Friday, October 6, 2017

Pumpkin Hunting

I mentioned in my previous post I was looking for a fabric called Happy Owl-O-Ween by RJR.  Now this is kind of a funny story, but maybe not so much at times.

I admitted I made a wee bit of a mistake cutting out my friendship block for guild.  Right after I made the mistake I started looking for the fabric.  I found it online and ordered it a couple of weeks back.  I got the notification it had shipped, but per the USPS website it never arrived at the post office.  I contacted the shop, and was told to contact the postal service.   Considering how much I buy online, and this being the first time I have really had this problem, I count myself lucky.  But at this point in time I am kind of bumping a clock.  Next week is guild and I need to have my block done.  I remember the lady who runs the friendship block for guild said she got the fabric at Sonflower Quilt Shop in Sylvania, OH.  So Wednesday I had a plan.

I had to go pick up a label maker at one of the office supply stores.  I get frustrated looking through all the drawers and bins in the barn, and can't find anything--finally go and buy it only to discover it the next time I am searching.  Yep I am going to label them.  After I was done with that I was headed to the sheriff's office, I had to apply for a permit because I now own 2 guns which had belonged to Jeff, and the ancient uncle at one time.

Before going to Ohio though I called the shop.

Me:  I am looking for some fabric
Sonflower Quilts:  Well you are in luck we just happen to have some....
 Me:  Wow I opened myself up for that one.  OK lets start again I am looking for Happy Owl-O-Ween by RJR.  I was told you have some.
Sonflower Quilts:  Yep we do
Me:  Do you still have the pumpkins on white?
Sonflower Quilts:  Yes we do.
Me:  Great will you put aside 1/2 a yard for me, I will be down to pick it up in about an hour.
Sonflower Quilts:  Oh there is plenty you should be fine.
Me:  No if you only knew how my life is going, today will be the day there is a run on that fabric and I will drive down there and it will all be gone.
Sonflower Quilts laughing:  OK for your peace of mind I will put it behind the counter.
 Me:  Thank you

So I headed to Sylvania.  Um my GPS sent me the wrong direction, and after I passed the Tam O'Shanter Center and Ice Rink I knew that I had been sent in the wrong direction.  I back tracked and found my way without the GPS.

The ladies at Sonflower Quilts are really cute.  Of course since they were so sweet I had to buy something else than just the 1/2 yard of the pumpkin on white.

They had some nice batiks, and even a couple of gorgeous neutrals.  What do you think Dawn do they look wreath worthy? 

And as you can see from the above picture I got my pumpkin fabric. Which by the way I made my block today.

It is a modified disappearing hourglass block.

And since I was sewing because the guys were reroofing my garage I threw together my bag lady quilt block.

Finished sewing all of my petals for the quiltworx Quilt.

And started putting some of the parts together.

I got 4 of these done, 4 more to go.  I will say it takes a while cause I am starting to remove my papers.  I also marked all of my spots that you use to match on all of the different units I have made.  I have a swoopy unit to finish which has a huge S type curves.  It will fit on the top of this portion.  Then watch out world.

I found my pumpkin, made my blocks.  Next I may need to deal with the United States Postal Service? Naw.


  1. congrats on finding that Halloween fabric. I DO think those fabrics are wreath worthy! it will be gorgeous.
    love your quiltworx.

  2. Good job finding that elusive fabric! Your QW project is just beautiful...hugs, Julierose

  3. Lucky to find that fabric!! Your blocks are beautiful.
    xx, Carol

  4. USPS doesn't listen or care, unfortunately. I don't like taking the paper out of fiddly blocks. At least you found the fabric.

  5. Lucky you to find those fabrics. I wonder where your order ended up? All those curvy pieces look amazing!

  6. Yay for finishing your block in time!! You are a busy one, I am distracted by E and his college visits this week so I am not getting any sewing done :( I did make applesauce though this morning, only half a bushel of apples left to do now!

  7. Beautiful blocks! Your fabric choices are always perfect!

  8. Glad you got your fabric in time ! Your Quiltworx blocks are WOW ! Can't wait to see that put together....looks hard !

  9. How do ya'll do the friendship block at your guild ?

  10. Your perseverence paid off! Good job. I like that block and all your other blocks are amazing!

  11. Love what you did with your pumpkin fabric.


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