Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Empty Nest

This is the first year that I have not been helping get a kid ready for school for almost 40 years!  Whether it be a sibling, one of my daughters, or a grandchild.  It was kind of a sad day.  I got my obligatory back to school pics from some of the grandkids, not all that attended school today though.

It was a crazy busy weekend.

We built a new porch/deck which is 8 x 19.
I picked 25 lbs of tomatoes and processed them so they are all ready to do soup in the next few days.

This is 25 lbs of tomatoes in my kitchen sink to wash, and get ready to process.  Probably either Thursday or Friday I will make more tomato basil soup.

I have 13 gallon ziplock bags in the freezer all ready to make soup.

 Most of those bags are stuffed so full they could barely seal.  There are bags on every shelf, and in the shelves in the door too!  DH last night says"...um yeah there is no more room in this freezer.  You have to make soup!"  Me whining...."but I had plans for tomorrow.....I was going to sew!!!!"  We agreed that I would make soup either Thursday or Friday.   

I have not walked into my sewing room for weeks. The only time I was in there was to put a new drawer set and put the printer, all the ink, paper, and photo paper into the drawers.  I discovered that I had a stripper's accident!

My little tub is over full to begin with, and it fell off the shelf where it was sitting. Strips all over!  I need to get them folded back up and put into a larger box.

These strips are traded with a group of wonderful ladies from My Quilt Place.  They were even featured recently in the  AQS newsy Quilt View on-line newsletter http://www.quiltviews.com/trading-time.   It is a great way to get lots of different batiks we trade 2 1/2 strips, and 5 inch squares.  I had to cut 4 different sets of strips, and one set of squares, packaged, and to the post office before I could do anything else. 

I finally had all my must do's done by noon.  I could work on my sewing.

I finally started to work on some projects for the Pin It blog hop.

That's all I can show you for now.

I had another idea so was playing around with crochet and made a spool pin doily.

It turned out so cute!

Finally on a sad note.  Have you ever had a fabric that you absolutely love?   I have this little square of fabric which I found in the aunt's mother's stash.  There was no selvedge so I have no clue how old it is, or when it was made, but love the color, and the feel of the fabric.  I have about 6 x 9 inches of it left and I am hoarding it like you would not believe.  I think it is some sort of Lawn but love, love, love it.  It will be a sad day in Mudville when I use it all up.

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