Thursday, May 31, 2018

I Like Thursday #27

Well I have a late start, but better late than never.

Welcome to my I like Thursday post #27.  It isn't that  I don't have any likes, it is just I have been working in the yard (a lot) and getting the swimming pool up and going for the summer.  So here we go, cause I am burning daylight!

I like charity and volunteer work.  Today I will be baking lots of cookies for Relay for Life (one of the reasons I am tardy).  I also am the head of charity for my quilt guild, and I work on charity quilts for church also.

This was a top that had been turned in and it had a seam that had split. 

I like making cookies for a good cause and others.

I like this snail I found up in the mountains where I was traveling.  They were all over my family cemetery.

After being around Michigan rivers I forget how truly breath taking wild rivers from my homeland are.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fiber Acquisitions While Traveling

I realized that I haven't shared the few (I was being good) quilt shops and my acquisitions while I was on my road trip.

My first stop was All N Stitches in New Florence, Missouri. 

I like black on white for backgrounds sometimes.  I found these 3 which caught my eye.

One day while I was visiting family on the reservation I had to go to town to have my car serviced, so of course I went to one of the LQS.  The shop I visited is called Ocean Waves Quilt Shop in Eureka, California.

I found a gorgeous batik, a Marilyn Monroe print, chicken fabric, and a couple of white on whites.

One was a dragonfly and the other had different stitches which are on sewing machines.

Then I spotted these super cute prints and I bought a fat quarter of each.

I wrote about having a problem with some little tears in my backing, and purchasing the red star fabric.  I purchased it at Craft Warehouse.  

While picking up the star fabric I saw this really cute chicken fabric, they were knitting! Of course it had to come home with me.

I will confess I cannot visit Portland without going to Fabric Depot. I was a bit disappointed this trip though.  I had heard that people complained because it was not wheel chair friendly so the company had to really reduce inventory to make it more accessible.  Additionally there was one whole area that had once been formal and bridal fabric which was completely empty.  The company said it was because they had several big name designers coming in since Quilt Market was in Portland in May.  One was Tula Pink!  I still managed to find some great fabrics though.

 A white on white, which you can see below had clothes pins, a black on white of windmills, sunflowers,  and barns, a green, a yellow/gold/brown rose looking batik, a cute sewing themed fabric and Robert Kaufman's Effervescence fabric in a red, white and blue colorway. 
 Yes I know it looks like I purchased a lot, but I was mighty proud of the fact that I didn't visit more shops.  Well, also my car was pretty packed with clothes, sewing machines, and projects. 

But there is always next trip. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Black and White

I only have a couple of things I must accomplish per month.  One is the friendship block for quilt guild, and the other are my bee blocks.  Being gone for the majority of the month I kind of needed to scramble to get my bee block done. 

This month's block which was selected for the Queen Bee is called Mineral by Blossom Heart Quilts.  The Queen Bee wanted a white on black background.   Now it may sound silly, but it is much different than what is in my stash, which meant stash enhancement trip.  I headed to The Quilt Patch in Tecumseh, Michigan to search for white on black prints.  (Whenever I say that I think of the movie Madagascar the zebra saying, "I don't know if I am white with black stripes or black with white stripes!")  Per Wikipedia Zebras are black with white stripes, just in case you are wondering.

I found a few and purchased a yard of each.  I like being prepared.

I like looking through their fat quarters and picked up a few.  I love the circles.

Then while I was wandering I saw this very cute bicycle pattern and kit.

I loved the colors and it just looked like a simple fun quilt.

There is also a large quilt too.

Now I know many of you have made sew together bags.  I decided I would like to make one, and after looking at my pattern I realized I needed 1/2 yards and 1/3 yards for pockets and lining.  I had purchased some fat quarters from this line while on vacation....which reminds me I haven't shown the fabrics I picked up at a couple of fabric shop stops. I guess I will have to write another post. 

Since I am a frequent shopper, after I filled up my purple card I became a Quilt Patch Bag Lady. 

A great tote bag with a zipper!
Some fun quilty items-- A pattern, coupons, tailor's chalk, snips, best press, a creative grids ruler and bobbin saver. 

