Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Finishes

I think fall is finally upon us.  The weather sure does not feel like it though.  We usually have frost by now, but still pretty mild.  Yesterday I sat on the new porch and unsewed a line of quilting because the backing got a wrinkle.

I am linking up with Carrie over at A Passion for Applique with her Nothing but UFO's
My goals for the month of September were.

1.  Donation quilts.  I have the fabric, and started working on one today finally. After some divine inspiration.  Amazing what you can come up with if you look at a picture.
Done-  Marisol was completed, quilted and I made a trip to the LQS to donate. Woohoo it is nice to complete something once in a while.

2.  Pin Cushion Blog hop.  I made one project and just finished up a second yesterday!  No pics until the big reveal.  I have one more that I would love to make so depending on how things turn.  I may do more.

I made 3.  You can see more information about these in my blog post.  Done

3.  Ginger Rose---she is still sitting on the dining room table.  I am accumulating quilt tops and backs but not much quilting.---still pining away on the dining room table shoved to the side as I finish a few other quilts
4.  8 blocks for farmer's wife.  I seem to be able to accomplish that each month.  I worked so much more than I expected this month so not even one done.  111 block and I have like 33 done.  I am not even half way, but they are great blocks to work on my piecing. Just not much time this past month.
5.  Jewel Box it is floundering but I am going to get going on that soon. I would like to get this done so I can start another project or two. 
6. Country Charmer ---Oh heck I love the blocks will I get it finished for the big finale in November?  Highly unlikely
7. Curtains for my family room.  1 done, one hanging out waiting for more time to sew and quilt.  :\
8.  Lazy Sunday Mystery not so much a mystery anymore I would like to get it caught up and finished.
9.  Twisting to the 60's with Batiks blog hop.   This one I am working on the projects.  My day is not until October 2nd so you will have to come back again to see the "big reveal".  Let's just say that I have 3 projects in the works if they will all be completed will depend on my quilting and binding ability today since I work a double tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday....I better get crackin'.

Did you finish any of your UFO's that have been languishing on the shelf for years?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quilting Goodies in the Mail!

I haven't made many posts lately.  I have been working diligently on my projects for the "Let's Twist to the 60's with Batiks" hop.  There are lots of groovy projects.  A Big thanks to Madame Samm for hosting, and to Mary from I Piece 2-Mary for being a spectacular cheerleader.

Here is today's lineup.  Check out all the groovy ideas they have.

September 25

My day is October 2 so come back to see what I have come up with.  Here is a little preview of some of the pretties I have been working with.

The last couple of weeks I have entered a couple of contests, and won!

The first was a book review hop.  I won an e-book called Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis. 

There are some beautiful quilts in the book and I am looking forward to making a couple. 

The other was through Kim's Big Quilting Adventure she hosts Scrap Basket Sundays where you share something you are making from your scraps.  I was working on Marisol so linked up a couple of weeks ago to win some scraps from Kim's Sweat Shop. 

I arrived home after delivering Marisol to the LQS that is taking the  donations. This was sitting on my porch.

                                         I couldn't wait to open it.  I tore into it in the sun room.

                                               Take a gander at all of this scrappy goodness!

                                                             Fabric with words and flowers
                                 This beautiful flowery fabric....have an idea for this one already!
                                                                       My favorite Dots!
                                                                    And More Dots!!!!
 Some Christmas, Ghastlies, All You Need is Love charm squares, stripes.....I am so excited!  I love scraps!

 I gathered up my booty bounty and put it into an empty project box. 

And decided that it was time to put away my groceries, and get back to work on my projects for the hop.

For the rest of the line up check out Sew We Quilt!  I guarantee you will be blown away!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

All it Takes it a Finish

I am almost embarrassed to admit I have had a really tough time this week.  I have been homesick for Oregon, and my family severely.  This is the time of year we all go camping and hunting up in the mountains and for some reason this year I really miss that time. 

I decided to try to power through the week and get something accomplished, which I did.  I completed Marisol and she is currently being laundered.

I am proud to say that she was made using scraps left over from other quilts.  Not completely I needed something big enough for backing, so had to purchase 1 1/2 yards of this sweet peach/orange dot fabric for the backing, and another peach/salmon color for the binding.  I also purchased some King Tut variegated thread to use to quilt.

 Simple line quilting using a squiggly stitch on my sewing machine. 

On another note does your LQS cut fabric with scissors, a rotary cutter, or tear?  The quilt shop that I purchased the backing for Marisol tears the fabric.  Now I know they say that it is supposed to tear on the straight of grain, but when I tried to match up the sides it was all wonky at the crease.    I then ironed it completely flat, and just laid it down and folded it over and let the selvedges even out, which someone else showed me once.  When it did the top was nice and even, what would be the folded edge was nice flat and smooth, but the sides were wonky.  I decided that would be the best way to go, so I cut my binding. The binding was perfect and I did not have one problem with it (except the one I created) and it worked out sew well.
As you can see the portion that I cut off to straighten up the one side and what I would have to cut off to straighten up the other side is over 2 inches, which is a little disheartening considering the cost of fabric.  at $12 per yard this is almost a dollar.  Now I don't throw away fabric anyway I will trim it up and put it into my scrap system to use at a later time so it is salvageable.

