Saturday, February 23, 2013

Semi Finish?

 It is Saturday Sharing day.  Time to link up with Thearica over at Pigtales and Quilts


I put on the last border for my Easy Street.  YEAH ME!

This quilt is huge.  I actually ordered wide backing fabric for it, it is on back order but it is a fun turquoise blue so I can't wait, and it was completely stitched on my featherweight. 

I am working on putting the borders on my Ginger Rose quilt.

Yes my quilt was a kit and looks exactly like this picture, it was purchased by my honey when we went on a trip to Florida last year.  DH wants it bigger so I am trying to figure out how to make one more larger border.  I do have plenty of scraps. 

My bright idea of the day, there is an old Kenmore machine in a cabinet upstairs.  I don't like the machine.  DH took the machine out of the cabinet and brought it down for a clean up.

Needs the hardware fixed, it is just a laminate.  I think maybe it needs a paint job.  So it is going to get cleaned, and a painted white.  I think that will make it cheery.  Found lots of instructions on painting laminate furniture so hopefully it turns out totally cute!

Then my blue girl is going to be put into this cabinet.

She is a Japanese Machine that I found at an estate sale for $25 in a cabinet.  I love the blue, it is only a straight stitch machine but she can really be a workhorse when it comes to piecing. The cabinet  she came in was suspect at best, someone added weird spindly  legs, it was not stable, so she was removed, and the cabinet was relegated to the burn pile. She needs some rewiring, and DH is great at stuff like that but first I have to get her new home remodeled.

What are you going to do on this beautiful Saturday?


  1. beautiful quilts, I love all the choices now for the wide backings-what a cool sewing machine-great find!

  2. I LOVE your blue machine!! and what color do you think for the cabinet??

  3. Love the blue girl. It's always nice to have a machine that just does the necessary stitching. New follower

    1. Sent my touch and sew to the goodwill years ago didn't know any better in my youth. I agree with you about those older machines they seem to sew better.

  4. Your quilts are lovely. Your Blue Girl is great! My old straight stitch machines are my favorites.


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