Tuesday, October 24, 2017

31 Biennial Festival of Quilts Part 3

Yes I still have more pictures.  Amazing isn't it, and I didn't even take pictures of all the quilts. 

131 Red and Blue Wall Hanging
144 Serena's Heart
146 Fish Purse
151 Pennies from Heaven
152 Grand Central Beauty

153 Be My Valentine
157 Untitled  They think it may have been made around 1970.

171 New Orleans
172 Sunset Cabin

These next quilts were not in the book.  The book only went to 218.
229 Unknown---
231 Unknown
234 Unknown
246 Unknown...This is Snowman A-Z a pattern by Crabapple Hill Studio

247-  Unknown, but you can see that it is a drunkard's path.

261  Grandmother's Flower Garden

88-  1930's Wedding Ring

204 Antique Daisy Chain....I will admit this is my favorite quilt at the show.  You can see some of the quilts as they are displayed draped over the pews.

123 Babies

168 Black Heritage II

200  Unknown...I call it cats

43 Fancy Motifs

136 Hummel Figurines

42 I Dream of Custom was a whole cloth Sampler to practice customer quilting.

40 Jasmine's Wedding

So many gorgeous quilts some old, some new, some handed down, some "found" at thrift stores, they each have a wonderful story. 


  1. so many fun quilts. I like the daisy chain too

  2. All gorgeous. My favorite Pennies from Heaven.

  3. They all look great - such a variety.

  4. IF they could all talk imagine the stories we would hear. Lovely show.

  5. What great quilts. My guild has at least 300 quilts in the show each time. We've outgrown the gym area, and now have quilts going down the halls, all the way to the vendors areas.


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