Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I Like Thursday #39

Welcome to my week #39 of the I Like Thursdays.

I have had a busy few days getting ready for winter.  That is what happens when you are gone for a long time, you get home and you are behind the  8 ball.  My likes are going to be short and sweet.

I like the 1 zinnia that I planted from seeds that my mom gave me.  Some were from flowers my great grandmother started many years ago, but some were seeds that my mom purchased this year.

I got 1 chartreuse zinnia.  I will check it tomorrow since we have had a couple of freezing nights, to see if it has started to die a bit.  If it has, I will cut it and bring it in to dry so that I can harvest the seeds and share with my mom and cousin next year. 

I like Kitty Litter buckets.  They come in handy for so many things.  Jeff has a stack of them in the barn with chains all labeled with the different lengths and what the chains were for.  I use them to store strings for making string quilts. 

I can shove all of them into one bucket, but then everything falls out when you start pulling strings to sew for a block.  I can fill these up mighty quick when I am cutting charity quilts for guild.

I like my grandsons.  They are awesome, and are always quick to help and with a hug.  While I was gone I would get a text every few days, we love you and miss you.  They have a "house" cell phone that all 4 kids share together, so the fact that they would take time out of their day to send me a message meant a lot.  The day I got home they gave me a gift. 

An I-home speaker.  I can hook it up to any blu tooth device.  What is really cool is that it changes colors when it is on.

Finally I like the toy that Auntie LeeAnna gave Bobbin when we visited in August. 

As you can see it gets lots of love and play.  Bobbin is way too busy to stop and write a post like Milo.  But be assured she loves the toy and the squeaker!

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