Saturday, July 7, 2018

Heading Home

Bobbin and I had been gone for quite a while and it had been time to head for home. Day 7 was going to be kind of a long one.  The day was overcast and we knew we would be heading toward rain.

The first stop for the day was going to be The Quilted Crow in Bolton, MA.  After the previous day, I was not too willing to take Bobbin into the shop so they were short and quick stops.

We were there as soon as it opened so we could then head to the next stop which was in Red Hook, New York.

The Village Fabric Shoppe was not huge, but the ladies were so friendly and they had the cutest row, and some awesome guitar fabric.  It was nice to have a break from the rain and get out of the car.  We then headed to our next stop in Pennsylvania.

Kutztown, Pennsylvania and The Wooden Bridge Dry Goods was sweet.

I found some fun fabrics at a great price, love the guitar fabric, and loved the batik fabric (far right). 

By then it was a long day driving and Bobbin and I had reservations in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the night.   I always was under the impression that Lancaster was much like Berlin, Ohio, or Shipshewana, Indiana, but it was very commercial. 


  1. Not all people are like the ones you met in that rude quilt shop. There are always some who spoil it for everyone. You got some really neat patterns and fabrics!

  2. This was certainly a journey for you and Bobbin--you meet all kinds, right? I see you had plenty of snacks for the trip from Dawn and Jacky--oh those gals;))
    It must feel great to be home
    hugs Julierose

  3. lots of people put down Jo Ann's workers but ours in Chattanooga are great

  4. I'll bet you were really eager to get home by that point. It's nice to have such a good traveling companion.


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