Sunday, September 1, 2013

Farmhouse Archaeology

No quilting or canning today, just our treasures we have discovered.

While preparing to put in the pool (which never got put in because of all the rain this year) and the new porch we discovered lots of treasures.  That is what comes from digging in the yard of a farmhouse which is over 150 years old. 

The farm was called Midway Farms because it was midway between South Rockwood  and Carleton, Michigan.  Dh called it a truck farm, but I don't think that it became one of those until his great grandparents took over the farm.  At one time there were grainereys, wells, a chicken coop, big huge barn, all which has been torn down or covered over the years.  

When it was originally built by the great great grandparents they built a substantial house using Michigan Block.

The blocks were made of concrete.  The original part of the house is completely made of the block, and is designed in a four square style. Hence the reason why I call it the fortress of solitude.

Yes she needs a coat of paint (we can't decide on a color scheme), trim paint, a new covered front porch, some shutters but I love the old girl.  We do a little at a time as we can afford it, and as weather, and family obligations allow. 

Imagine my surprise while punching holes to find several blocks buried 3-4 feet in the ground, and as luck would have it almost each hole we punched there were blocks, and bricks. 

This cute little silver spoon was found with an "A" engraved on the handle. 

I found this huge piece of iridescent glass. 

My finds....bricks, nails, crockery, glass (green, brown, clear, blue),

Splitting mauls, gears, chains.  There are even pieces of dishes that still have the pattern.  Years ago there were no trash pick up most rural homes there was a dump was somewhere outside of the house.  While working in the garden we constantly are unearthing shards of glass.  I think it is interesting all the things we find every time we dig a bit, and makes me wonder about the previous generations that lived, laughed, and grew up in this spot, and makes me feel a little closer to them somehow. 


  1. I wonder if some of it was hidden during the Civil War? I'm sure Women in the North were worried about their belongings just like the women in the South. Even though the battles were not there, I'm sure there was a threat.

  2. I completely get the interest in the things that you've dug up. I have a degree in archaeology and I just loved finding things. I dug up prehistoric objects and medieval rings and jewellery. Was fascinating thing about the people that these objects once belonged to.


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