Saturday, September 7, 2013

September Goals

It is September 7th and I have not set any September goals.  Overall August while not big on hitting sewing goals I excelled at other things like canning, and working. 

17 quarts of Tomato Basil soup
7 quarts of Tomato Sauce
13 pints of salsa
13 pints of peach jam

1.  Donation quilts.  I have the fabric, and started working on one today finally. After some divine inspiration.  Amazing what you can come up with if you look at a picture.

2.  Pin Cushion Blog hop.  I made one project and just finished up a second yesterday!  No pics until the big reveal.  I have one more that I would love to make so depending on how things turn.  I may do more.
3.  Ginger Rose---she is still sitting on the dining room table.  I am accumulating quilt tops and backs but not much quilting.
4.  8 blocks for farmer's wife.  I seem to be able to accomplish that each month.

5.  Jewel Box it is floundering but I am going to get going on that soon. I would like to get this done so I can start another project or two. 
6. Country Charmer ---Oh heck I love the blocks will I get it finished for the big finale in November?  Highly unlikely
7. Curtains for my family room.  1 done, one hanging out waiting for more time to sew and quilt.  :\ 

8.  Lazy Sunday Mystery not so much a mystery anymore I would like to get it caught up and finished. 
9.  Twisting to the 60's with Batiks blog hop. 

Work is looking kind of scarce so hopefully I may be able to get more accomplished sewing wise. 

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  1. look at that curtain, how cute is that!!!
    good luck with your sewing goals.


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