Saturday, September 7, 2013


I finished canning the tomato basil soup last night at 10 pm.  Everything processed, and some clean up.  By then DH and I were both done so off to bed we went.

This is part of the aftermath that still needs to be washed.  I have already washed several bowls, a food processor, knives, cutting boards, and two more big pots are sitting in the sink so the tomato can loosen up a wee bit.

DH and I are in the initial process of remodeling the kitchen.  Outside door that came straight into the kitchen/family room has been moved and closed up.

The door that went into the dining room has been moved.  You can see the before and after here.  The refrigerator moved, a small upper cabinet over the refrigerator moved and stored for now, and the Hoosier put into its position.

I want a gas cooktop with 5 burners.  Now I love my DH but he is a bit thrifty at times and he brought home a gas cooktop he got from a friend that had put it in his house and didn't like it after 1 month and took it out to put in a stove and oven.  It was free, but just not what I had in mind for what I wanted in my kitchen.

I send DH this picture yesterday as my reason for wanting a larger gas cook top.

Yep that is 3 pots going not including the crock pot full of one batch of tomato basil soup.  The big pot I was slowly defrosting my multiple gallon bags of tomatoes.  The back pot had 1 batch of soup going, and the front pot I was cooking down tomatoes so that I could add the onions, celery, garlic and cook down some more before it gets sieved.  My thought process was get all the tomatoes cooked down, to the making soup stage then get it all into the big canner.  Which I did.  The big canner will hold 8 batches of soup.  I then let it cook down a bit more to get some of the water out and we started canning. By that time DH acquiesced and agreed that a 5 burner gas cook top would be quite a bit nicer, and not so crowded.  I also got him to agree that I needed a couple of bigger pots, and the utensils since stirring the soup waiting to be canned in the big canner was taking your life into your own hands. 

I ended up with 19 more quarts of tomato basil soup.  Don't mind the soup on the far right it is in an antique blue ball jar.

Oh and I still have one big bowl of tomatoes left to make some more spaghetti sauce.

DH is working today so once I get my pots washed and put away, and my spaghetti sauce cooked. I can work on my blocks.  I got all the four patches put together and pressed.

I have some 2 brick blocks, and a bunch of charm squares but they are only 4 inches.  Maybe I should take the brick blocks and cut them to make 4 patches too, and then just trim all of the blocks to 4 inches.  I knew I just needed an ah ha moment!

What are you doing this lovely Saturday?


  1. My husband and I were looking at stoves to get an idea of what we wanted to buy when we buy our new house, I was really liking the look of the 5-burner gas stoves for caning too.

  2. Your soup looks delicious, you'll enjoy it on a cold day this winter when you would rather sew than cook !


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