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While mainly I love to quilt, at times I get side tracked and make other little projects which really don't fit into the quilt category.  These are all completed. 

 Sorry not a great picture but my first foray into wool, the pumpkin candle mat.  Yes the turkey I made years ago, and I recently found the pattern again, I just may have to make another one.
 Christmas stocking for my middle daughter.  The top is cross stitched.
 Christmas Coasters which were for teacher and bus driver gifts for the minions in 2012

 One sewing machine cover I made.  DH just rolls his eyes when he sees it, but it is fun with the bandana print, old trucks, and the cowboys too. 

 The cute little zipper pouch I made my sister and filled with some quilting goodies for her birthday.
 Coin purse I made for my oldest daughter's birthday.  Loved the way the colors turned out!
 Kanzashi flower barrettes.  I have made them for the grand daughters.
 Zipper pouch and pop up thread catcher which I made for my mother.
 Coin purse which I made for my MIL to match the purse that she bought at the senior center.
 Mug rug I made for DH with a photo transfer.  He truly loves it!

My mug rug that I made to kind of match DH for the put a stamp on it blog hop.
 Pin cushion I made for the put a stamp on it blog hop
One curtain which was made for our family room.
Spool pin doily I whipped up for my 221 Rita. 

Star struck Table Runner for Bestie's Birthday
 Goose Chase Mug Rug
Cider Time Mug Rug

Strawberry pincushion with emery powder and steel wool 
Starstruck Table Runner this one is mine.
I designed and stitched this for DH and my first anniversary.  Being with him is being HOME
I had to make a small quilt for the guild challenge in 2014.  The challenge fabric was the dark batik.  The parameters were:  Monroe is known as the floral city.  Depict the reason why it is known as such.  All around nearby Lake Erie there used to be swamps and in those swamps were the American Lotus.  I created American Lotus Squared.

I made this cutie patootie tiny quilt for a friend who was having a tough time. 
 I had this cute cross stitch that I had made for someone long ago.  They didn't want it so I used it to make a pillow.

 My project for the We Support You quilt blog hop.
 Christmas ornaments for gifties. 
 2014 pillowcases for the grand kids.
 Tissue and Chap stick holders for Christmas gifts. 

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  1. Where do you buy your little coin purse frames? The only place I could find any was in China! Really. I did find a tutorial to make them on Pinterest. Do you have a favorite pattern?


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