Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Rush

I think I have mentioned we have a new baby in the house.  Meet the Finn

He is a handful.  He is now over 1 month old and my newest daughter Rose and her girls cutie patootie Addyson

and her baby sister Emmalyn

are dying to see him, so they are coming to visit tomorrow and stay for dinner.  Um yeah after 1 1/2 years I have never had to cook a formal dinner.  We have had impromptu get-togethers and I usually make every one bring a dish or two.  This is my first official foray into making an actual dinner.  That is not the problem....

This is my problem....
Laundry to fold sitting on the dining room table. 

My jewel box fabric stash of batiks, and extra squares to put not until you see pictures do you realize how really ugly paint and wallpaper are....

OK no one really cares what my sewing room looks like, but I was working on putting the borders on my Easy Street and actually putting away some of the fabric which was acquired at my mother's.

My plan of attack for the day?  I had started a square for my jewel box and I have a border pinned onto my Easy Street.  I think sew the border on Easy Street that should only take a few minutes, cut out the fabric for my green jewel box square.  Then put away my batik stash from the dining room table, box up my squares into a project box,  fold clothes, and if there is any time left after that put the last border on Easy Street, and sew a bit on the green jewel box  square. 

Amazing a few minutes of blogging and talking it through doesn't seem quite so overwhelming and intimidating!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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