It is a lazy Sunday, DH is mowing the field for the winter, and I am going to sew a bit more before I head off to work.  Have a blessed day.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just Keep Sewing

I am still around.  Just working on my projects for the Twisting to the 60's with Batiks.

Here is a little preview of some of my project. 

I started another project, well 2 actually.  I spent a couple of hours going through my batik stash to try to find enough fabric to make the project. 

Out of all this I only had 4 pieces which went together which would be big enough to make what I wanted.  After all the cutting, and trimming I ended up with a ton of little HST which I started sewing together. 

Just some of the shavings after I started to square them up. 

I have a bunch more to go.

 All trimmed up.  I have a plan for these little babies.

I added to my turquoise/teal batik stash for my jewel box.  After going through my stash, I need to add to it some blues, and gold/amber/browns, and more greys.  
I also saw this super cute little charm stacker by Riley Blake called Camp-A-Lot by Bo Bunny which would make a wonderful little quilt for a boy. 
While I have been cutting, and sewing I have also managed to read/listen to a couple of books which is very relaxing too. 

I have at least 5 quilts to quilt at this point in time.  One is in my machine, another one needs to be sandwiched.  That does not even take in consideration the other two projects that I am working on.  Starting Sunday night I have a very busy work week.  I better get twistin'.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta

I have been busy the last couple of days and not with any sewing.

Watched the minions.  We had lots of fun playing and Gabe was kind enough to point out that my blog is missing pictures of him.  He thought he should have had more.  This is my favorite though.  It is from a couple of years ago but it epitomizes my Gabe. 

He honestly hasn't changed a whole lot since this picture other than to get a lot taller.  He starts all day preschool in a week and he is soooo excited. 

I worked, yeah I know that is part of life. 

I also made 12 half pints of peach jam.  This is my second batch of jam.  Peaches are hard to come by this year, and DH raves about my peach jam.  He gave a pint to one of the neighbors and the jar was returned a week later empty! 

I do the Fab Shop Hops and won a $10 gift certificate to Fabric Buffet.  I bought these 2 yards of fabric.  I just love Polka Dot Stitches by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Fabrics. 

I also participate in a couple of swaps over at My Quilt Place.  I participate in a Batiks strip swap, and a 5 inch charm square swap.  Currently we have Falling Leaves, Free for Fall, Red, Orange, Stripper's Choice, (all which are closed now) Santa's Surprise, and Winter Wonderland all for 2 1/2 inch strips.  I think we are currently on block 11 for the Batik charm square swap.  I am always looking for Batiks on sale not only for my stash but for the swaps too.

Yes those two shelves and the boxes are full of batiks.  The bottom box are my strips and charm squares from the swaps. 

I have also been working on a Jewel Box quilt using the batiks and I have this weird thing about color groupings.  Yes I know they are supposed to be scrappy.  And it is kind of.....

I decided I wanted some greys though, and horrors of horrors I don't have any grey so I had to look for some for stash enhancement. 
I bought these from Hancocks of Paducha.  I had someone swap a pink Zebra looking print that I just love.

 I was hoping to find some more colorful animal prints, but no such luck.  Anyway with my current "need" for grey I bought the Cheetah, and a zebra, and there was the fun grey squares, and I love the red dandelion looking pattern so I just had to have it. 

While I was looking for peaches yesterday and I was obliged to drive by Bits 'n Pieces in Wayne, Michigan I thought that it was a great opportunity to stop and get a backing and maybe some binding and check out their batiks. 

I found this cute peachy pink, and tangerine polka dotted fabric I thought would be a good backing for Marissa, and the lovely Peach/pink print of Fusions by Robert Kaufman for the binding.  I love the line, I actually purchased some red and made one of the cute little coin purses for my MIL with it earlier this year.  You can see it here.  I also found a lovely grey marble to use in my grey block I want to make, a couple of more fat quarters to stash aside for charm swaps, and this lovely peacock/teal batik which is going to be used for the strippers choice. (Now I decided I need a teal/turquoise block!).  I also purchased some King Tut thread by Superior to quilt Marissa the color I chose is called Valley of the Kings. 

Finally I also got my fabrics for the Santa's Surpise and Winter wonderland  strip swaps today from Batiks Etc.  I love it when I receive a pretty package all wrapped nice.

In it another gray with the dandelion type print for my gray I am craving, some sale fabric with red and orange hearts, my Santa's Surprise with the lovely ornaments, and Winter wonderland the super cute mittens.  OK granted that when cut into 2 1/2 inch strips it may not be quite as apparent that they are mittens but still super cute. 

I think at times we just need a fabric fix to add to our stash.  What kind of goodies have you added lately?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sew Easy

Ever have a pattern which in forethought is sew easy but you have the hardest time making it work and sewing it together?

Meet Marisol she is only 43 x 43 and she was a trial and she is still just a flimsy. 

