Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fiber Acquisitions

 I invited myself along with Kris from Kris Loves Fabric and her girlfriends to the Grand Rapids AQS show a couple of weeks ago.

We met Thursday morning, and wandered around the vendors, shopping, looking at the different displays, and just having a good time.  I know no pictures, bad blogger, and I have yet to get a pic of Kris and I together.

I did made some acquisitions though.

I purchased this hand turned oak stiletto and seam ripper combo.  I needed the stiletto I was tired of using my seam ripper to prevent my seams from going wonky, and using my fingers is just an accident waiting to happen.

I looked at fabric, tools, sewing machines, just nothing really caught my eye, except for this in the primitive gatherings booth.  A punch needle embroidery kit of a cardinal.  

Now a couple of years ago Jeff and I met Kris at Sauder Village for the rug hooking show.  There were also some needle punch vendors.  Love the way it looks, but I just could not justify the purchase because they are a wee bit expensive.  I thought this may be something to add to my hand work in the morning, and unfortunately as we all know fall is soon to be here, then winter.  So not as much time outside, more time inside.

I also saw this super cute pattern and kit at a booth called Heart Creek Farms Creations.
And of course I needed the tool.

Yes I also ordered a lap frame.  No it has not arrived as of yet.  I am excited to learn something new.

Finally I have some patterns that use weird sizes like 1/8  you get the picture.  I saw a post recently about the creative grids Itty Bitty Eighths ruler so I purchased one. 

 I haven't had any more fabric/fiber acquisitions in a couple of weeks.  I have been busy doing this and that though.   More about that later.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

RSC Blocks

In April the RSC for multi colors.  I thought I would just pass on that one, I could not visualize a way to make the Saw Toothed Square.  You can read the post here.  At the time I made lots of other colors though.

I finally had a bright idea, how about a string block center, surrounded by HST from the various colors in the blocks I have made previously?  I started hunting for strings in the fabrics I used.

I had some left over HST.  So I was on my way.

This is my first one.

Second one.
Third one
Fourth one.  I am pretty pleased I figured out how to do multi color blocks. 

I decided to add another pink.

A dusky lavender.
A dark chocolate brown.

I will cheat and say I think I managed to get June done with a yellow.

July's blocks were blue.  I got a couple of those done.

Another aqua or light mint green block.

The color for August were neutrals.  I think these fit the bill.

I may have to add some more.  These are all of my blocks together.

I have 29 blocks now.  Sorry this is the lightest room in the house but it isn't very wide with the furniture so this is the best I could do.  I think I have 20 more blocks to make.  I may be able to finish this up this year. 

I Have a Wallet

I was supposed to take a class to make a wallet a couple of weeks ago.  Due to the lack of people signed up for the class, it was cancelled.  I had already purchased all of the materials, so I was determined to make the wallet.  The quilt shop where I was going to take the class told me if I needed any help making the wallet to give them a call. 

I found the pattern on Etsy, it is called the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Janelle MacKay of Emmaline Bags.  It has a turn lock closure, and lots of pockets.

Places for cards, change, and bills, and anything else you may need to carry.  I actually put in a zipper and it went in really easy.  The directions are good, and I will say the only problem I really had was with how thick the wallet started to get since it had Pellon Peltex and lots of medium weight fusible web.  My machine really didn't want to go through all the layers. 
 The tool I needed for the Lori Holt SAL came.  I will say it helped quite a bit while making this wallet.

It is made by Clover and is called a point to point turner.  The pointy side is great for turning corners, but the rounded part is great for turning and working the seam. 

I saw a book recently and just had to buy it.  I am hoping to use it to help finish up another quilt that I had put up several years ago.

I love the flying geese that look like they are circling. 

Finally, I was so very proud of myself.  I had bought 10 roller shades for the sun porch.  Jeff had put up 6, there were 4 remaining.  I had all the hardware, but I was struggling to put them up.  I finally broke down  bought a light cordless driver, and a flexible extension. 

I have one installed.  The next one, before I can put it up, I have to move my treadmill. 

I feel like I had a pretty successful couple of days getting these things done.

Friday, August 25, 2017

For the Want of a Wallet

I technically should call this follow the squirrels part deux, but I thought I would deflect and try to excuse my bad behavior.

First of all though.....

I have a love hate with Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet quilts, quilt patterns, SAL.  Everything she makes is just so darn cute, you want to make it too.   I won't even talk about how many patterns, and books I have.  Enter her newest SAL-  Bee Happy.

Yep I was in hook, line and sinker.  I pre- ordered the kit a couple of months ago.  Of course then I would need the templates.

And the bias strip makers.
Lori has already released some pre SAL hints, and tips, and suggestions to sew before the SAL begins!!!  No I haven't started yet, I was amassing my tools.  I bought the circle turner thingy too.   I have been doing the Farm  Girl SAL with Dawn and I need to make a block or two this month yet. 

Now I know many of you get the Missouri Star Quilt Company Deal of the Day e-mail.  For some reason, probably a very good cosmic reason I do not receive them.  I was on the search for something the other day, I just can't remember what originally and stumbled on this deal of the day.

