Monday, October 23, 2017

31 Biennial Festival of Quilts Part 2

I loved that this Quilt show was made up of many different quilt guilds. I shared the 3 fabric challenge in the previous post.

These were made from a Folded Fabric Elegance class by Rami Kim.

33 Untitled
34 Untitled
35 Untitled
36 Untitled
This next group was from a ruler challenge.  The participants drew a ruler package and had to make something.

73 Guild Ruler Challenge.  The participant tried to make a log cabin type block using a hexagon ruler

75 Untitled
76 Untitled the pattern was called Points of Interest again part of the ruler challenge.  The ruler was the Tri Recs ruler.
Then we had some random quilts.

55 Christmas Swirl using a 10 degree ruler.

56 Christmas Holly

Another class project based on Angles and Squares from QNM April 1999

12 Arrow Square

18 Teal Quilt

 These quilts are from the Quilt Guild of Metro Detroit.  This challenge was issued to its members to create a unique quilt along a pre-defined theme.  From the member's submissions the guild selects and enters eight quilts into AQS Guild Challenges.  The theme was "Nature at its Best" and the color purple had to be used somewhere in the quilt.  13 Quilts were submitted, 8 were selected by vote to be entered into the Challenge.  The guild won Honorable Mention for this year's Challenge at the Grand Rapids AQS Show in August.

91  Forest Deep

96 Into the Pond

95 Spring is Blooming

90 Baroque

Then some more random quilts.

86 Winter Scene
99 Autumn Night
101 Emeralds

115 Home is Where the Heart Is
This quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted.

I have enough pictures for at least one more post.


  1. Thanks for letting us peek in to this quilt show, lots of lovely quilts and I am impressed with the variety.

  2. There was so much variety in the show. I can see why you enjoyed it.

  3. love the variety of styles. so so fun

  4. Wow! Some amazing quilts. Live the fish in into the pond


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