Friday, September 13, 2013

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta

I have been busy the last couple of days and not with any sewing.

Watched the minions.  We had lots of fun playing and Gabe was kind enough to point out that my blog is missing pictures of him.  He thought he should have had more.  This is my favorite though.  It is from a couple of years ago but it epitomizes my Gabe. 

He honestly hasn't changed a whole lot since this picture other than to get a lot taller.  He starts all day preschool in a week and he is soooo excited. 

I worked, yeah I know that is part of life. 

I also made 12 half pints of peach jam.  This is my second batch of jam.  Peaches are hard to come by this year, and DH raves about my peach jam.  He gave a pint to one of the neighbors and the jar was returned a week later empty! 

I do the Fab Shop Hops and won a $10 gift certificate to Fabric Buffet.  I bought these 2 yards of fabric.  I just love Polka Dot Stitches by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Fabrics. 

I also participate in a couple of swaps over at My Quilt Place.  I participate in a Batiks strip swap, and a 5 inch charm square swap.  Currently we have Falling Leaves, Free for Fall, Red, Orange, Stripper's Choice, (all which are closed now) Santa's Surprise, and Winter Wonderland all for 2 1/2 inch strips.  I think we are currently on block 11 for the Batik charm square swap.  I am always looking for Batiks on sale not only for my stash but for the swaps too.

Yes those two shelves and the boxes are full of batiks.  The bottom box are my strips and charm squares from the swaps. 

I have also been working on a Jewel Box quilt using the batiks and I have this weird thing about color groupings.  Yes I know they are supposed to be scrappy.  And it is kind of.....

I decided I wanted some greys though, and horrors of horrors I don't have any grey so I had to look for some for stash enhancement. 
I bought these from Hancocks of Paducha.  I had someone swap a pink Zebra looking print that I just love.

 I was hoping to find some more colorful animal prints, but no such luck.  Anyway with my current "need" for grey I bought the Cheetah, and a zebra, and there was the fun grey squares, and I love the red dandelion looking pattern so I just had to have it. 

While I was looking for peaches yesterday and I was obliged to drive by Bits 'n Pieces in Wayne, Michigan I thought that it was a great opportunity to stop and get a backing and maybe some binding and check out their batiks. 

I found this cute peachy pink, and tangerine polka dotted fabric I thought would be a good backing for Marissa, and the lovely Peach/pink print of Fusions by Robert Kaufman for the binding.  I love the line, I actually purchased some red and made one of the cute little coin purses for my MIL with it earlier this year.  You can see it here.  I also found a lovely grey marble to use in my grey block I want to make, a couple of more fat quarters to stash aside for charm swaps, and this lovely peacock/teal batik which is going to be used for the strippers choice. (Now I decided I need a teal/turquoise block!).  I also purchased some King Tut thread by Superior to quilt Marissa the color I chose is called Valley of the Kings. 

Finally I also got my fabrics for the Santa's Surpise and Winter wonderland  strip swaps today from Batiks Etc.  I love it when I receive a pretty package all wrapped nice.

In it another gray with the dandelion type print for my gray I am craving, some sale fabric with red and orange hearts, my Santa's Surprise with the lovely ornaments, and Winter wonderland the super cute mittens.  OK granted that when cut into 2 1/2 inch strips it may not be quite as apparent that they are mittens but still super cute. 

I think at times we just need a fabric fix to add to our stash.  What kind of goodies have you added lately?


  1. Cute kids, (I was just looking at the baby zilla in the previous post)cute fabrics,and yum jam, gotta love peaches !

  2. Oh, you got some great fabrics!!!
    I love the pink jewel box block.


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