Thursday, October 26, 2017

31 Biennial Festival of Quilts Part 4

I have a few more to share.....

148 Katie Bug

127 Large American this quilt was made circa 1930 and was for sale.
164 Liberty Square
109  Lone Star --was purchased from an antique store in 1998

Somehow I had a few quilts that did not have a picture of the number and can't figure out which quilt it is from the book.

1  Missing number
Missing number 2

Missing number 6
Missing Number 9
Missing number 11  Cathedral Window

150 My Crazy Ocean Wall Hanging

147 My Pink and Brown Quilt.  This is a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.
107 Ohio Star made in the 1920's.  The star fabric is polka dot!

118 Peach and Blue Flowers

154 Redwork Presidential Quilt

205 Rose of Sharon

203 Star Quilt

45 Tilley's Treasure

155 Stained Glass Window

84 Vine with Scalloped Edge

Holly Smith was the featured Quilter of the show.

176 Rabbit Table Topper

189 Sunflowers and Pumpkins

190 Bottles

191 Sunshine Stars

192 H

These quilts were part of the sanctuary decorations.

138 Epiphany Star

140  The Cross in All Seasons

 The two pieces above on each side of the altar are called Fishers of Men.
206 Women of the Bible

245 Unknown
The final piece is the Lord's prayer they are working on.

There were many more quilts but I did not get pictures of them all.  I was invited to participate in this quilt show in 2019.  With all my works in progress, think I may have some quilts to display?


  1. More wonderful quilts - love the Lords Prayer one. You will have lots of lovely quilts to show off in 2019

  2. Some more beauties here. Love the Cathedral Window pattern and the quilting on the Dresdan Plate.

  3. Sunflowers and pumpkins is a super cute quilt !

  4. You'll have lot to show in the next quilt show. Have fun stitching!


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