Sunday, July 29, 2018

6th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge

Val at Val's Quilting Studio has been cheering us on for the annual piggy back challenge, some are starting their 6th year. 

2015-2016  I  participated but was away when I should have done a count.   When I did count which I forgot to post I had $98. 

2016-2017  I again participated.  You can read about my final tally here.  The total was $210 for the year. 

2017-2018  My 3rd year and when I was finished even with using my stash for tolls, and some boys borrowing for charity I had $168.80. 

I have pulled out my jar and will again participate. 

Come along and join the fun. 


  1. It is amazing how quickly it adds up.

  2. I am definitely in for continuing my piggy bank savings. I hope to continue with my $5 savings. In the back of my mind I am thinking I would like my sister and I to meet in Houston for International Quilt Show in 2019. And that will require a lot of savings.

  3. It all adds up so! I tend to throw the change in my purse until it gets so heavy I can't stand it. We have a big container I dump it in.

  4. I hardly have any cash on me these days. I tend to use my eftpos ( debit ) card for everything

  5. I have a couple of places I throw change into (mostly small bills) so that when I find a special machine (like the German hand crank from the TOGA) I can buy it. 'Free' money!


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