a standstill, at a halt, unmoving, stuck.  That is what I feel at least.  

DH was a sweetheart and put up my design wall in the "junk" room.  It is the only room in the whole house which has not been updated.  It was great to have a design wall again, even if I run up and down the stairs many times a day to use it.  

Once my design wall was up again I decided that the Farmer's Wife was going to get laid out.  Surprisingly I started putting up squares and it didn't take me long to figure out which blocks to put where.  I only switch a few up once I stepped back to take a better look.

In the upper left hand corner you can see I started working on the sashing, and cornerstones.    No this is not all of the blocks, the room is not big enough for me to stand far enough away to take a complete picture.  Seeing this pictures I am very happy with the way this quilt is going to look. Especially since it was made from scraps which I have acquired over the past couple of years.  I still need to figure out what color I want to use for the side setting squares.  I was leaning toward a blue of some sort.  DH is suggesting a blue/green color. 

I have been working on these units.  I only have 18 done so far.  Man I am slow!  I have 102 more to go.  I think that me finishing is the Grand Illusion. 

See all these HST?  They are all sewn together and squared up.  I saw a Farmer's Wife tutorial online and the instructor was using a ruler and squaring up the units before they were pressed open.  I will say that squaring up works much faster using that method than other ways.   I have oodles of these units which are not sewn yet, I am using them as leaders and enders right now. 

I had another fabric acquisition which arrived.  I saw these and had to have them. 

The bright pink, and blue are batiks.  The gray is a cross hatch.

I saw this white on white and decided that it is what I wanted to use for the Modern Building blocks quilt I wanted to make.  It reminds me of dandelion fuzz or queen anne's lace. 

I then saw this gorgeous border print on Facebook-- on sale and had to purchase some too.  I want to make a table runner similar to this one which I found at Northcott Fabrics website.

I will say that we all have a little cabin fever today so I asked DH if he would take me to the antique mall down the road.  The parking lot was full, and some people parked behind other cars and so there was no way for the vehicles close to the building to get out.  DH suggested that he wanted to go and check out an antique store off the freeway going toward Toledo out in the middle of nowhere.  So off we went.

I bought a couple of flower frogs, and a cute little dish.  All for less than $15.

I am trying to solve the problem of me losing my scissors, pencil, and stiletto in my scrap pile.  I think this will work and it is pretty too. 

One of the older daughters posted pictures of her family hiking this weekend in Oregon.  They were wearing tank tops, and t-shirts.  Quite a difference from our 17 degrees, and 18 inches of snow on the ground. 

What do you do when you get the winter blues?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Too Cool for School Part Two

All I am going to say is that it is not fit for man nor beast outside.  It is just too cold, the girls have been locked in the coop for almost 2 weeks straight and you can tell they are getting a bit peckish.  They snuck out this afternoon while DH was filling their food cans. 

School was cancelled Thursday night, so I knew that Friday morning I could sleep in, which was very nice.  When it is cold the heat does not work very well on my bus so it is a very cold ride for me. 

I finally finished all of the units for step 2 of the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.

Obviously I cannot count because I ended up with 102 when it was all said and done. 

I began step 3 which is 120 of these units. 

I managed to get 4 done before I decided my machine needed a spa treatment.  DH oiled and greased her up, I cleaned out her feed dogs, and bobbin area.  She will be able to run like a dream for a few weeks without sounding all rattley.  Hopefully it doesn't take me as long to make these units as it did to make step 2! 

While working on my BOM after deciding I needed 24 blocks to go with my 25 connector blocks I knew I was going to need some more fabrics which fit within the color scheme to get the last 8-10 blocks finished.

Hopefully these will help me. 
Finally I wanted to show off this little wall hanging I made for a gift.  I used some of my favorite fabrics to make this sweet little piece for my friend Dawn over at Sew You Quilt 2.  The piece is 7 X 19 inches. 

Keep warm everyone, they are saying we may hit the 20's tomorrow!  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Too Cool for School

School was cancelled Thursday morning because it is just too cold.  Which would have been great if I hadn't awoke at 4:30 am, and was actually putting my boots on and getting ready to head out the door.  I guess the one thing I am thankful for is that I did not actually walk out the door to brave the cold and frozen tundra to our garage. 

I did brave the cold to go to the bank,  Secretary of State (also known as DMV) to get my tags for my car, the post office, and the grocery store.  I could not make up my mind for dinner.  Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Tortilla Soup, or a Roast.  I decided since the high today was about 4 not including the windchill that Tortilla Soup was the meal for the evening. 

Between the chopping, shredding, and cooking I worked on a wee bit of sewing. 
A Block for the group which I belong to.  It is called Star Cluster and you can find the pattern here.

I made 5 more connector blocks.
And this is all I have left to trim for the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.
I feel like I can see the daylight at the end of the tunnel with this unit!

I had a small package come the other day from The Fat Quarter Shop.  I decided that I was tired of trying to find solids and "match" so I splurged and purchased a Moda Bella Color Chart.

I think that I have figured out finally what color I am going to use for the Farmer's Wife quilt.  I am leaning toward a blue/gray color. 

I also purchased a charm pack of Bella White which I like to use to make the easy corner hangers on the back of my small quilts. 

We are supposed to have another frigid night, and it is supposed to be at least -11 that does not include wind chill.  It would be nice if they were going to cancel they would do it tonight so I could sleep in!  Keep warm everyone.