Saturday, August 4, 2018

Some Sewing

I have been busy sewing.  I just haven't shown much.

 Bee blocks, the pattern is called bunting. 
Friendship block for guild.

A baby quilt for my daughter's friend.  Yes that is the colors they requested, and they wanted nothing babyish.

I did a quick run to pick up a couple of Row by Rows in Ohio.

This row was from Sonflower Quilts in Sylvania, Ohio.

 I thought this was so very cute.   Then I saw a book and the ruler that I have been wanting.
I have seen some of these made into hearts also.

I also went to Wauseon, Ohio to Freedom Bound Quilt shop to pick up her row by row.

I also picked up a couple of fabrics too.

Oh I also forgot to mention that I won some fabulous red scraps and some other great Island Batiks during a giveaway recently on Pamela Quilts! 

I guess I have some quilting to get done.

Friday, August 3, 2018

A Quick Trip to the Fair

When you enter something in the fair you get a ticket to attend.  Jeff loved the fair, and Thursday was his favorite day to go, it was tractor pull day.  But there were years before he met me, he went every day.

Wednesday I decided to attend the fair and use my ticket.  I also knew it was going to be a quick trip, since I have a bunch of stuff to get accomplished.

I liked this bench in Memory of someone.  The sign is so faded I couldn't really read it. 

But the tractor seats are awesome. 

4-H not only has animals, but also gardening, and lots of different types of crafts.  This was their patio pot competition.  I was in awe. 

I had to run over to the Domestic Arts building to visit my quilt.

I thought this quilt was very pretty.  I love the colors, and the secondary patterns are pretty awesome too.

A couple more quilts.  The one in the back the focal fabric is Cardinals. 
My quilt.  I won a blue ribbon!

This quilt was pretty awesome too. 

I loved this embroidery piece.

I wandered a wee bit more then stopped and had a late lunch.  Smoked turkey leg.

With cherry BBQ sauce.  YUM!  I also had an elephant ear, and decided I needed to head home.  I have lots to get done in the next few days. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Getting Ready for the Fair

I have been working for a couple of months on a quilt I wanted to enter in the county fair.  I had filled out the forms, and sent in my entry fee.

I got to this point 1 month before the fair, but still had borders to put on, and things went awry.  I needed more fabric for 6 additional pieces as well as a middle border. I had purchased these ombre fabrics in bundles and so had no more of a couple of them.  The middle border was simple there were some gray ombres that I had not used so I ordered some, but matching the other colors was not as easy.  I was trying to match the golden yellow, and didn't want to buy another bundle.  After ordering more yellow (not the right color) I found a bundle which was much smaller called waterfalls and it had the gold in it.  Once I got the fabric I got the borders on (mitered, thank you very much), and measured the quilt. with 12 days to spare to quilt.  The quilt ended up being 83 inches wide by 95 inches long...rats!  I had purchased 10 yards of black Kona recently so the length was not a problem, but the width definitely was.  I needed at least 4 inches more in width to give me a couple of inches extra on each side to quilt.  I decided to use the fabric cut off of the blocks which is what gives the illusion of the twisting and turning.

It made a neat pattern and gave me enough to add a couple of inches so that I could sandwich and have some room to quilt.  I then began quilting, but it just was not to be (insert sad face).  Between charity needs, and other things (house A/C dying, computer dying)  I didn't even come close to getting the quilting finished. 

I will work on finishing  the quilting, and I will take out some of the quilting where I hopped the ditch or had to back track, and hopefully have it ready in time for the guild show in October.

Never fear, I had a back up quilt and so the star quilt was entered into the fair.

I embroidered a label using my new embroidery machine,  to cover up the small tears in the back which I showed in this post, washed it and attached the label so it was all good.  No color bleed or anything.  I dried it hung between 2 chairs in the dining room. 

Now that the fair is going I decided to take a breather and do a reset.  I wanted to acquire 3 more rows in Michigan for the Row by Rows, and I also wanted to attend the Chippewa Pow Wow in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan which is a couple of hours North West from me.  Why not combine my wants into a day away!

My day started at 7 am and I headed to the first store in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Smith Owen Sewing Center.  I arrived just a couple of minutes after they opened.

Love their row!  I also acquired some more music themed fabric.

Grand Pianos and blue guitars.

The next stop was Abbi May's in Muskegon, Michigan a little over an hour away because the freeway was closed.

Cute store, the owner is very sweet, and if I lived closer I would definitely frequent that store.  Of course tiny scissors are my downfall!

The next store was in Baldwin which should have only been a little over 1 hour away, but I sat in a traffic jam for about 1/2 an hour.  What caused the jam?  People turning into Michigan's Adventure which is an amusement park.

Fabric Peddler in Baldwin is not big, but they are very sweet, and had some great fabrics.

There row were a series of guitar picks, and they had this neat keyboard fabric.

