Monday, February 18, 2013

"And I Can't Tell a Lie"

Good morning it is President's day.  What does that mean?  It is a combination of Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays.  It also means, no school for the minions, and DH since he is a city employee is home too. 

DH said he would move my dryer into the laundry room.  It currently looks like this.

This house is very old, and this was once the bathroom.  No window, there was a tub, sink and toilet in here.  After DH decided to make the old sitting room into the bathroom, this room was relegated to laundry duty instead of running up and down the old rickety cellar stairs. 

This is the bathroom which was remodeled several years ago.  Tub,

Large sink and vanity with a big cupboard for towels.  Can you tell we have little boys living in the house?  I did discover that I need to do a better cleaning job, the moldings around the floor definitely need a good scrubbing just from the dust in this house. 

And a huge walk in shower.  Quite a change right? 
Anyway I was told if I cleaned out the laundry room, moved the dining room table and chairs, and moved the big leather recliner hubby would bring in the red matching high efficiency dryer that was mine and has been living in the garage for the past year.

I cleaned out the laundry room to make room, grabbed the broom and was overwhelmed with the dust bunnies in the laundry room, and dining room.  These are the little rascals that I managed to trap and contain.

Yes that is just one pass through the laundry room, and the dining room.  Now what is so bad about this.  DH was making fun of the dust bunnies in the dining room.  Um yeah....those dust bunnies had been thoroughly eradicated last week before I moved to cutting my jewel box quilt out there.

Any ideas how to keep these critters in check?  I think maybe I should actually fear for my life if this is what happens in just one week.  Imagine what it would be in a month?!?! AND we do not have any fur bearing pets, just the minions.

My job is done, so I can now sew with a clear conscience....Have a wonderful Monday!

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