Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mini Diva Wallet

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to The Quilt Foundry in Maumee, Ohio because I was looking for fabric to finish up the Desert Rose Quilt that I had been working on since June of 2017.  I took the class at The Quilt Foundry so I hoped that they still had some of the fabric that I would need for a border.

I was looking for the blue/green you see in the tassels, and the arcs.  The border next to the outside border was what they called roping.  After I made it I thought it was horrendous!  It reminded me of fruit stripe gum. 
I needed 2 1/2 yards of it so the 4 borders would be a continuous cut, and they had 3 yards!  I started giggling when I realized I paid almost $30 for 7 inches by 75 inches of fabric.  While I was there I picked up some other fabrics.

There was a very cute wallet, and an upcoming class.  I liked the size of the wallet and thought it would be fun so I signed up for the class for the Mini Diva Wallet. 

Sunday the 22nd of July I went to the class with my supplies I had acquired.  Mini Diva pattern.
 Some fun Tula Pink fabric from the Chipper line.
4 1/2 inch Mini Diva wallet frame.

The wallet is very cute.  I think there are some steps which could be made simpler, but even for me, the slow sewer I finished my wallet first.  I think that glue should be used to put the fame on as well as the screws, and I think that a lining needs to be included which is an easy fix. 

While I was at the shop I saw this cute fabric which would make a cute wallet too!

I also nabbed a new creative grids ruler which is 6 1/2 X 12 1/2. 

I will admit I have stocked up on some more zippers and wallet frames to make more, and maybe some sew together bags since I have that pattern also. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

2018 Michigan TOGA

July 21st I attended the Michigan TOGA in Charlotte, Michigan.  TOGA is Treadle On Gathering and Academy for people who use people powered sewing machines.  Missy of Missy's Homemaking Adventures, and Cheryl of Cheryl's Teapots 2 Quilting are both big fans of people powered sewing machines. 

Cheryl posted about going to the TOGA and I invited myself along.  Cheryl is so cute, and sweet, and of course I don't want to break my bad blogger streak, I didn't get a picture of her and I together, nor any pictures of the very cool machines.  You can check out the machines on Cheryl's blog.  Cheryl gifted me with one of her awesome project bags. 

The TOGA was held at The Hen House in Charlotte, Michigan.  Such a cute store and the employees were so very friendly.  Lots of great fabrics, patterns, and notions!  So of course I had to adopt some and bring it home.

 Gorgeous batiks.

White on black fabrics, including text fabric!

A really cool chicken pattern, and I needed some feather fabric for it....

And after Cheryl's tutorial I knew I was going to need to make a sewing machine mat/cover and thread catcher, and loved this fabric.

 I also saw this super cute hexie project box which is hand sized.

At the gathering machines, and parts were bought and sold.  Cheryl taught me how to convert my Singer 99K to a hand crank.  I worked on a new project for a charity quilt.  I have my blocks about 1/2 way completed.  It will be a falling charms quilt made from Riley Blake using the line called Puppy Love. 

There were door prizes.

I was told to bring something in a brown bag.  I couldn't find all the stuff I wanted to take, but put a bottle of Mary Ellen's Best press. I received this iron in my brown bag.

I had a wonderful time and hope to attend in the future. I returned Cheryl's hand crank and hand wheel but of course I had to have some of my own so that I could continue to use the machine as people powered and finish up my quilt.

Maybe next year I can wander down to Missy's TOGA. 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

6th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge

Val at Val's Quilting Studio has been cheering us on for the annual piggy back challenge, some are starting their 6th year. 

2015-2016  I  participated but was away when I should have done a count.   When I did count which I forgot to post I had $98. 

2016-2017  I again participated.  You can read about my final tally here.  The total was $210 for the year. 

2017-2018  My 3rd year and when I was finished even with using my stash for tolls, and some boys borrowing for charity I had $168.80. 

I have pulled out my jar and will again participate. 

Come along and join the fun. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

5th Annual Piggy Balance Challenge

I spent quite a few hours counting up my change Friday night.   I know that I used about $50 from it for toll roads when I was traveling.  Additionally the boys raid my change for charity days at school.

My grand total ended up being $168.80.

