Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Mother of Pugs

Day 5 say a leisurely start to the day for Bobbin and I.  A shower, some reading, some playing fetch (Bobbin style) before we met back up with Nancy of Pug Mom fame.

We decided to do some fabric sightseeing at some of Nancy's favorite shops.

Sew Fisticated in Framingham, MA is amazing.  Very inexpensive fabrics.

There was a great batik, and the sweet floral print on the closeout tables.  Then some Andover which had to come home with me.

The next stop was Fabric Place Basement in Natik, MA.  They had so much fabric, but not a whole lot that I had to take home with me.

Finally we went to JAF in Natik.  I found the John Deere Fabric on the close out table, and.....the white print, which I have been looking for, for over a year.  It is the fabric that I was using in my Saw Toothed Square blocks!

After our fabric buying frenzy we headed back to Nancy's for dinner, some more yard time for the pug boys and Bobbin, and more visiting.

I was gifted with some chicken fabric, and books.

 Then it was time to say goodbye and head back to our hotel for the night.  Bobbin was a tired girl.
Tomorrow we are on a sightseeing adventure.


  1. Looking cute little doggo! on your big bed! and looks like your Mummy got some lovely fabric today on her tour with Nancy.

  2. You got some great stash. Oh that Bobbin she is so adorable. Someday she will like me LOL CUTE chicken fabric

  3. Nice finds. That Bobbin is such a sweetie.

  4. It looks like you both had a great visit. You got some great fabrics too.


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