Thursday, July 27, 2023

I Like Thursday 218th Edition

 Welcome to my 218th post of I Like Thursday.  Join the group at LeeAnne's at Not Afraid of Color that share the things that they have found that they like/love during the previous week.  Throw a little happiness at the universe!

Is it just me of do you have things, that you use, you put them away, and can't find them?  Now in my defense I have slowly been moving into my new home, but I had a ziploc bag full of those little shelf pegs that go in book cases.  When I first found it, I set it on my dresser.  When I put my nice bookcase together, and unpacked a box of books the other day I ran grabbed it, fished out the pegs and set the bag somewhere. Today though,  as I was doing some housework (cleaning spiderwebs, window tracks, sweeping, dust mopping, vacuuming) I decided to move a small bookcase over to near where I sit, and put some quilt books and patterns away that I have been unpacking.  Problem....I can't find the pegs.  I just had them a couple of days ago, they cannot have went far, but I cannot locate them.  To top it off the Ikea bookcases have a specialty shelf peg and a lot of my pegs were in there for those too.  Also for some reason I think my shelves may be in a POD, and our truck is currently in the shop with a transmission problem.  Urgh.  

My bedroom is looking a lot better, still trying to figure out how to fix the chest of drawers, but almost everything is hung up or folded and put away.  I did find these in my stuff I took from the Michigan house.

Yep I unscrewed them from some closets in the Michigan house and brought them here.  This closet is kind of deep and the clothes pole is closer to the front so I can put these in and hang stuff behind.  Don't judge, but I have Jeff's old work coat and one of his favorite sweatshirts that I have hanging back there.  I had room in the front to hang one that I through my sweatshirts that I wear the most often.  I actually went on a search and found some on Etsy and ordered them so I can hang bags and stuff from them behind the hanging clothes.  

OK on with the house tour.   The laundry room is under the house but it is a daylight room, for lack of a better way to describe it.  I can't call it a basement because we cannot access it from inside the house.  We can go out the side door and down some steps, or I can go out my slider, and down some steep steps to the walkway to the laundry room.

My living area is above this.  To the left you see the big glass windows to the potting room.

The potting room.

This is the door to the laundry room.  It looks kind of yucky, but it is much better than it was.  The previous owners insulated, but didn't put any type of wood barrier over it.  Just lots of pink insulation.  Well I walked down one day and thought, oh there is a lot of bird poop down here.  The son in law went to check it out, and it was bats!  Not birds, in the insulation.  The two son in laws tore the insulation out, put new up and then put fire treated plywood up, then put expanding foam in to seal any cracks.  No more bats, um they just moved to the attic....but that is a story for another day.

 OK back to the laundry room.  The door to the right is the potting room, the door to the left goes to a canning room, I don't even want to consider those rooms yet, they both have dirt floors that need to be leveled, and possibly have some sort of drain put in, and concrete or some sort of hard floor.


Here is a peek in the canning room, oh they left garbage and canned food in there that we will need to clean out.

Straight ahead is the laundry room.  

The dryer vents into the potting shed, and there are huge windows from the laundry room looking into it, and the potting room.

The washer and utility sink.  I am going to say that I bought an LG washer and dryer with the drawers and I love them.  They are hooked up to an app on my phone so it tells me when the load is done, and you do personalized settings for the washer.  Probably the dryer too, but I haven't gotten that sophisticated yet.  But it keeps laundry moving, which is really helpful when it is in the daylight basement.  I really like that most of the settings only take about 25 minutes for the washer.

The laundry room as loads of cupboards which is awesome.  There is a table, which is a mess, but we couldn't take it out, because they have electrical outlets wired to it.  So I bought some oil cloth off of Amazon and just covered it, so bright and happy.  

More cupboards, and to a workbench too!

Here you can see what the underside of my bathroom and bedroom look like.  We have more plywood to put up, but it is a 2 son in law job, and one son in law is not able to come back until mid August.

Some days I have to argue with the local denizens.

He seems to think that my deck is a great place to play.  If not there then the walkway, and I tried to explain to him, I needed him to move so I could do laundry.  He finally skedaddled away.

We now have 4 feeders and I fill the one on my back deck almost daily.  But as the daylight wanes this feeder in the front was really busy!  At one time before I started recording there were 20 of them zipping around, sitting on the chainlink, and chittering away. 

I love these yard lights.  They are solar and are so whimsical.

We have a small garden, just a few tomatoes and zucchini, but things are not always safe from the deer.  Lettuce, romaine, and radishes are bring grown on my deck.  

There was a volunteer artichoke that is almost electric blue.  We will Let it go to seed.  We have it surrounded with a small fence to protect it from the deer. 

There is a lot of sweet pea, these caught my eye as I was walking outside of the garden area.

Hope your summer is going well, it seems to be flying by.  Hopefully I will get a bit more put away, and I can make Bobbin a new collar, hers is looking a wee bit disreputable.  

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  1. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you had finished moving. I'll have to read earlier posts to catch up (I haven't been home enough lately to read any blog posts).

  2. I love that your new home so many neat nooks, crannies and rooms! I think it will take a while to get it all the way you like it but it's going to be amazing when you're done. I lose stuff all the time and I didn't even move! I hope you find your pegs soon!

  3. Wow - a lot of work to do. The place is shaping up!

  4. Best wishes getting your new home in order.

  5. Having a great time enjoying the tour of your new house and area. Lots to be done but one step at a time. Try not to think it must all be done and looking pretty at once. Another journey for you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. I've been a slacker at checking blogs so I'm quite late to this update. You always have such a good attitude about the projects you take on. I'd be in a corner crying if there were bats in my house, basement or attic! It's nice that you have builders/helpers to make sure they stay away.

  7. Have a new great grand and nearly died before Thankgiving


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