Sunday, July 1, 2018

Road Tripping Day 3

Day three saw Bobbin the intrepid guard dog who protects me from all toll booth operators, and drive up windows, awake early in the morning to drive to Madison, Maine to the Fabric Garden to pick up our next row.  Our GPS got us a little discombobulated at one point.  Thank God for Dunkin donuts, there is a shop almost on every corner, much like Starbucks on the west coast. 

We drove by an antique tractor and steam engine show, and it brought a smile, and a tear.  Jeff would have been saying, stop, stop, stop.  But then Bobbin would not be part of my life either. 

The Fabric Garden, what a great shop!  Lots of kits, lots of fabrics, and friendly staff. 

This is their row, they have some other colorways also. 
I thought their license plate was fun.
I found some great fabrics.

Some trinkets.  Always like notions.
And a really neat kit.

Bobbin even had her picture taken and the shop put it on their Facebook page.

This is their flower garden in front of their shop.
We were lucky that this shop was open early so we headed to Portsmouth, NH to the Portsmouth Fabric Company.  What a neat place for a shop, it was very busy in the area, but Bobbin and I were in luck because the rain started and people were leaving. 

I bought some Kaffe Fassett charm packs and their row.

I again attempted the shop in Nashua, NH, but per their site that day it was closed on Saturday.  

Pat Broe had sent me a message reminding me of Bits and Pieces Quilt shop in Pelham, NH.  I was hoping we could meet up, but no such luck. 

Their row was Halloween themed.  The shop was very busy that day, but the ladies were very fun.
I stash enhanced also.

That was all the shopping we did for day 3.  My mom had sent me a text telling me the best place to get lobster in Maine, it was at a small restaurant in Georgetown, ME.  Bobbin and I had actually a reservation at a motel in Brunswick nearby. 

We drove out to Georgetown to 5 Island Lobster Company. 

I chose my lobster.  This really wasn't a restaurant.  It was a pier with a bar where you could order drinks, french fries, burgers, and the lobster shack where you went and chose your lobster.  The seating was outside with park benches along the dock. 

Such a pretty view.
Since there was really no place to sit with Bobbin, we drove to Reid Beach State Park and picnicked.  Driving out we crossed a small bridge over an inlet from the ocean. 

Ocean side of the inlet.

Inlet side, the tide was coming in.  I couldn't get over how quickly it was rushing in.  That was the end of our day 3.  Sunday was a short travel day to Boston to visit Nancy the mother of Pugs. 


  1. You and Bobbin are facebook famous! Great food... great scenery....great acquisitions...and a great little Mama protector

  2. WOW--what a fabulous trek!! I spent many Cliff Island summers off the coast of Maine , my Uncle was a lobsterman..early mornings out on the boat such fun times...teenagers' dream...I ate lobster every day!! Yum hugs, Julierose (love that orange moth fabric--neat...)

  3. Wow, pretty row but it looks time consuming for sure! That lobster looks so good :)

  4. You and Bobbin have certainly had some great adventures together. What did Bobbin think of that lobster?

  5. What a great trip you two are having. You made some good purchases along the way. Good luck the rest of the way. Be safe.

  6. I am enjoying your road trip so much. And Bobbin is a FB celebrity - cute one, too. Love the fabrics you are purchasing. You'll enjoy quilting with these, and the memories of this RXR summer excursion.

    1. Thank you so much Kay. I would love to have your e-mail to answer and thank you for your sweet comments.

  7. Is that gorgeous squishy face pecking out our dear Bobbin! Famous on Facebook. What a good puppy! Love all the photo's. Thinking of Bobbin playing with Elvis and the other pugs. What fun!

  8. The top 2 orange fabrics are great! I hope you had a lobster roll on your trip.


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