Oh, I digress...... back to the bee blocks.  It is a great pattern but 64 pieces!  Oh my.  I kind of lost my sewjo and really struggled to get these done.

Black fabric with white print, the center was to be your favorite colors.  I chose red and a rose pink, and all the little HST were just to be scraps.  Boy did I have the scraps!Tuesday I will get my bee block in the mail. 

I guess I better go find the names of the couple of quilt shops that I visited on my grand tour. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I Like Thursday #26

I made it for 1/2 a year!  OK I skipped a couple weeks. 

I liked the restaurant Swine Dining.  I had mentioned it in a post a couple of weeks ago.  After the quilt show I talked my parents into trying it.

We had lunch.  I had brisket, mean beans, and corn bread.  It was yummy and their BBQ sauce was awesome.

Oh and Texas toast as well.

I liked these nachos at a restaurant near my brother's house called The Eagle.  My dad, sister, and I shared this nacho that had both chicken and beef.

I like making lemon meringue pie for my dad.  I learned from his mother so I make one almost every time I go home.

As Dorothy said there is no place like home. 

I like my dog.

She is about 7 lbs now, and she likes being outside.   She does not go near the road, but she likes to go down and play with the pigs, and she feels it is her duty to keep the chickens herded into the back yard.

Here she is with her Hedgie 2 all tuckered out.

I like my chickens these are my new girls they are getting so big. 

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Monday, May 21, 2018

A Festival of Quilts

While I was in Portland, Oregon I looked for any nearby quilt shows.  Imagine my delight when I found the Northwest Quilters, Inc. A Festival of Quilts their 44th Annual Quilt Show which took place on May 11, and 12, 2018. 

The Northwest Quilter's challenge this year was to create a 24 inch square quilt using a nursery rhyme drawn from Mother Goose and her goose Gertrude.

She Shall Have Music Wherever She Goes by Kathleen Anderson

This was one of my favorites, and the only one I could get a clear picture since these were set up as a wall along where you entered the show.

The featured quilter was Kathie Kerler her quilts were beautiful, and so very personal at times. 

These are just a few of the quilts from the show. 

This quilt was made by Barbara Stanbro of Cat Patches.

I loved the fabric in this quilt. 

I liked the sunflowers and blackbirds in this quilt.

I thought this was very pretty. 

The fall colors always capture my attention.

I liked the bumble bee in this quilt. 

This quilt was so fun with the turtles, and seahorses.  All of the colored fabrics were batiks and had turtles. 

When I saw this quilt the first thing I thought was This Makes Me Happy, imagine my delight when I saw the name of the quilt.

There were a whole bunch of these woven type quilts.  This was my favorite.

I just loved this quilt.  According to the description it was a kit by Laura Heine.  I may have to look up to see if I can find this kit. 

I thought this was a very pretty quilt. 

This is a miniature quilt.  The clothespin holding the card gives you a good idea how small the pieces are. 

Loved the colors in this one.

I thoroughly enjoyed this 3 dimensional quilt. 

I loved the simplicity of this quilt.  I loved the quilting.

Of course I stopped at some of the vendor booths.

I saw this batik and I adored it so I had to get some.

Two chicken patterns.

A gorgeous kit of Dogwoods. 

There was a quilter's garage sale which took up about 6 booths of space.  It was full of patterns, quilts, quilt tops, fabric, kits, sewing machines, and other notions.

The one booth that I looked at and should have went back to was The 70273 Project.  The background of this project was between January 1940 and August 1941, 70,273 physically and mentally disabled people of all ages were murdered by the Nazis.  Without ever laying eyes on the disabled person they were evaluated.  The assessing doctors read the medical files and if, from the words on the page the person was deemed "unfit" or an "economic Burden on society" or "a useless eater"  a red X was placed at the bottom of the form.  Three doctors read each medical file, and when two of them made a red X on the page, the disabled person's fate was sealed.  You can read more about it here at the 70273 Project

A great show and it is annual so if you live in the Portland area, or will be in the vicinity in 2019 maybe you should attend.