A layer cake of Roses and still my heart!  Of course I had to have it!  Then I spied these and they had to come live with me too!

I have been a wee bit tough on my flower head pins, tearing the little flower heads off.

I remember what I was looking for, I was looking for a certain Pellon, yeah that was it, because I was scheduled to take a wallet class last weekend at Sauder Village in Ohio.  I was short the amount of Pellon I needed, and was looking for it, and decided to look on Etsy then, cause I hate going to JAF or HL.  I found it at a certain shop, and ordered it.  While in process.....

I was on Facebook and this lovely pattern came up.  Only to discover it was in the current Quilter's World issue and while I was multi tasking, I saw this fabric pop up and thought Oh that would be so great in the quilt I just saw. (Batik on the right)

Then I saw the aqua type fabrics which would be nice in my saw toothed square blocks and ordered some of it too.  As a thank you I received a very cute zipper pouch.  I know you are wondering where I am going with this aren't you.  Oh yeah I also ended up with 2 years of Quilter's World Magazines in the bargain. 

How did I get here you ask?  I had been thinking about the saw toothed square block and was gearing up to make some blocks, I skipped one month which was supposed to be scrappy.  For some reason I just could not picture it.  Then I thought, what if I do the large center HST as a string block, and then use the different fabrics which are in the other block as the HST around.  So I grabbed some muslin, my string bin, all my different strip bins and started looking for fabrics that I had already used or would "fit" within the saw toothed star.

String bin.
1 1/2 inch strip bin, I was pretty successful finding fabrics in this bin.

I actually even found some HST and remembered I had ran out of my white so I was going to have to substitute another white I purchased.

The beginning of my string pieced block.  Oh this also necessitated a fabric pull of all the previous fabrics I had used to make this block.  I will probably end up with 2 when it is all said and done.  Maybe I should go for the gusto and do 4?  I even have 3 HST done. I need 12 per block.  All of this started because I was going to take a wallet class.  Oh and the wallet class?  It was cancelled.  I had all of the materials, so went ahead and purchased the pattern.

But then.......the previous post happened. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Follow the Squirrels

Read the lyrics as if you were singing As Time Goes By.

You must remember this
A quilt project is just a quilt project
On that you can rely
The fundamental things apply
Until a new quilt project has caught your eye.

Jeff used to call me squirrel.  I would be doing something, or talking about something and get totally side tracked.  Recently I promised myself I would not start any new things until I finished something.  Yep ...E P I C  F A I L.

The friendship block for guild for the month of July used this Black Eyed Susan fabric, and this block.

The yellow batik was mine, as well as the black batik.  The floral was the guild fabric.  I loved the guild fabric, not my yellow as much.  Loved the block (don't have a clue what it is called, and cannot find the pattern I was given--just remembered the measurements for some reason of the blocks so that I could cut).  I went on a hunt for the floral, according to the lady in charge of the friendship block it was a Timeless Treasures called Harvest and it was the end of a bolt that she had purchased. I found some on EBay and purchased 4 yards of it.  I thought I will make a quilt out of it someday with the black batik, and a different yellow. Well I was at class Saturday, and I saw this luscious golden yellow and thought oh that would be lovely.  I came home with 3 yards of that, more of the Raven Hoffman Batik, and.....well the rest of the story is.

Not a great picture.  But love how it turned out,  the stretched out stars--- Oh My!  I decided it needs a thin black border someplace for the eye to rest, then a 3 inch yellow border and she will be done.

Here is a picture that represents the colors better.

My next distraction....I am blaming Julierose for this one.  She was talking about a Summer Scrappy Star by Butterfly Threads Quilting.  Super cute pattern, and what a great way to use up scraps?  I resisted, until I was looking for 2 1/2 inch scraps, and thought what the hay?  I have a box of 2 1/2 inch squares, and a box of 2 1/2 inch strips.  Of course the pattern suggests using strips to make 9 patches, but I would love to use up these orphan 2 1/2 inch blocks, so I grabbed them and started sewing.


I am changing it up and going with neutrals instead of just whites.  Hope it works out alright. Anyway sewing them into units of 3 to make 9 patches.  I need 144 for the colorful nine patches, and 180 of the neutral nine patches.  We won't even talk about the split 9 patches yet.

Now you may ask how did you fall down this rabbit hole?  I blame guild.  There was a copy paper box full of 2 1/2 inch strips they gave me to make charity quilts.  I then saw this cool pattern by Jeni Baker of In Color Order and loved how it could be changed up to fit the size I needed.  So I bought the pattern. 

I just needed groups of five 2 1/2 inch squares--additionally there are some single squares, 3 piece portions, and 4 piece portions.  With a copy paper box full of 2 1/2 inch strips easy peasy right?  I calculated I would need 540 squares to make a 36 X 60 quilt which is the size we use for the gurney quilts. I started cutting from the remnants of the orange and brown quilt. 

