Saturday, June 30, 2018

Row by Row Day 2

Day 1 ended with Bobbin and I in Corning, New York, well really Red Post, NY.  We were up and heading to Ithaca, we wanted to get to the first stop when it opened.  But we got a wee bit side tracked.

It was such a pretty covered bridge, and the park near it was a great place for Bobbin to take a walk.

Bobbin and I made it to Ithaca as the shop was opening.  It is in a little downtown area, but such a cute shop.   I will say the Quilter's Corner was a wonderful shop and they were so friendly.

There was some Birch Organics on sale, that is the fox print, the cute black on white sewing machines, a cute little charm made of leather that looks like a spool, cute little note pad with post it notes, a sweet pair of tiny scissors which are green with daisies and last years row by row which was very pretty.

This was their row this year.  I loved the humming bird and the treble clef.

Little did I realize that our next stop would be a 5 1/2 hour drive north.  But what beautiful country through, even on the expressway.  We ended up in Bennington, Vermont, and the Molly Stark Trail winding our way through the Green Mountains, and saw the beautiful view from Hogback Mountain.  The pull out was full so Bobbin and I couldn't pull off and take pics but oh my.

We finally made it to our next stop in Keene, New Hampshire. 
New England Fabric and Decorating Center. 

The next stop I wanted to make was in Nashua, NH.  But the shop closed at 5 and I would not get there until after 5.  As I was thinking though, I decided maybe I should start in Maine, up by the shop I wanted to go to and work my way back south. 

Bobbin and I got a room in Waterville, Maine, and spent a peaceful night after our long day of driving.   Day 3 was going to be interesting. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

I'm Back!

Bobbin and I arrived home after our epic Row X Row road trip.  We got to meet some awesome blogger friends, visit some amazing shops, see some fabulous scenery and enjoy some fantastic new to us food. 

Day 1

Bobbin and I started out on Thursday, June 21, 2018 heading toward our first few stops. 

Our first stop was Pins and Needles at Middleburg Heights, Ohio. 

Many stores Bobbin rode in my purse into the store.  We picked out some cute glamping fabric too.

Our next stop was Pins and Needles in North Olmstead, Ohio.

Then off to Mayfield Heights, Ohio to yet another Pins and Needles store!

Now what is very neat with these three sister stores if you put all 3 together you get...

That pyramid shape in the back is the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame which is in Cleveland!

It was beautiful weather, and the next shop was on the back roads heading North East in Ohio.  The Craft Cupboard! 

There is a little village with a craft/fabric shop, and an art gallery.  The ladies were very sweet.

I just love this row with the sunflowers and the song, "You Are My Sunshine".

Bobbin had a chance to run and play in the sun and play flatty dog.

Then we were off to North East, PA, and The Calico Patch Quilt Shop. 

After this stop it was 5 pm....but the longest day of the year.  I have an app on my phone that I can search for hotels near areas I want to be.  Our next shop we wanted to visit was in Ithaca, NY, and I knew we couldn't get there for day one, but it could be our first stop for day 2.  I found a nice little hotel in Corning, New York.

On our way though we went through some beautiful areas.  Past Lake Chautauqua, the Seneca Reservation, the Allegheny mountains and forest to Corning. 

Our inn was actually in Painted Post, New York, near Corning, and it was very nice and comfortable.
Bobbin did pretty good riding in the car, other than protecting me from every toll booth operator, anyone who parked too close, and drive through window.  :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I Like Thursday #30

Yes this is truly my #30 I like post.  It is going to be short and sweet.

I love the Row by Row experience that start today.  No pictures, no additional likes.  Just an "I am on another epic road trip"  this time my destination is Maine to collect some rows along the way.  I have a list of shops where I want to stop, I am looking for rows with guitars, or piano/piano keys.  I also am going to try to meet up with a friend or two along the way. 

Because I am a terrible pet parent and Bobbin is such a terror (translate no one wants to watch her), she is going to be with me.  Our shakedown cruise for later this summer when we head back to California.