What is interesting is I don't have a clue what I want to buy with it.  I know there are some row by rows that I want.  Lately my big focus has been finishing up projects.

Perhaps I will purchase some machine quilting rulers or perhaps some cones of thread.  I missed the linky because, ahem, I have been a wee bit busy with outdoor work, and while the post was written I forgot to post and link.  Head over to Val's Quilting Studio and check out the piggy bank challenge.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I Like Thursday #32

Welcome to my I Like Thursday for week 32.

While I was on the west coast I learned quickly that if I purchased something I was charged anywhere from .10-.15 cents per bag.  I started picking up shopping bags.  These were some of my favorites.  I now take them to the grocery store here. 

 A chicken bag of course.
 I liked the retro look of this one with the garden
A stylized version of Portland, Oregon.

I showed pictures of my cone flowers earlier.  They are so gorgeous.  I love it when they get to this point in their growth.

And there was a surprise one poking its head above the thistle.
I like garden lights, especially the green ones I purchased a few weeks ago.

I found some similar on Amazon and purchased a couple of more.

I like old cars and in Oregon on a Lavender farm they had this one at the entrance as a planter.

I saw one the other day on the way to sewing. 

Love the blue wheels!

I love my new chickens, they are so pretty.

I like holders for my sewing tools. 

While I was in California there was a chocolate factory that had managed to get their chocolate in almost all of the local stores. 

It is really good.  I forgot I had a few bars set to the side.  I found one today.

Finally I know this sounds weird but I like to pick up rocks sometimes.  Big rocks.  This one is bigger than my foot.

I picked it up off the river bar near where my great grandparents home used to sit.

Now head on over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like Thursday posts.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Last Day on the Road

Welcome to day 8, the final day of Bobbin and my Row by Row Road Trip.

While not originally on my list I decided since I was so close to Intercourse, Pennsylvania and The Old Country Store.  I am so glad I stopped.

A couple of fun patterns, a basket, and a pincushion mouse. 

And a beautiful row. 

The next stop was going to be Sewing Solutions in Bedford, PA. 

I decided that I would take the back way to Greensburg, PA on the Historic Lincoln Hwy 30.  Oh what a great drive.  It is so pretty, lots of places of historical interest.  The Old Log Church in Schellsburg, PA was pretty awesome, unfortunately it was pouring too hard to get a good picture. 

I notice a sign that said Bucktown.  I kept wondering why that name sounded so familiar.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the Flight 93 Memorial from 9/11.  It gave me pause and I shed a few tears, but still the rain was torrential so we did not stop. 

The next interesting spot was Fort Ligonier.  Soon I was in Greensburg, PA and The Stitch in Time Shoppe.

The owner of the shop explained that her sister is an artist.  She painted the background, and then they went to a manufacturer and had the fabric printed for their kits. 

There was plenty of time so Bobbin and I headed to our final stop.  The Quilt Company in Allison, PA. 

Such a great shop with lots of fabric, and some wonderful displays.  After picking up our last R X R we headed for home.  We stopped a couple of times for potty breaks, but made it home by 7:30.  It was nice to be home and sleep in our bed that night.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Heading Home

Bobbin and I had been gone for quite a while and it had been time to head for home. Day 7 was going to be kind of a long one.  The day was overcast and we knew we would be heading toward rain.

The first stop for the day was going to be The Quilted Crow in Bolton, MA.  After the previous day, I was not too willing to take Bobbin into the shop so they were short and quick stops.

We were there as soon as it opened so we could then head to the next stop which was in Red Hook, New York.

The Village Fabric Shoppe was not huge, but the ladies were so friendly and they had the cutest row, and some awesome guitar fabric.  It was nice to have a break from the rain and get out of the car.  We then headed to our next stop in Pennsylvania.

Kutztown, Pennsylvania and The Wooden Bridge Dry Goods was sweet.

I found some fun fabrics at a great price, love the guitar fabric, and loved the batik fabric (far right). 

By then it was a long day driving and Bobbin and I had reservations in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the night.   I always was under the impression that Lancaster was much like Berlin, Ohio, or Shipshewana, Indiana, but it was very commercial.