Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Farmer's Wife Paper Piecing Round 2

I told you that I was determined and Silver Lane was going to get made.  Silver Lane Round 2 only took me a couple of hours.  That outer part was a challenge but once I got the new fabrics cut out in the shapes I needed I only had to unsew a couple of times.

The next one was called Flock and that was sew simple.  It only took me a few minutes.  (Maybe this is how they pound out several a day, they chose the easy blocks!)

Amazingly enough I don't have much white on white in my stash so I will have to do stash enhancement so I at least have some white on white.  How do you not have white on white?

I met my goal for this week and did my 2 blocks.  Tried a third but it is another one of those that just isn't going together well.   Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Farmer's Wife and Paper Piecing

Welcome to a snowy, wet, sloppy Wednesday.  A few months ago I kept seeing blogs about a Farmer's Wife, and these wonderful blocks.  All the different interpretations and color combinations were wonderful.  I ordered the book, and realized that they provided a CD with templates, but no real directions on how to put the block together, and believe me they are a challenge at times. I decided that I had a few rules.

1.  I was going to do them in the order they were in the book
2.  They were going to be made out of my stash and scraps

The first block I tried was a Cut Glass Dish.

I think it turned out really cute.  Just for a reference these are 6 1/2 in blocks!

The next block I attempted was Kitchen Woodbox

The next block I attempted was Country Path

These were all easy peasy.  I measured the templates, then cut using my rotary cutter, and rules.  I didn't have one problem.

The next block was this one.

It is called Silver Lake.  Um yeah this one had me freaked.  I printed out the templates, measured and notated, and froze.  Farmer's Wife went by the wayside.

Anyway the other day I decided I wanted to do at least 2 Farmer's Wife blocks a week and I would finish the quilt, but how to tackle this block?  I then noticed that there were several mentions of a group on Yahoo Groups for the Farmer's Wife.  So off I went to join.  After I joined I noticed that someone in the group had created foundation piecing templates so I thought how hard can that be?

I watched some foundation and paper piecing tutorials on the internet.  I have the add a quarter ruler.  So I printed the foundation piecing template following the directions.

I don't know if you can see all these parts but sheesh!  8 parts with at least 3 pieces per part.  So I found my scraps I wanted to use and got started.  (I have been seeing people post that they knock out 6 or more blocks in a day using this method.)  Yeah not me :(    I started at 6:30 AM.  Took a break to run to the grocery store at 9 AM, was home by 10.  Back to work on the block.  Left at 1pm to have my hair done.  Home by 4 and back to work on the block.  I could not get it to work and I bet I took it apart about 100 times. 

I finally decided, the center would be easier for me to make just piecing using the templates as a guide and sewing.  The next border too, but the outer border I was going to need help.  See those slanted pieces right and left?

This is what I ended up with at 9PM last night!

I have little chunks out in a couple of spots, the tutorials say if they are not huge don't fret about them.  But I have two triangle points that are going to get lost in the seam allowance, and I don't like the blues there is not enough contrast.  So the outer borders are going to be removed, and I am going to try this again.

How many years do you have to quilt to be able to paper piece these intricate little blocks several in a day?!?!  Even using paper/foundation piecing?!?!?

I did have a successful semi finish though. I decided my girls needed covers to prevent the thundering herd of dust bunnies that roam our house from making a stand on my babies.  There are tons of cute tutorials on the web.

I changed them up a bit and added two pockets on the front.

I thought this was such fun fabric by Alexander Henry.  The reason that I call it a semi finish?  I think it may need a lining, and if I line it I might as well put in batting and add quilting.  But then again maybe just some skinny binding in Black and a cute button and closure on the front pockets and call it finished! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunny Monday Smile

Monday story to  put a smile on your face.  I was recently married to my best friend in the world.  Getting married as an animal of the female persuasion we are expected to take our new spouse's name.  What does this mean you ask?  New social security card, change the name on the driver's license, etc.  You get the picture right?

Over the weekend I got my new Social Security card so off to the Secretary of State/Department of Motor Vehicles I must go.

1.  Print insurance cards for vehicle which has been sitting broke down for 3 months and was recently repaired
2.  Find marriage license for proof, new Social security card, new license plate tag which is set to expire, a book to read
3.  Paper towel with a little windex to clean off the license plate tag spot.

Out the door I go.  Stop at rear of vehicle, wipe off the grime and peel the license plate tag off the backing.  As I am placing it breeze grabs the sticker and it lands.....sticky side down on my marriage license.  Peel said tag off without damaging the marriage license too badly.

Stomp back into the house saying unkind words to the universe.  Find the gorilla glue, cannot get the lid off, with daughter's help who is laughing hysterically by now, cover the paper covered license plate tag, stomp back out of the house and attempt to place the tag, without ending up covered in glue. 

Hoping it will stick or will have to pay for a replacement tag.  GRRRRR!

