Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Coming, Sooner Than You Think

The Pin It Blog hop begins on Tuesday September 10! Here is the lineup for all the days.

September 12
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Moosestash Quilting
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September 13
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September 16
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September 17

Life in the Scrapatch
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I finished a project for the hop. What I thought would take me an hour or two took me two days. I finally finished it early this morning, and I will say I am pleased with it. Unfortunately it is under wraps until my day to share, which is Tuesday, September 11. Contemplating make another project, I found one I want to do, or start work on my Let's Twist to the 60's Batik Hop project. I also have a bunch of blocks that need to be trimmed for another quilt sitting on the machine in the family room. So many choices.
I do have some pictures to share though.

This is my compost pile. I don't know if you can see but it is covered with Morning Glory. Purple and fuchsia pink Morning Glory! The compost comes from the municipality that DH works for, and a couple of times a year he brings in a semi trailer load of compost, and mulch. I usually dig out some to go into the garden after straining it for debris, and rocks.

I don't know if you can see from the second picture the pink one but they are gorgeous. Even though I am not a fan since they are so invasive! DH put a couple of scoops near the back fence and this is what we have. These are whitish pink though. DH is not amused though.

DH fixed the electrical service we accidentally destroyed so there is power in the garage and barn again. Yea!  kind of. I  liked how dark it gets out here at night without all the light pollution, and all the stars that you can see, unfortunately we have a couple of huge lights to light up the driveway, and they cannot be shut off so I don't get to see that many stars often. :(  Unless the power is out to the garage and barn.

DH then finished the porch.

Except for this short portion we were 2 boards short! I figure if they tell me 1 1/4 by 6 decking I am expecting my boards to be 6 inches wide. So my calculation was that we needed 38 boards, yeah short two boards. Imagine if we told someone we wanted a yard of fabric and it was short 3-4 inches?!?! Oh well my porch is done, there is a railing for the stairs, we are discussing what we want for the railings around the porch, and my walkway is back down. I am a happy girl!

Another reason I am a happy girl? I won this beautiful Quilt Calendar from Vickie at More Stars InComanche. I had to get a picture on the garden gate which will soon be gone. We no longer own fur babies. DH and I discussed it and decided, with the job I work, and the job he works that it is just not fair for an animal to be locked in the house all day while we are away. Also it gives us more freedom if we want to do something to just go and not find someone to care for them. There are times though I still miss having pets.

OK enough wasting time I promised DH that this:

Would be turned into soup. To be canned today when he gets home. He loves to can with me. So far I have this trying to defrost 7 gallon bags of tomatoes and get them cooking so I can chop celery, onions, garlic, and basil. I have most of it defrosted, but there are still huge icebergs floating in the pot even while it is warming. I am going to scoop from the pot into a smaller pot and cook it in small batches I think.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday....better get chopping!

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  1. Isn't it hard to keep those hop projects secret until the big day? I'm on the absolute last day of the pincushion hop and waiting is going to be torture!


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