Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scrappy and Leftover Sewing

I am linking up with Kim's Big Quilting Adventure Scrap Basket Sunday here.

I had a Jelly Roll of Moda Marissa (I don't know how old the jelly roll was) but I also had bought some 4 inch charm squares too at the same time from a vendor on Ebay.  I made a small quilt last year and donated it but I could not find the charm square at that time to use in the quilt.
I found the charm squares earlier this year, and set them aside along with all the left over scraps from the donation quilt and decided that I should have enough fabric to make another quilt to donate.

I put them all together with some jelly roll strips from another projects and started to sew yesterday.
The two patches I matched up and made 4 patch units.

The 4 1/2 inch bricks I cut in half and made more 4 patch units.

I then used the 2 1/2 inch Kona Snow Jelly Roll strips and sewed all the blocks to one side which ended up looking like this.

I used half my jelly roll strips and still had half of my 4 inch charms and 4 patch units left. That was not going to get me very many completed squares. I wandered back into my playroom and actually found a charm pack of 5 inch Kona Snow Charms while looking for my sewing machine parts box.  
I decided if I cut these in half and matched those 2 1/2 x 5 inch strips  with my charm squares and four patch unit it would work out much better.  Out came Jack the Ripper and all the strips I had done were undone.
I sewed these bricks to my charm squares and four patches, trimmed them up. (Sorry no pictures). Then sewed those to my strips as before and ended up with a big pile of these.

The units ended up looking like the following.  They are 5 1/2 inch square units. 

I started to lay them out, I only have the sunroom floor right now since the dining room wall has all the wallpaper stripped off right now.  I started to play a wee bit.

I can't wait until tomorrow and some daylight to start to lay them all out and get it all put together.  I have about 80 squares total I wonder what kind of wonderful I can come up with? 


  1. It is looking great, I can't come up with quilts out of my head like that.

  2. It will be great! I love making quilts up as I go along. =)

  3. Your blocks look a lot like the Disappearing Nine Patch when they are sewn together :*) So pretty - Great job!


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