Sunday, February 17, 2019

Show Your Wings Blog Hop Day 1

Welcome to day one of the Show Your Wings Blog Hop hosted the awesome Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.

February 18
                                                                    Seams To Be Sew

 The parameters of the hop was your project has to have something to do with wings or something that flies. 
Flying geese
Birds of any kind
Butterflies or dragonflies
Airplanes or helicopters
Fairies or dragons
So many options and a great way to push me to work on some kits that I have been laying around for the past year or more.   
The past 2 years one of the LQS has a Christmas type table runner and each year I have purchased the kits because they have featured one of my favorite things.  Birds.

The 2017 table runner was called All Squared Up by Cut Loose Press.  

I loved the cute little birds and the houses.

Cardinals in a block that say Heaven & Nature which reminds me of the carol Joy to the World.
Little bird houses, and other stylized birds.

Even the back is cute cardinals.  I miscut the back so I used some scraps to make it the right size.   The quilting was just straight line, stitch in the ditch.  I tried something new using a medium weight interfacing.  I also made single fold binding.

The 2018 table runner was called Snowball Table Runner.  I loved the little chickadees.

I fussy cut the birds from yardage.  The only down side to this kit was that the red was not big enough to make the number of squares that I needed so I had to go and match something from my stash to make enough 9 patches.

Fabric that came with the kit.

Fabric from my stash.


I tried to quilt on one machine.  It wasn't working good. Translate to tear out some really bad quilting.

I tried the quilting machine.  With the medium weight interfacing it too didn't work so well. Let's tear out quilting for the 2nd time.

Finally I pulled out a model 66 that Jeff had retrofitted for me to use to quilt.  Recently I have been really cleaning my house and putting things away.  I could not find any of the supreme sliders that I own.  I read somewhere that you can use a teflon sheet, and I recently had purchased a 10 pack to do applique with.  I took on, I measured it, cut a needle hole, and used some painter's tape to hold it down.  I only found a small bit of tape.  I taped it down, got my tension set, and started sewing.  And discovered my tiny bit of tape didn't hold, and I had quilted the teflon sheet to the back of my table runner.  So tear out for the 3rd time at least....and look for one of the bazillion rolls of painter's tape that I know I own.  Imagine me finding the tape that I was looking for.....for hours..... sitting on top of the machine case right on the table.  URGH!

 My quilting is not perfect but done is better than nothing. 
 I love the backing, and the border fabric with the metallic, it makes the piece so rich looking.  I have also got so I can do a killer single fold binding

Finally my last project was a kit I bought over 1 1/2 years ago.  I remember that it was a kit created by Moda.  I got the applique' done, stitched down, and started working on the quilting using a specialty holographic thread. 
 I have seen reviews for this item called a Thread Director to use with metallics and I will say so far with my Husquvarna Viking Sapphire 855 it works awesome.
I didn't finish after about 12 hours of working, but a couple of hours a day the quilting will be done in the next week.  Using the holographic thread is a slow go, but the results are awesome.
The piece says, "What Good Are Wings Without The Courage to Fly?"

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February 19
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I Like Thursday #56

Welcome to my 56th post for I Like Thursday.  Thank you to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find something positive each week.

1.  I joined a BOM at a nearby quilt shop.  You pay for the pattern and to join which is $29, but if you take your block back each month on one of 2 days you get the next block free. 

This is my blocks one.  You can do others but they are $5 a month.  I wanted to do this one too.

2.  While in Tecumseh at the quilt shop looking for a parking space I spied this cool sculpture.

The town has an art walk.  Unfortunately it was really cold, so I wasn't going to go walking looking for it.  I don't mind cold, but when it is windy, I'm out.

The piece was named Ter Mors

3.  We had ice storm #2 this week.  I loved going out.  The trees rattled making an eerie sound.  You had to be careful because the wind was breaking branches and it was interesting to see what would break off. 

This is what I woke up to.  The whole East side of the house was covered.

The walkway.
It looks pretty innocuous, but it froze, then rained and it is a sheet of ice. 

The honeysuckle.

My garden stakes, gives you a good idea of how much ice there was.

3.  I like my ice spikes that Jeff gave me.  I used them all the time during the winter.  Just slip them over the soles of your shoes.

Definitely a winter accessory here. 

4.  I upgraded my phone, boy we have come a long way from spending hours at the phone store to do it yourself and it took about 1/2 an hour.  I also bought a wireless high speed charger. 

5.  I shared this with someone earlier.  After Jeff was killed, I had a dozen roses which he had purchased for me for Valentine's Day which I had to finally throw away.  I was speaking to my daughter at the time on the phone sobbing that I would never receive another bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day again. 

Obviously I was wrong.  John brought me 2 different floral arrangements.  Roses, and carnations, and mums.  I like that we get 2nd chances, and sometimes 3rd, 4th, 5th, and more. 

6.  I wanted to try something new and was considering carrot soup.  But I came across this recipe from a friend for Coconut Paprika Zucchini Soup.  I lucked out the red peppers were on sale, I used vegetable soup base, and it turned out awesome.  I will say that it needed a little salt, pepper and maybe a little cayenne to give it a bit of a kick.  The recipe is from which is a vegan website with recipes and articles. 

7.  I just finished reading Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield. 

I enjoy her books she takes many different story lines and pulls the all together with surprising results.  I read a book called The Thirteenth Tale a couple of years ago.  Her stories are the kind that you are almost sad when you finish the book because it is over. 


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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I Like Thursday #55

Welcome to my I like Thursday #55 double nickel,  my age in just a couple of weeks.  Thank you to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find something to like even when life gives you lemons.

1.  I like my Ott Light that I bought.  I have a floor one, but sometimes in my house it isn't enough.  This little table one is awesome.

2.  I like these dish towels that I purchased recently.  They make me smile.

3.  I like when I get something accomplished.  This is a church charity quilt.  Just the top, but it took a lot of work the way they have it pinned together so you can't really sew it together using webbing. 
4. I like this series by Michael Arches.  I have read the first two books. 

It has been a busy week, somehow even though the weather has been a bit dicey.  I wanted to take pictures of the trees, and stuff after the ice storm, but unfortunately it was very wet, slippery and the ground is so sloppy that my garden clogs aren't cutting it.  Bobbin is off at her board and train part deux so I am taking advantage and cleaning without the additional help.  Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color (link at the top) and check out the rest of the I Like Thursday posts.