Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Have a Wallet

I was supposed to take a class to make a wallet a couple of weeks ago.  Due to the lack of people signed up for the class, it was cancelled.  I had already purchased all of the materials, so I was determined to make the wallet.  The quilt shop where I was going to take the class told me if I needed any help making the wallet to give them a call. 

I found the pattern on Etsy, it is called the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Janelle MacKay of Emmaline Bags.  It has a turn lock closure, and lots of pockets.

Places for cards, change, and bills, and anything else you may need to carry.  I actually put in a zipper and it went in really easy.  The directions are good, and I will say the only problem I really had was with how thick the wallet started to get since it had Pellon Peltex and lots of medium weight fusible web.  My machine really didn't want to go through all the layers. 
 The tool I needed for the Lori Holt SAL came.  I will say it helped quite a bit while making this wallet.

It is made by Clover and is called a point to point turner.  The pointy side is great for turning corners, but the rounded part is great for turning and working the seam. 

I saw a book recently and just had to buy it.  I am hoping to use it to help finish up another quilt that I had put up several years ago.

I love the flying geese that look like they are circling. 

Finally, I was so very proud of myself.  I had bought 10 roller shades for the sun porch.  Jeff had put up 6, there were 4 remaining.  I had all the hardware, but I was struggling to put them up.  I finally broke down  bought a light cordless driver, and a flexible extension. 

I have one installed.  The next one, before I can put it up, I have to move my treadmill. 

I feel like I had a pretty successful couple of days getting these things done.


  1. I've seen those little bags....and they are sooo fun...just don't know if I had the patience to make one. :) :) Glad your days have been so productive...that feels good.

  2. you can do it! love the wallet, I worry about the thickness to. Are those your cars outside?

  3. Your wallet does look great - so many pockets for so many things, it's looks like a useful design! Good on you with the blinds too. Nice bit of shopping , I haven't seen one of those turner tools but it does sound like it will be indispensable!

  4. Your wallet is fabulous! Congratulations on your projects!

  5. you got a lot done. that wallet sounds interesting.......b ut thick is tough on most machines.

  6. That looks like a great wallet with lots of space.

    Yeah on accomplishing the first blind.

  7. Your wallet is cool. And well done on the blind. It looks great!

  8. Your wallet turned out fabulous :) I have been eyeing that pattern, I think I would like the mini one though. I bet it was a challenge with the layers, and your blind project looks like a success, yay!

  9. Nice job. It's hard to stitch thru all those layers (says someone who's been making paper pieced eyes, with lots of layers). On the machine I've been working on, it hasn't been hard, except last night, when I didn't realize that there was a flower head pin underneath, and wondered why the machine was having a hard time stitching thru that area. It had actually stitched thru the pin head several times. That 92 year old machine can sure stitch.


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