I am so excited.  Adding some new states to my visited list, and new experiences!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I Like Thursday #29

Yes I know my post last week was I Like Thursday #29.  Obviously I cannot read or count because last week would have only been 28.  So I will get back on track today.  :D

I saw this and thought of LeeAnna.  I like interesting yard lights.

But I saw these and I knew I had to have them.  There were only two but I love the light they give off.

I know it is hard to see, but it is green and it looks like a flame.  Believe it or not that had been cleaned out about 3 days ago.  The weeds definitely grow faster than I pull.

I like my clucky girls.  They get to free range, and they are extremely happy, me not so much at times they dig up my plants, one of their fluffy butts smashed my lone little lupine that I had grown from seed last year.  

Today they were running through the sprinkler, circling under the stairs, and around, and back through the sprinkler.

I know I mentioned my poppies a couple of weeks ago.  The first sets were vibrant orange, then they went to an almost dark salmon, the last few seem to get lighter and lighter.  These are a light almost pink.  I am thrilled that I had 12 blooms this year.  I love that my flowers just keep spreading, without buying new ones every year.

I like Lemon Grass essential oils, and I hear that if you plant lemon grass they are supposed to help drive away the mosquitoes.

I also have some that I am growing from seeds.  I have 2 little sprouts so far, but the weeds are growing faster.  How can that be?

Jeff always wanted a miniature Japanese Maple, but here they are so very expensive, even for just a small one.  I have tried growing them without success.  When I was in Oregon I was looking and my mom and dad bought me one for Mother's Day.  It traveled across country with me pretty well.  It has been sitting here patiently waiting to be planted.  I finally chose a spot.

I will enlarge that bed, put weed block and mulch.  Maybe throw in some herbs.

I like spending time at the lake house with a friend.  While working on the boat there was a visitor the other day.

I got a laugh out of him walking up the dock.

I like being outside and smelling the honeysuckle.  The plant is doing wonderful.

I like the dish towels and hand towels for different seasons.

The 4th of July is one the horizon.

 Canning jar, and love the blanket stitch hem!
And a bicycle full of flowers.

I have been spending time in the pool a lot and I ordered a double beach towel from Pendleton.

Finally I like that I figured out a tie out for Bobbin.  She is pretty good about allowing me to click it to her collar, and she has about 50 feet to run.  The other day she decided to splay out on the rocks under my car.

We laugh because she flattens out.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Doing A Little Sewing

Nice days I have been outside working in the yard.  Pulling weeds (I have a lot of thistle) planting flowers, every time I get ready to til the garden, it pours for a couple of days in a row and it doesn't get done. But the rain brings some positives.  I have been doing a lot of sewing.

I had stalled out on my temperature quilt about 4 days into April.  I now have April, May, and up until the 9th of June.  It is nice to see the yellow and light greens. 

I needed to get my block for the Friendship Block group at guild done.  I am behind one month, but hopefully I will get caught up after our meeting Thursdays.

I also worked on my bee blocks.  Both the June, and July Queen Bees chose the same pattern and color palette.  Navy, Kona White, and orange.  These are 2 blocks.

The block is called Alpine. 

I have also been working on this quilt again. 
I have 2 more rows to finish piecing and then need to cut the 8 rows and sew them together.  I am on a mission.  I want to get this finished. 

I have had some fiber acquisitions.  

I ordered this bundle of Swell Christmas by Urban Chiks for Moda quite a while back. 

This very cute panel.  With a couple of matching fabrics.

I also bought some more black on white, and white on blacks.  I could not resist these.

The mountains, tents, deer. 
Snails, butterflies, a fox face.
The sweet sleepy animals. 

As to getting something in the mail which had been ordered a long while back.

I just loved this. 

Recently during a blog hop I won this beautiful scissors charm. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I Like Thursday #29

Summer your weeks seem to whirl by. 

I like my yard visitor in the mornings.

I love my poppies.  Each year I have more, and more.
These were orangish, but some others were like a melon color.  I love how they have spread. 

I like that I can get the pool going pretty easily.  The kids are already enjoying it.

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