DH says that since the tag has an expiration date he has to only put up with me for 1 year, and he can use his option at that time to renew.  :)

Quilting Nemesis

I have a quilt kit that DH purchased for me in Florida while we were on vacation last year.  I love the colors and I hadn't sewn in many years so I tackled the blocks.  Let's just say I had the worst time.

She will not lay flat, she is only 91.5 by 72.5.  The fabric is probably from 2010 and DH wants it to be queen size.  Which means I need to add about 16 inches or 8 inches on each side.  Yeah I have been obsessing about this all day yesterday while DH and I went flea marketing (is that a word?)I have tons of scraps I am actually thinking about making some of the blocks and alternating them with solid blocks to try to get the size.

Have you ever had a quilt that you want to finish, but just is a pain in the patootie?  I know they end up being UFOs but I am determined that I am going to finish UFOs this year and this is going to be my first one.  I am determined to finish her. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Semi Finish?

 It is Saturday Sharing day.  Time to link up with Thearica over at Pigtales and Quilts


I put on the last border for my Easy Street.  YEAH ME!

This quilt is huge.  I actually ordered wide backing fabric for it, it is on back order but it is a fun turquoise blue so I can't wait, and it was completely stitched on my featherweight. 

I am working on putting the borders on my Ginger Rose quilt.

Yes my quilt was a kit and looks exactly like this picture, it was purchased by my honey when we went on a trip to Florida last year.  DH wants it bigger so I am trying to figure out how to make one more larger border.  I do have plenty of scraps. 

My bright idea of the day, there is an old Kenmore machine in a cabinet upstairs.  I don't like the machine.  DH took the machine out of the cabinet and brought it down for a clean up.

Needs the hardware fixed, it is just a laminate.  I think maybe it needs a paint job.  So it is going to get cleaned, and a painted white.  I think that will make it cheery.  Found lots of instructions on painting laminate furniture so hopefully it turns out totally cute!

Then my blue girl is going to be put into this cabinet.

She is a Japanese Machine that I found at an estate sale for $25 in a cabinet.  I love the blue, it is only a straight stitch machine but she can really be a workhorse when it comes to piecing. The cabinet  she came in was suspect at best, someone added weird spindly  legs, it was not stable, so she was removed, and the cabinet was relegated to the burn pile. She needs some rewiring, and DH is great at stuff like that but first I have to get her new home remodeled.

What are you going to do on this beautiful Saturday?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Scrap Busting

Remember that huge box of fabric I sent from my mother's when I was visiting?

It has been sitting in my playroom for a couple of weeks and combined with the rest of the mess it was in the way.  So yesterday I decided to tackle this box.  This box was 35 lbs worth of fabric and believe me it was well packed. 

Completely unpacking the box resulted in this

Yes that is my fabric stash.  She is bursting at the seams

This pile of scrap pieces on my cutting table

The green bin overflowing with Christmas fabrics, the clear bin next to it overflowing with reproduction and feedsack fabrics. 

Since my scraps were overflowing 2 boxes and piled as high as my sorting bins yesterday for a couple of hours and several hours this morning were devoted to scrap busting.  It resulted in a much smaller pile on my cutting table.

Trust me it was much worse. 

I ended up with a huge stack of 2 1/2 inch squares
and my box of 1 inch squares that I am using for a leader and ender project is full again.

I also found a 4 inch charm pack of a fabric that I no longer had the matching jelly roll.  But I had lots of scraps left from that quilt so I kitted them all up to make a project later and donate it, since that is what happened to the earlier Jelly Roll.

Overall I felt like I accomplished a ton, and  I feel like I can sew the final border on my Easy Street, and get back to my jewel box quilt guilt free....especially since it is snowing like crazy.  Great reason to stay inside and nap and sew!  TGIF!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Do Your Projects Grow?

As I was cleaning my fabric from every flat surface in the dining room, and my sewing room due to the current projects I am working on I wondered how others store their current WIP?

I currently use project boxes.  I got oodles of these little plastic shoe boxes with lids for $1.00 a piece.  They are great to put my scraps in.  I have them organized in .5 inch increments starting with 1 inch squares, and strips (over 5 inches long) up to 5 inch squares.  So when I do a scrap busting day they are within easy reach they sit on my cutting table.

Project boxes can travel from room to room.  My ancient flying geese getting retrimmed in the living room.

They store my current project with the cuts I have already made and my pattern.

Pumpkins in progress for gifts

The lids are great for holding pieces-  leftover parts from Easy Street which need to be put into a scrap box.

Small projects like my Christmas Table Runner that I want to make are stored in zip lock baggies and tacked to my cork board.

I even have project drawers-  this was organized when my mother came to visit a few years ago.  Can't find the pattern, or the templates but I do know that it is a bear paw quilt block.

Yes there are several quilts waiting to be finished on top of this drawer and hanging at the side.

And I even have old project grocery bags....look from back in the paper days!

