Friday, July 6, 2018

Visiting the Cape

Welcome to day 6 of my Row by Row journey.  I decided since I was so close I would wander out to Cape Cod for the day, we could sight see and be back to meet our friends Dawn of Sew You Quilt 2, and No Blog Jacky.

1st stop on the way was Plymouth, Massachusetts and so of course we would have to stop at the famous/infamous Plymouth Rock, and Plymouth Colony.

There is a big shelter over the rock.  I loved seeing the bay with all the boats.

The rock.  Or the alleged rock.  There was a nice park with a couple of visitor gift shops.

There were some fun Lobsters hanging around.

 Bobbin and I then headed further out on Cape Cod.  We stopped at a shop called Tumbleweeds. 

I liked this black and white print.

We then continued on. 
Cape Cod National Seashore.  It was a beautiful day.  Bobbin was not a fan of the sand, and I could not get over how many people were on the beach!   After a bit of time at the seashore we headed back so we could get to our hotel.  But we had to stop for lunch.

OMG I am in love.  My new favorite food.  Lobster Roll!

We had a room in Middleborough, MA.  Finally it was time to meet Dawn, and Jacky.  We went out to dinner at Frates!  It had a 50's theme with statues of Elvis.  Dawn and Jacky posing with The King.

I got to meet the infamous Dunkin, and Dawn's husband Richard too!  We had so much fun.

Dawn dressing cows, and Bobbin looking on. 

These two super sweet ladies gave me a basket full of Massachusetts's goodies.

With a silly poem.
I had a great time in Mass meeting everyone and Bobbin and I were sad to say good bye. 

Hopefully I will be able to go back again one day.


  1. Anytime girlfriend. It was so fun meeting you and the Bobbin. Stop at my blog for "my version of your visit". Love ya!

  2. What a fun leg of your travels; we love the Cape --Thom and I honeymooned there...great pictures hugs, Julierose

  3. Yum, that lobster roll looks good! Plymouth Rock looks a bit underwhelming, lol!

  4. Yes Kris unfortunately people were chiseling off pieces of the rock so they had to cage it. They have the Plymoth Plantation down the street that is a working plantation and interesting history. They have people in period costumes telling how things were and fielding questions.

  5. Those lobster rolls are to die for back there. I chuckled because they even advertised for them at McDs. What??? It does look like you had a grand trip.

  6. Such a great visit with two great ladies. Blogging friends are tops. That Bobbin just gets cuter, such a sweetie.

  7. What a fun day! It looks like you and Bobbin had great fun. Tell me more about 'the rock'?

  8. I don't think I've ever been to Mass. We went to Maine for our 20th Anniversary, almost 11 years ago. I love lobster rolls!!!!

  9. I could live in Cape Cod easily. I felt totally at home and peace there.


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