Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer and the Strawberry Moon

Summer has arrived and I cannot believe how busy it is.  So far in the past couple of weeks I have managed to get in a little sewing--

When we are not catching raccoons (yep caught coon #2) the Friday before last, this one was much more aggressive than the sibling we had caught a couple of days before. 

Picking wild strawberries in the field.

Unfortunately I have no pictures to show of our bounty, but we ended up with a couple of cups worth of berries which Finn devoured later on that day, hence no pictures.

I baked a mile high coconut cream pie for DH for Father's Day.

I have also done lots of watering, and weed pulling.  Here are a few of our radishes that I put in a salad I fixed for dinner. Aren't the different colors pretty?  I have carrots which are supposed to be different colors of orange and red.  I can't wait until they are ready. 

I also managed to get a couple of blocks done for the RSC.  The color this month is Aqua.
Saw Toothed Square
I finished up the Crown and Star late Friday evening.
Crown and Star

I have a couple of more days left this month.  I need to get an aqua twisted blossom block, and an aqua Navajo block completed also.  Is your summer crazy busy too?

Friday, June 24, 2016

June In Our Garden Blocks

I know it is the 24th and I feel like I am just squeaking under the wire finishing up my "In Our Garden Blocks" for the month of June. 

Garden Party

Coming Home

I decided that my bird needed to be a goldfinch after watching the ones in the pine tree.  I didn't realize that Sue of Supermom No Cape had an alternate bird which was a goldfinch, until after I had decided to make my bird different.  That is why you should read the pattern through. 

June-Designed by Sue of Supermom No Cape  
May-Designed by Carla of Creatin in the Sticks
April-Designed by Doris of Quilting Queen Online
March-Designed by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt
February-Designed by Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy 
Amy also had a bonus block that I just had to make in April.

I am joining up with the linky party over at Sew Incredibly Crazy.  Last month I won the fat quarter bundle of Apricot and Persimmon from Riley Blake.  I just love the colors in this bundle!
It isn't too late to join the blog hop.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Surprises

It is the middle of June.  Spring finally sprung in Michigan and I also had another surprise sprung on me.  My parents came to visit and brought two of my grand daughters from Oregon.
The girl on the top is Lillian, then the next step is Xander who lives here, his alter ego (they are only 3 months apart) cousin Aubri Jo, and the bottom is Gabriel.  Finn was being uncooperative for pictures of course.  We had time to visit, and play.
We visited Sterling State Park and went swimming in Lake Erie.

We even got brave enough to attempt to ride a bike.
While spending time outside with them I have been doing a lot of gardening.
My beans are starting to come up.  See all the cottonwood seed pods laying around my garden?
Sunflowers are making an appearance.  We are still waiting for corn, and carrots they are taking a bit.  I may replant carrots later this week if I don't have more come up.  I do have radishes, and beets though.
I planted about 25 gallon pots full of flower seeds.  I found a store on Ebay that had seeds for $1.00 per pack so I picked up some columbine, pineapple sage, borage, lupine, Baptista (false indigo), African Daisies, Heliotrope, and foxglove.  Each pack had anywhere from 10 seed to 1,000.  I only planted a couple of seeds in each pot.  I figure for the $10 total I couldn't buy 2 different gallon plants for that amount. 
My lettuce and romaine is coming along even though I had to replant after a little bird decided my planter would be a great place to take a dust bath, this was just after my seeds had started to sprout.
The cabbage probably needs to be replanted and only 1 or 2 left in the barrel, the rest going into the garden.

Look Dawn  I have tomatoes!
OK I did cheat I bought it as a gallon plant, it is a grape tomato.  But look at this baby she is huge!
My honeysuckle is blooming too!
I love sitting out on our porch with all of the beautiful fragrant flowers.

We have been having problems with rodents and vermin due to the ancient ones keeping a chicken in their garage and throwing out enough food, and seed to feed a small army.  Recently we had a large raccoon, we attempted to catch it but were not successful, doesn't help when people mess with the live trap.  A couple of days ago I saw 2 little raccoons scrambling up the tree behind our chicken house.  I was not happy, so we set a live trap.