How do you keep your projects organized?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Rush part 2

I got one border up on Easy Street, the dining room table has all jewel box quilt pieces, and batik fabrics have been put into the project boxes, and all the clothes were folded, and partially put away. 

We also did a run to the nearest store to get The Finn a swing, and I assembled it.  So not too bad considering that it was a trip to the store, and an hour assembling an infant swing.

My stash enhancement came for my jewel box quilt also.....

Some multi colors

A couple of blues

Yellows and oranges

Reds, and some pinks

And some greens.  I can't wait to have the time to get back to work on the Jewel box Quilt!

Wednesday Rush

I think I have mentioned we have a new baby in the house.  Meet the Finn

He is a handful.  He is now over 1 month old and my newest daughter Rose and her girls cutie patootie Addyson

and her baby sister Emmalyn

are dying to see him, so they are coming to visit tomorrow and stay for dinner.  Um yeah after 1 1/2 years I have never had to cook a formal dinner.  We have had impromptu get-togethers and I usually make every one bring a dish or two.  This is my first official foray into making an actual dinner.  That is not the problem....

This is my problem....
Laundry to fold sitting on the dining room table. 

My jewel box fabric stash of batiks, and extra squares to put not until you see pictures do you realize how really ugly paint and wallpaper are....

OK no one really cares what my sewing room looks like, but I was working on putting the borders on my Easy Street and actually putting away some of the fabric which was acquired at my mother's.

My plan of attack for the day?  I had started a square for my jewel box and I have a border pinned onto my Easy Street.  I think sew the border on Easy Street that should only take a few minutes, cut out the fabric for my green jewel box square.  Then put away my batik stash from the dining room table, box up my squares into a project box,  fold clothes, and if there is any time left after that put the last border on Easy Street, and sew a bit on the green jewel box  square. 

Amazing a few minutes of blogging and talking it through doesn't seem quite so overwhelming and intimidating!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Quilt Drive

Just had to give a shout out to Thearica at Pigtales and Quilts.  She has organized a quilt drive for The Masonic Home for Children and The Central Children's Home, both in Oxford, NC.

Check it out!  There is nothing more fulfilling to me than making a quilt and donating it to an organization.


Please check out the blog and if you have the time make a quilt or two to donate!  The blessings you receive in return are abundant!

"And I Can't Tell a Lie"

Good morning it is President's day.  What does that mean?  It is a combination of Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays.  It also means, no school for the minions, and DH since he is a city employee is home too. 

DH said he would move my dryer into the laundry room.  It currently looks like this.

This house is very old, and this was once the bathroom.  No window, there was a tub, sink and toilet in here.  After DH decided to make the old sitting room into the bathroom, this room was relegated to laundry duty instead of running up and down the old rickety cellar stairs. 

This is the bathroom which was remodeled several years ago.  Tub,

Large sink and vanity with a big cupboard for towels.  Can you tell we have little boys living in the house?  I did discover that I need to do a better cleaning job, the moldings around the floor definitely need a good scrubbing just from the dust in this house. 

And a huge walk in shower.  Quite a change right? 
Anyway I was told if I cleaned out the laundry room, moved the dining room table and chairs, and moved the big leather recliner hubby would bring in the red matching high efficiency dryer that was mine and has been living in the garage for the past year.

I cleaned out the laundry room to make room, grabbed the broom and was overwhelmed with the dust bunnies in the laundry room, and dining room.  These are the little rascals that I managed to trap and contain.

Yes that is just one pass through the laundry room, and the dining room.  Now what is so bad about this.  DH was making fun of the dust bunnies in the dining room.  Um yeah....those dust bunnies had been thoroughly eradicated last week before I moved to cutting my jewel box quilt out there.

Any ideas how to keep these critters in check?  I think maybe I should actually fear for my life if this is what happens in just one week.  Imagine what it would be in a month?!?! AND we do not have any fur bearing pets, just the minions.

My job is done, so I can now sew with a clear conscience....Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Breakfast at the VFW

We are starting a new family/friends tradition it appears.  Once a month the VFW hall has a breakfast.  The price is great and the food is wonderful.  Scrambled eggs, potato pancakes, home fries, sausage, ham, blueberry pancakes, french toast, biscuits and gravy....Oh my.  Anyway family and friends get together and we all have breakfast. 

After breakfast we headed back to the MIL house to finish installing her new washer and dryer upstairs on the main floor.  She is thrilled, and we feel so much better that she is not going to be climbing up and down the basement stairs to do laundry. 

After yesterday's weather fiasco I worked a bit on my jewel box quilt, and then decided what the heck I will just order fabric online.  I think I got enough to give me enough bright, jewel tone choices.  Can't wait until my stash enhancement arrives. 

These are my two blocks I created.  One is completed and the other one is waiting to be sewn.  I am absolutely loving how this quilt is turning out!

What do you think of my pink block?

Anyway it is a beautiful, but cold day, and I can't help but smile at the sun and blue sky.  Have a blessed Sunday all.