Sunday, September 22, 2013

All it Takes it a Finish

I am almost embarrassed to admit I have had a really tough time this week.  I have been homesick for Oregon, and my family severely.  This is the time of year we all go camping and hunting up in the mountains and for some reason this year I really miss that time. 

I decided to try to power through the week and get something accomplished, which I did.  I completed Marisol and she is currently being laundered.

I am proud to say that she was made using scraps left over from other quilts.  Not completely I needed something big enough for backing, so had to purchase 1 1/2 yards of this sweet peach/orange dot fabric for the backing, and another peach/salmon color for the binding.  I also purchased some King Tut variegated thread to use to quilt.

 Simple line quilting using a squiggly stitch on my sewing machine. 

On another note does your LQS cut fabric with scissors, a rotary cutter, or tear?  The quilt shop that I purchased the backing for Marisol tears the fabric.  Now I know they say that it is supposed to tear on the straight of grain, but when I tried to match up the sides it was all wonky at the crease.    I then ironed it completely flat, and just laid it down and folded it over and let the selvedges even out, which someone else showed me once.  When it did the top was nice and even, what would be the folded edge was nice flat and smooth, but the sides were wonky.  I decided that would be the best way to go, so I cut my binding. The binding was perfect and I did not have one problem with it (except the one I created) and it worked out sew well.
As you can see the portion that I cut off to straighten up the one side and what I would have to cut off to straighten up the other side is over 2 inches, which is a little disheartening considering the cost of fabric.  at $12 per yard this is almost a dollar.  Now I don't throw away fabric anyway I will trim it up and put it into my scrap system to use at a later time so it is salvageable.

It is a lazy Sunday, DH is mowing the field for the winter, and I am going to sew a bit more before I head off to work.  Have a blessed day.


  1. There is one shop in my area that tears that fabric and I always ask them to rotary cut it for me. Depending on the fabric you can also lose up to 1/2" of the design because of the tearing. Sweet little quilt.

  2. The sound of tearing fabric that makes me cringe.


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