Monday, July 2, 2018

Off to See The Pug Mom

Day 4 started a little lazily.  Bobbin and I were off to see Pug Mom and the pug pack.  It was only a 2 1/2 hour drive from where we were.

We got to Nancy's fairly easy.  Bobbin and the pug boys had a love hate relationship.  No one wanted to share their mom with anyone else, except for Elvis, he is just laid back like that.  In my typical bad blogger friend manner I didn't get a picture of Nancy and I together.  But I got pics of the pug pack.

Elvis such a sweet face. 
Larry claimed me as one of his own and he and Bobbin had words about who was sitting near her mom. 
Caesar.  OMG he is just a bundle of handsome. 

All of the pug boys were great.  Nancy has a beautiful secret garden hidden from the street, with loads of plants, and art.

Her beautiful purple columbine.  I wish mine looked like this!

This little glass ball hidden in some hostas.

The great gazing ball that Nancy made in a class and a pug sign.

Nancy, Mike (her super sweet and kind hubby), and I went to lunch.  Then we went fabric shopping even though it was Sunday!

Ann's Fabrics is a cute store, with old machines on display.

This is Ann's Row by Row and don't you love how the kit is packaged?

Of course there was some fabric acquisitions.   In my defense there was a sale going on!

After some more quiet garden sitting, the humans went out to dinner, and the pug boys and Bobbin stayed home.  Dinner was fabulous at this small Italian restaurant.  There is so much to say about non commercial chain restaurants!  The food was so tasty, and I learned that I like pesto!

Then it was off to our hotel the Sheridan, Needham.

It was a beautiful hotel, and Bobbin was very welcome, in fact there were many other dogs staying there too.

So ended our 4th day Row by Row and visiting.


  1. I can see why Bobbin would get a little vocal. Three against one little peanut and they sat near Mom! The nerve lol sounds like you had a fabulous pugmom visit. Love your row and the fabric stash enhancements.

  2. Looks like a grand adventure for you both :)

  3. Nice fabrics--very cute row--this will be a quilt fun watching you put all the rows together. Grrr--boys are protective of their Moms..;))) when my daughter's dog meets my son's it's pandemonium--we usually have to send them outside to chase each other....funny hugs, Julierose

  4. Ha...ha... All the dogs love their Mummy's. So cute really. Good old Elvis for keeping the peace and chilling out. Karen

  5. what fun! I loved reading this!

  6. That row by row looks great, with the sewing theme. Glad ya'll had fun together.

  7. Love that black on white atom print! Those sloths are pretty cute too.


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