Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I Like Thursday #32

Welcome to my I Like Thursday for week 32.

While I was on the west coast I learned quickly that if I purchased something I was charged anywhere from .10-.15 cents per bag.  I started picking up shopping bags.  These were some of my favorites.  I now take them to the grocery store here. 

 A chicken bag of course.
 I liked the retro look of this one with the garden
A stylized version of Portland, Oregon.

I showed pictures of my cone flowers earlier.  They are so gorgeous.  I love it when they get to this point in their growth.

And there was a surprise one poking its head above the thistle.
I like garden lights, especially the green ones I purchased a few weeks ago.

I found some similar on Amazon and purchased a couple of more.

I like old cars and in Oregon on a Lavender farm they had this one at the entrance as a planter.

I saw one the other day on the way to sewing. 

Love the blue wheels!

I love my new chickens, they are so pretty.

I like holders for my sewing tools. 

While I was in California there was a chocolate factory that had managed to get their chocolate in almost all of the local stores. 

It is really good.  I forgot I had a few bars set to the side.  I found one today.

Finally I know this sounds weird but I like to pick up rocks sometimes.  Big rocks.  This one is bigger than my foot.

I picked it up off the river bar near where my great grandparents home used to sit.

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  1. Love your bags and flowers. And your laced wyandotte chicken is so purty. We like to collect rocks too. Used to own a rock tumbler to polish them. On vac kids got rocks in NH and polished them to make jewelry gifts for Christmas. So fun.

  2. I love reusable shopping bags and try to take them with me even when we travel because we have also learned that they charge for grocery bags in some locations. Are you putting that rock in your garden? I have lots in my yard that I've picked up here and there!

  3. I have a collection of reusable bags that live in my car. My MIL loves rocks. My FIL finally had to make a rule: she couldn't have any rocks that she couldn't pick up and get in/out of the car herself. She has rock gardens all over her back yard. My oldest son loves cool rocks (crystals, etc) and I bring some to him all the time, when I see them for sale.

  4. I picked up shopping bags while we were on vacation too. My daughter use to pick up small rocks when we traveled. Her collection is part of our strawberry patch now.

  5. Love those bags and especially those cute tool holders--My daughter used to collect rocks--when she got married and left home we found 20 shoe boxes filled with rocks in the bottom of her closet!! Guess what--she didn't want them anymore...hahaha

    I have begun using re-usable shopping bags-my only complaint is that the baggers fill them too full and they are very heavy to lift for us oldies...(whine whine)--but the plastic is so bad for our planet --so I just try to gently remind them to pack lighter...
    hugs, Julierose

  6. Love the bags and tool holders. I have a collection of bags as well. When I was home (Nova Scotia) I picked up a rock from a road that had my maiden name on it. Very cool, I thought.

  7. well you know Milo's love of rocks. That blue wheeled car is so pretty!

  8. Ah, fun post :) I have not really gotten the hang of remembering my reusable bags for shopping. I guess it's a habit I better start forming. I typically recycle plastic shopping bags as trash bags though so I don't really see them as the evil some do.

  9. Hi Colette,
    Picking up stones doesn't sound odd to me at all - I do the same thing when I'm able to. I look at a larger stone and think, oooh that's a good one. I have an odd assortment in the garage, awaiting me gathering enough to make a good collage of them. That reminds me of the Long, Long Trailer with Lucy and Desi. I love those bags - that one reminds me of Doris Day. I love your chickens too!! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Yay! for finding hidden chocolate - you can hide but we will always find you!!! We are finding the supermarkets here are trying to go plastic free so we have a number of reusable pretty bags now to take with us when we shop. It makes grocery shopping more fun I think - not a big fan. Super car planter! very clever! and your chickens are pretty!

  11. BTW, I like that Sleigh Ride pattern you got. I have a bag collection as well and even bought two new ones at Walmart that were 99cents and I thought pretty. Garden lights are lovely, I think too.
    My flowers are surviving with my heavy waterings which I don't mind doing as it gets me up close with exactly what is growing in the beds. Rocks are great to collect-I don't think that odd at all.

  12. Don’t get me going on having to buy our bags now!!!! Your flowers look so pretty. I love the garden art too.

  13. I love those bags and flowers but those garden lights are just so cool.

  14. Found chocolate is always a great thing (as long as it hasn't melted). Those bags are cool. So are the cars. Lots of good stuff this week!

  15. So many nice this to like. Pretty chickens, lights, flowers, and found!

  16. I do wish every state would adopt charging for plastic bags - what a difference it would make … and we all could have such beautiful shopping bags. We have numerous ones, and have given several Montana ones away as gifts - people LOVE them! Enjoy your week ahead!


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