The first 4 rows went together pretty well.  I was watching a Detective Lynley Mystery and everything went together easy peasy.  Then I realized I had turned a block so row 4 came off and was unsewn turned and reattached.

Dh says that pictures do not do this quilt justice you can't really get a full concept of the wonderful soft colors, so maybe a closer picture of the quilt would be in order.  LOL  This coming from the heavy duty mechanic!  He is such a great catch!

Unfortunately every row after that I did the same thing.  Who would have thought a simple little quilt would be 2 days worth of work?!

I thought I was going to make a run to the fabric store to pick up some fabric for a backing and binding, but I have kid patrol today while the daughter goes to training for a new job.  I will take some slow stitching with me to work on, but with Finzilla I am sure I won't get much time to work on it.

Crush the little people town!  GRRRR!
Have you ever wanted to design with EQ7?  Many quilters use it.  Anyway Patricia over at Quilting Lines has a superb give away for a brand new EQ7 program.  Go over and check it out, become a follower, leave a sweet comment to be eligible to win.

Have a wonderful stitchy day!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Day Has Come

Finally!  Today is my day for the Pin It blog hop!

First a big thanks to Madamme Sam for hosting, and to Kristen our ever present cheerleader.  Also to the wonderful sponsors for this hop.

PBTex Collection and Bird Brain Designs

After day number one I was awestruck at the creativity displayed, and all the wonderful projects.  Over at Susie's World we got a history lesson about pin cushions.  Thank you so much for sharing the information.  Explains why the Tomato pin cushion is so popular still.

I collect vintage sewing machines and it breaks my heart to see these beautiful machines which have all their gorgeous decals worn off over the years of use due to "Pin Rash".

See all the scratches, and most of the designs along the head are missing.  It is a beautiful machine, with the Sphinx decals.  That is because it was very common for women to wrap some thick clothe around the machine and as they sewed take the pins out and stick them into the fabric.
No this is not my machine

I have several pincushions floating around my house so as not to destroy my machines in that manner. 

I have my traditional tomato pincushion that I have had for 40+ years.  It came in my sewing kit my mother bought me when I was learning to sew.

This homely pin keep I made my grandmother when I was young from some left over double knit fabric, two jar rings, a Styrofoam ball  cut in half, some fiberfill, and a curtain ring, and ugly gold rick rack.  When she passed away my father returned it to me.  This is how it was returned to me obviously she used it often, there are threads, yarns, pins, sewing machine needles, different types of needles, and corsage pins all stuck into it.  I truly treasure that ugly little thing. 

I saw a pattern on Pinterest and thought what a wonderful idea.  I have a tiny square of this fabric that was found in my scrap box from Aunt Beth's mother.  I have no idea what it is but I adore it.  Sew  I wanted to make something with it that I would keep for myself.  The fabric is the center of the star.

It was supposed to be a folded star and it was supposed to be all hand sewn.  That did not work at all for me.  After ripping it out more time than I care to talk about,  I made the folded star and  machine sewed around each and every star point as I placed them on the backing fabric.  I also did not like that it was flat I wanted something a bit more substantial.  I made a pack out two circles of  batting, and filled it with batting  sewed the top to it.

I then made a circle out of one of the fabrics and a cardboard circle slightly smaller.  Stitched about 1/4 inch around the fabric, centered the cardboard in the middle and pulled up to make a nice "flat bottom" so it would sit nice, well kinda sorta.. can't get much out of a tree stump for a flat surface.  I then measured around the outer edge of the circle and cut a strip of fabric 2 inches by  the measurement.  I machine sewed it around the top, but had to hand stitch the bottom, leaving a tiny opening.  I then stuffed it with more fiberfill, to make it big and substantial poofy and sewed it shut.

I was pleased with how it turned out.  (The turtle and bricks were found when digging the post holes for the new porch).

My second project was actually two projects.  Fall is my favorite time of year and so of course I had to have something with a fall theme. I have had this pattern so long I cannot find where I obtained it originally.  A Big thanks to Thearica she found the post and here is the linky Pumpkin Pincushions. Anyway while digging through my scrap bin I found fabric from a purse I made for the middle daughter a few years ago, and since her birthday was on the way I wanted to make her a little something.

Sorry it is difficult to see his cute little leaf.  The celestial fabric was from the purse I made years ago and I had enough to make 3 sections with it.  Just a little stick for the stem.  Every girl needs a pincushion in their house.  Especially a pumpkin pin cushion!

I also made myself one.  Love the leaf pattern fabric with the gold, and of course there is the obligatory polka dot, and love the white and orange stripes. I was having so much fun making these and of course DH insisted he contribute a stick for the stem which was "a perfect pumpkin stem shape."

I can use it to decorate or for a fall touch in my sewing room.  And of course to keep some pins.

I now have a plethora of additional ideas that I want to make for gifts, and to repurpose some old treasures.

Now hop on over to see the rest of today's creations from all of these fabulous ladies.

Also visit the rest of the wonderful artists and their creations. 

                                           A Geeky Crafty Life

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