Friday, August 25, 2017

For the Want of a Wallet

I technically should call this follow the squirrels part deux, but I thought I would deflect and try to excuse my bad behavior.

First of all though.....

I have a love hate with Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet quilts, quilt patterns, SAL.  Everything she makes is just so darn cute, you want to make it too.   I won't even talk about how many patterns, and books I have.  Enter her newest SAL-  Bee Happy.

Yep I was in hook, line and sinker.  I pre- ordered the kit a couple of months ago.  Of course then I would need the templates.

And the bias strip makers.
Lori has already released some pre SAL hints, and tips, and suggestions to sew before the SAL begins!!!  No I haven't started yet, I was amassing my tools.  I bought the circle turner thingy too.   I have been doing the Farm  Girl SAL with Dawn and I need to make a block or two this month yet. 

Now I know many of you get the Missouri Star Quilt Company Deal of the Day e-mail.  For some reason, probably a very good cosmic reason I do not receive them.  I was on the search for something the other day, I just can't remember what originally and stumbled on this deal of the day.

A layer cake of Roses and still my heart!  Of course I had to have it!  Then I spied these and they had to come live with me too!

I have been a wee bit tough on my flower head pins, tearing the little flower heads off.

I remember what I was looking for, I was looking for a certain Pellon, yeah that was it, because I was scheduled to take a wallet class last weekend at Sauder Village in Ohio.  I was short the amount of Pellon I needed, and was looking for it, and decided to look on Etsy then, cause I hate going to JAF or HL.  I found it at a certain shop, and ordered it.  While in process.....

I was on Facebook and this lovely pattern came up.  Only to discover it was in the current Quilter's World issue and while I was multi tasking, I saw this fabric pop up and thought Oh that would be so great in the quilt I just saw. (Batik on the right)

Then I saw the aqua type fabrics which would be nice in my saw toothed square blocks and ordered some of it too.  As a thank you I received a very cute zipper pouch.  I know you are wondering where I am going with this aren't you.  Oh yeah I also ended up with 2 years of Quilter's World Magazines in the bargain. 

How did I get here you ask?  I had been thinking about the saw toothed square block and was gearing up to make some blocks, I skipped one month which was supposed to be scrappy.  For some reason I just could not picture it.  Then I thought, what if I do the large center HST as a string block, and then use the different fabrics which are in the other block as the HST around.  So I grabbed some muslin, my string bin, all my different strip bins and started looking for fabrics that I had already used or would "fit" within the saw toothed star.

String bin.
1 1/2 inch strip bin, I was pretty successful finding fabrics in this bin.

I actually even found some HST and remembered I had ran out of my white so I was going to have to substitute another white I purchased.

The beginning of my string pieced block.  Oh this also necessitated a fabric pull of all the previous fabrics I had used to make this block.  I will probably end up with 2 when it is all said and done.  Maybe I should go for the gusto and do 4?  I even have 3 HST done. I need 12 per block.  All of this started because I was going to take a wallet class.  Oh and the wallet class?  It was cancelled.  I had all of the materials, so went ahead and purchased the pattern.

But then.......the previous post happened. 


  1. OMGOSH!!! I'm hysterical. Amass your tools, you did. I can't wait until they reschedule that wallet class so I see what you buy next time. I'm determined NOT to make that quilt, but bought the templates just in case...giggle.

  2. Welcome to my world..(MSQ-ers anonymous lol). I can never just "look" thee, I always come out getting something I MUST have. and like you I am a big fan of how Lori Holt's quilts look, but I cannot seem (hahaha get it seam--sigh)to
    make them--too many pieces and seams for my poor brain, but...I still buy the stuff, too. I have resisted this time around--so far anyway...
    I like your idea of string pieced centers --looking forward to seeing how that progresses....hugs, Julierose

  3. the million dollar wallet!@ only you ! Hugs

  4. You're too funny. All you need is a winter of being locked in your room to complete all of the projects!

  5. Ha...ha...great fun reading this! It's Sunday avo here and I am snuggling under a quilt keeping warm and reading blog posts. I love Lori Holt's stuff too. It all looks like you are having a wonderful time!


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