Its twins!  We caught one, and the other will not venture far away.  I feel bad, but I don't need them around my chickens either.  Unfortunately our county animal control does not do wild animal pick up.  Which means I need to figure out a way to move them safely  for both me and them to a wooded area where there is water, and at least 1 mile from me. I set up a 2nd trap, but could not catch the twin, but he/she figured out how to get the treat I had in the trap out.  We took the one which was caught to the nearest wildlife refuge near the marshes on Lake Erie.  Lots of trees, brush, and water.  We will reset the bigger trap and try to catch the twin so that hopefully we can reunite them.

I also had this little beauty that visited for a couple of days.
This is a luna moth.  We had a couple of very windy days and I guess it knew it could not fly so it hung out on the garage for a couple of days. 

Enough of the flora and fauna I have done a little sewing.  The color for June's RSC is Aqua.  I managed to get my foxes done.

I think I may have already decided on the backing for this quilt too.  Have you seen the new line by Cloud 9 Organics called Foxglove?  I think it will be perfect.

I also got my bag lady block done for this month too.

The family from Oregon left on Wednesday, which was also the first full day of summer vacation for the boys.  We have some summer schooling and tutoring which will be happening.  Hopefully I will have some time for sewing too. 

Friday, June 3, 2016


After cleaning out the MIL basement there was a lot of stuff which had to be taken to the dump (water damage, sewage damage from the flood).  But there were some things which were high and dry, that she did not want anymore, and those came back to our house to sort.  You can see that haul at this post.

While sorting through totes of stuff the MIL did not want I came across this pretty lacy table cloth.
It has a couple of small holes and a light stain of some sort.

I washed it and bleached it. Measured it and cut it in half, and created a fold for a curtain rod. Obviously I didn't cut really straight but DH doesn't seem to mind.  I keep telling him take it down and I will fix it.

My next attempt at repurposing.

I told DH that I wanted to grow sweet potatoes again.  The last time we created a raised bed.  I planted the slips and they grew like crazy, but when I went to harvest the voles had ate them.  My bright idea was how about some planters.  While I liked the idea of using the galvanized water troughs, they are a bit spendy.  So option 2.  How about an old bathtub.  I no more than told DH that I wanted a tub and what appeared in the garbage pit at work but this old, what was once upon a time, claw foot tub-sans claws.  

I took it into the barn, flipped it over to try to remove the dirt, paint and grime.  I got to use a wire wheel on an angle grinder.  As I was working I remembered this skit on David Letterman.

I got all the old paint, rust and gook off, and yep there were sparks flying, and no I did not get my hair caught in it nor did I wear the metal bra but it gives you an idea of the sparks that fly.

After it was all smooth, we applied a coat of aged copper Rustoleum spray paint.

The inside is kind of dirty, but it is a planter anyway.  I have my sweet potato slips planted and they are starting to take off.

DH found several bowling balls in the pit at work.  A coat of spray paint left over from our pinewood derby race car paints, and I have a pretty nifty and resilient garden gazing ball.
It is in my herb garden, the sage is going crazy this year and blooming, and the anise hyssop is all over the place.  I may have to sacrifice some new growth for the sake of my herb garden space!

Finally I have several of these that are part of a cultivator.  DH painted one for me and put it up the other day.
I think it needs a brown or black center.  I cannot commit yet though.

Finally I do have a quilt flimsy finish.
With my two helpers and the play fort this is my bag lady quilt from guild that was worked on last year.  I ended up with 25 blocks including the focus fabric.  I thought about making a border, but just couldn't find something I liked so decided that this was the way it was going to be.  I have family visiting for a couple of weeks so probably not a whole lot of sewing will be going on.  My parents and two of my grand daughters to entertain and help wrangle Finn. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Wrap Up for RSC

I made it across the finish line by the skin of my teeth when it came to finishing my blocks in green for the RSC.

All of the blocks together.
Twisted Blossom

All of the twisted blossoms together.
Green Foxes

All the foxes.
Saw toothed Square

All of the Saw Toothed Squares
Crown and Star
All of my Crown and star blocks.

I am linking up to the end of the month RSC at Soscrappy.