I made it to the Pow Wow around 3 pm.  Had time to watch the drum competition, a few dances, have an indian taco, make some friends and wait for the Grand Entry that started at 7pm.  Then the different dance competitions started.   While there are only a couple of different dances for men, and for women, they have different levels of competition dependent upon age, and different styles such as southern, southwest, plains.

When I left my spirit felt buoyed and I was ready to get back into the groove of life. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I Like Thursday #33

I have missed the last couple of I Like Thursdays being busy, and in a wee bit of a funk had been making it difficult to get anything accomplished as well as even wanting to find anything I may like.

But I think I am getting it back together so here are my likes for the week.

I made a mini road trip last weekend.  I was delighted at this statue in the village of Baldwin, Michigan.

I am sure you have seen all the articles in the news that many states are outlawing plastic shopping bags and straws.  I remember the paper ones when I was a kid and didn't think they were too terrible, but recently I saw these metal reusable straws so I purchased them.  I will say I love it!

I like that I do not have to worry about what I am making for dinner.  I can have the same thing 3 days in a row, I can have cheese and crackers, breakfast for dinner or a smoothie for dinner!

Yes a plastic straw.  Dawn sent me a package and I actually wash these and reuse them over and over.

In keeping with my old cars I attended the fair on Wednesday and there was an old fire engine that I thought was awesome.

Finally I like to find fun and different t-shirts. I purchased this one recently. 

 I have been struggling with the loss of Jeff a lot more lately than I normally do.  My dad sent me this song to listen to the other night. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color and check out the other I like Thursday posts. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mini Diva Wallet

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to The Quilt Foundry in Maumee, Ohio because I was looking for fabric to finish up the Desert Rose Quilt that I had been working on since June of 2017.  I took the class at The Quilt Foundry so I hoped that they still had some of the fabric that I would need for a border.

I was looking for the blue/green you see in the tassels, and the arcs.  The border next to the outside border was what they called roping.  After I made it I thought it was horrendous!  It reminded me of fruit stripe gum. 
I needed 2 1/2 yards of it so the 4 borders would be a continuous cut, and they had 3 yards!  I started giggling when I realized I paid almost $30 for 7 inches by 75 inches of fabric.  While I was there I picked up some other fabrics.

There was a very cute wallet, and an upcoming class.  I liked the size of the wallet and thought it would be fun so I signed up for the class for the Mini Diva Wallet. 

Sunday the 22nd of July I went to the class with my supplies I had acquired.  Mini Diva pattern.
 Some fun Tula Pink fabric from the Chipper line.
4 1/2 inch Mini Diva wallet frame.

The wallet is very cute.  I think there are some steps which could be made simpler, but even for me, the slow sewer I finished my wallet first.  I think that glue should be used to put the fame on as well as the screws, and I think that a lining needs to be included which is an easy fix. 

While I was at the shop I saw this cute fabric which would make a cute wallet too!

I also nabbed a new creative grids ruler which is 6 1/2 X 12 1/2. 

I will admit I have stocked up on some more zippers and wallet frames to make more, and maybe some sew together bags since I have that pattern also. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

2018 Michigan TOGA

July 21st I attended the Michigan TOGA in Charlotte, Michigan.  TOGA is Treadle On Gathering and Academy for people who use people powered sewing machines.  Missy of Missy's Homemaking Adventures, and Cheryl of Cheryl's Teapots 2 Quilting are both big fans of people powered sewing machines. 

Cheryl posted about going to the TOGA and I invited myself along.  Cheryl is so cute, and sweet, and of course I don't want to break my bad blogger streak, I didn't get a picture of her and I together, nor any pictures of the very cool machines.  You can check out the machines on Cheryl's blog.  Cheryl gifted me with one of her awesome project bags. 

The TOGA was held at The Hen House in Charlotte, Michigan.  Such a cute store and the employees were so very friendly.  Lots of great fabrics, patterns, and notions!  So of course I had to adopt some and bring it home.

 Gorgeous batiks.

White on black fabrics, including text fabric!

A really cool chicken pattern, and I needed some feather fabric for it....

And after Cheryl's tutorial I knew I was going to need to make a sewing machine mat/cover and thread catcher, and loved this fabric.

 I also saw this super cute hexie project box which is hand sized.

At the gathering machines, and parts were bought and sold.  Cheryl taught me how to convert my Singer 99K to a hand crank.  I worked on a new project for a charity quilt.  I have my blocks about 1/2 way completed.  It will be a falling charms quilt made from Riley Blake using the line called Puppy Love. 

There were door prizes.

I was told to bring something in a brown bag.  I couldn't find all the stuff I wanted to take, but put a bottle of Mary Ellen's Best press. I received this iron in my brown bag.

I had a wonderful time and hope to attend in the future. I returned Cheryl's hand crank and hand wheel but of course I had to have some of my own so that I could continue to use the machine as people powered and finish up my quilt.

Maybe next year I can wander down to Missy's TOGA.