I have 350 squares plus some singles, groups of 3 and 4 so far.  Which is why my 2 1/2 inch squares and strips came out in the first place.  I am trying to pull fabrics which are manly, and unfortunately that is tough.  I figure leaves are alright, text alright.  Flowers a no go.

Can you see how I get distracted so easily?

I signed up to take a curvy log cabin class through guild next month.  I received the  materials list.  I have the creative grids curvy log cabin ruler in the small size.

Of course the class uses the large size, and the pattern I needed 15 fat quarters and 3 yards of white, and a focal fabric  I couldn't decide on a color palette, but was thinking fall.

 I decided to cheat and bought a bundle of fat quarter batiks, but one of the light batiks I chose as my background/solid.  I also picked out 2 different fabrics which I thought could be used as a focal.  I like the big sunflowers.

And for those of you that are dying to know after my farm funnies post.

 I did manage to finish all 8 of my flying geese arcs with 40 pieces in each before class last Saturday.  In fact I am actually ahead of everyone because I had these done, and my spikey arcs.

This next month I am working on more simple 3 color arcs....where is the fun and challenge in that?

Do you get sidetracked easily?  I envy those people that stick with one project from start to finish. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Morning Handwork

Lately in the mornings I like to get up, and I will listen to The Bible on my kindle.  While I am listening I need to have something to do with my hands so I  started locating my hand work.

First I found my tiny hexies.  These are 1/2 inch hexies.  I was doing alright until I ran out of my mylar templates.  The company I would get them from has closed down due to illness.  Lucky for me I found another company that makes the mylar templates and they are exactly the same as the other vendor.  The Scrappy Apple Yard which is an Etsy  and Ebay store.

I have these little boxes that Jeff brought home to me a few years ago.  Perfect for my tiny hexies.

Second box.   I have been trying to group my hexies either in fabric groups (same fabric) or color groups so it is easier to add to the main piece, which is pretty much just random.

I have been making some flowers too.  They will eventually be added to the main piece. If you look carefully you will see a couple.

Once I ran out of the mylar hexies, I started looking for other handwork I knew I had.   I picked up my barn embroidery.  Jeff bought me this pattern 4 years ago at a quilt show in Sylvania, Ohio called Kaleidoscope of Quilts.  How do I know it was 4 years ago.  Because my girlfriend and I went this year, and it is held every 2 years.  Two years ago Jeff and I were traveling across the US with the two oldest boys seeing the sites.

This is the first one I started.  I really don't have a lot left to do on this one. So I started rotating these two projects once my reinforcement mylar hexies arrived, but  I got stuck on the barn for a bit and couldn't figure out a mark if it was transfer or a mistake. I needed to find the pattern.  I knew it was upstairs in the master bedroom where all of my sewing stuff had been dumped.  So I ventured upstairs to the "sewing room" armed with a flashlight and baseball bat to beat back the fabric and projects lurking there. 

While sneaking upstairs I started thinking about some of my other hand work projects. I actually found them quite easily, and no I was not attacked by my stash and all of the unfinished projects. 

I have the hand sewing for this row quilt.  I bought the kit several years ago.  I made one row, my

first real foray into raw edge applique.  I was struggling with the blanket stitch.  Lessons learned from this first row of my first project?  When you have large pieces like this cut out your fusible, but cut the center out so you don't have these big stiff motifs to work with and try to blanket stitch around.  I am surprised at how quickly this is going once I started working on it.  I have almost all of the acorn caps done.  I think I have 1 1/2 acorns left to sew down, then acorns then maple leaves....those are a bit of a challenge. 

I started looking for other handwork things, like my Christmas stocking cuff...can't find it anywhere, but I have the floss box for it.  Insert perplexed smiley here.   Maybe if I find the pattern I will find the cross stitch part.  I have my red, white and blue yo-yos, somewhere and a bigger hexie project which is like a grandmother's flower garden--I found all the templates, but cannot for the life of me find the gold for the flower centers, or the white I purchased for the background.

Update---I went on a search and destroy mission in  returned to my sewing room.  Things I located?

 My bags of yoyos separated into red, white, and blue.  I also found the plastic pencil box that I use to store my yoyo maker, and squares cut out for the yoyos. 
 I started to sew the yoyos together in 9's. Once I figure out how many squares I have of this fabric type I will go from there. 

I found my Christmas stocking cuff cross stitch.  I worked on it a bit Sunday morning before church.  Almost all of the cross stitch for the motif is done, then the outline, and finding my chart for the name, that I had made. 

I also found my larger hexie project, and the white fabric to go with it.   sorry no photos.  But I am loving the fact I have multiple hand projects to work on when the mood strikes.

The other day when I was out at the dollar store I saw a plastic basket and thought it would be a good thing to have near where I sit to throw my handwork in, probably safer than having it sit on my side table where coffee, or other things can be spilled on it.  I have a really nice covered Amish basket somewhere, but I have no clue where it is, somewhere in the attic more than likely.

Do you like to do some handwork?  A recent convert member at quilt guild has tried many different quilting techniques, but she seems to enjoy the handwork the most.  It is so neat to see people pick up handwork because it gives you a different sense of accomplishment.