Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Yay October is Finished!

October was a tough month.  Nuff said.

I have been trying to fill my days and keep busy.  It doesn't necessary mean I am sewing though.

I have a new roof on my garage, and new fascia.  The roof pretty much blew off the day Jeff died, this roof is guaranteed for life, it is a rubber shingle. Yes I actually hired someone to reroof the garage.  The facsia needs to be painted, but there were not enough days strung together that were dry that I could paint it.  I am also going to need to put new trim around the garage doors too.  Then next spring/summer the fascia and trim will get a nice coat of green paint.   I keep wondering if I just put lipstick on a pig.

In my last "I Like" post I mentioned that I signed up for Pineapple day at the quilt shop where I am taking the Vintage Rose Quiltworx class.  I read the directions, watched the video, cut my strips.....only to find out I needed some 2 1/2 x 4 strips of each as well.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  Maybe that is something that should have been stated up front, not at the last step?  I had a good time at Pineapple day and I made a couple of fun recipes.  I made Aloha Chicken, and my old go to which is Dump Cake.  I managed to get 3 blocks done though from the kit. 

Just 22 more to go! 

I finally got the guild friendship block done today.

Yep I am getting a lot of help around here with Bobbin. 

Distract her and snap a pic.  The guild fabric was the cute rake fabric.

When I try to sew I set up an area for Bobbin so that she can be by me.

In Bobbin's world I should be sitting so she can sleep on my lap--whenever she wants.  Cutting is a challenge, most of the time Bobbin is either chewing on my socks, or laying on my feet. 

Nancy from Pug Mom Quilts sent me some really cool chicken fabric.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your squishy package made me smile. 

Soon when life settles I am making a chicken quilt!

I signed up to take a class in January at guild.  Yep another Quiltworx pattern.  This is Desert Sky.

While I was at the Vintage Rose class, I went shopping and I chose my fabrics for Desert Sky.  I needed 24 fat quarters. 

12 light to medium, and 12 medium to dark bright fabrics.  I hope it works out.

Speaking of Quiltworx patterns there was a sale celebrating Judy's birthday in October and I picked this pattern up at quite a discount.

I also saw this super cute Patchabilities pattern.  It was on sale, so of course I had to buy the kit.

I have also been keeping on eye out for gray fabrics for my Ocean Waves quilt.  Kona recently came out with some new colors and they looked pretty close.  So I ordered some. 

When I set my blocks on top you could see that they were much closer in tone, even though maybe not the exact color, at least close to the shade.  Better than the ones I had purchase earlier which you can see in my 50 Shades of Gray post.

I think this will work pretty well.  So I can add some gray to my quilt now. 

I saw a pattern for a SAL called Geode.  I loved the pattern and thought that it would be great to use a fat quarter stack that I have that is gathering dust.  But I wanted to add a bright and some darks too.  I have a bundle of Comma by Zen Chic that will be made into the quilt, these fabrics are from Zen Chic too Flow in Apple green and some Fragile.  

I am also still amassing fabric for the Sawtooth Square.

I think I may actually have enough fabric to finish the quilt.  What was super cute, though is when I got the package this was in it too.

I think we all need a Quilter's Emergency Kit---lately I probably need a much larger  emergency kit than this. 

Finally I decided that feeding Bobbin those little tiny containers of food would get mighty expensive.  While those containers will last Bobbin at least 2 1/2 days if not a little longer I figured it would cost about $24 a month not including dry food.  I found all sorts of dog food recipes on the internet.  I made one with chicken, brown rice, sweet potato, carrots, peas, and chicken broth.  I will say that it smelled mighty good.  I ended up with 33 half cup containers of dog food, which I can freeze. 

Bobbin loves it.  I have also read if I want I can scramble some eggs and throw it in them too. 

Since it is soon to be November have you seen the color selections for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery this year?  Aqua/turquoise, chocolate brown, apricot/melon and neutral.....I am looking forward to the 1st clue. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

MQG Quilt Challenge 2017

I have been the vice president of the Monroe County Quilt Guild for 2 years now.  We have had challenges with getting people to be on the board, do charity work or  much of anything.  Since no one would take on thinking up the challenge quilt, I took on the task, since being the vice president is mainly just a do nothing type of job.  I jokingly say I am the face of the guild. 

My challenge was a basket paint chip challenge.  For $5 a person pulled a paint chip and here were their rules.

1- Each paint card contains three colors.  All three colors must be used and be easily recognize in the finished quilt. Print fabrics which are predominantly the chip colors are allowed in addition to neutrals such as white, beige, gray, or black---or whatever you want to call a neutral.

2-Theme:  Basket/s-- there are many different basket blocks.  Your quilt may be pieced or appliqued. It may feature one basket or multiple baskets.

3-Size: The finished quilt must be larger than 12 inches on a side, but not exceed 30 inches on a side.

4-The original paint card must be displayed along with the finished quilt for voting.

5-The quilt must have a top, batting and backing (3 layers). Any quilting method may be used.  The quilt must also be bound, and have a label.

6-Deadline for completion of quilt is the October Guild meeting (October 12, 2017) where members will vote for their favorite one. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners
will be recognized.   

All I am going to say is OMG the whining! 

I did not participate because I was running the  challenge.  I only got 20 people to buy a chip, and only 10 people turned in completed challenge quilts.

 This quilt was made by Judy.  You can see her paint chip pinned to the bottom right corner.

Kathy made this cute pink and black basket.

The pretty green was made by Jackie.  I think she did a great job matching her greens. 

Eve's picnic basket with wine was great.  She had a tough card....all the grays. 

Sue made the pretty teal baskets.

I loved Karen's purple basket with the super cute spools, buttons.  Another one that did a great job sticking with her colors, and the rules of the challenge.

Penny's first ever quilt.  Pretty impressive for a beginning quilter. 

Rosalyn's baskets were very cute.

Kathy's deep purple baskets were lovely.

These baskets were made by Donna.  Her beige/gray paint chip was tough, I loved her use of the eggplant as her neutral. 

The winners were chosen by the guild.  They were supposed to choose 1, 2, and 3rd places.  I then tallied the total votes.

1st place was Judy's truck. 
2nd place was Karen's purple basket
3rd place was Jackie's green basket.

I was so impressed with everyone's creativity.  I have some ideas for next year unless someone else wants to take over.  

Thursday, October 26, 2017

31 Biennial Festival of Quilts Part 4

I have a few more to share.....

148 Katie Bug

127 Large American this quilt was made circa 1930 and was for sale.
164 Liberty Square
109  Lone Star --was purchased from an antique store in 1998

Somehow I had a few quilts that did not have a picture of the number and can't figure out which quilt it is from the book.

1  Missing number
Missing number 2

Missing number 6
Missing Number 9
Missing number 11  Cathedral Window

150 My Crazy Ocean Wall Hanging

147 My Pink and Brown Quilt.  This is a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.
107 Ohio Star made in the 1920's.  The star fabric is polka dot!

118 Peach and Blue Flowers

154 Redwork Presidential Quilt

205 Rose of Sharon

203 Star Quilt

45 Tilley's Treasure

155 Stained Glass Window

84 Vine with Scalloped Edge

Holly Smith was the featured Quilter of the show.

176 Rabbit Table Topper

189 Sunflowers and Pumpkins

190 Bottles

191 Sunshine Stars

192 H

These quilts were part of the sanctuary decorations.

138 Epiphany Star

140  The Cross in All Seasons

 The two pieces above on each side of the altar are called Fishers of Men.
206 Women of the Bible

245 Unknown
The final piece is the Lord's prayer they are working on.

There were many more quilts but I did not get pictures of them all.  I was invited to participate in this quilt show in 2019.  With all my works in progress, think I may have some quilts to display?