Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunny Monday Smile

Monday story to  put a smile on your face.  I was recently married to my best friend in the world.  Getting married as an animal of the female persuasion we are expected to take our new spouse's name.  What does this mean you ask?  New social security card, change the name on the driver's license, etc.  You get the picture right?

Over the weekend I got my new Social Security card so off to the Secretary of State/Department of Motor Vehicles I must go.

1.  Print insurance cards for vehicle which has been sitting broke down for 3 months and was recently repaired
2.  Find marriage license for proof, new Social security card, new license plate tag which is set to expire, a book to read
3.  Paper towel with a little windex to clean off the license plate tag spot.

Out the door I go.  Stop at rear of vehicle, wipe off the grime and peel the license plate tag off the backing.  As I am placing it breeze grabs the sticker and it lands.....sticky side down on my marriage license.  Peel said tag off without damaging the marriage license too badly.

Stomp back into the house saying unkind words to the universe.  Find the gorilla glue, cannot get the lid off, with daughter's help who is laughing hysterically by now, cover the paper covered license plate tag, stomp back out of the house and attempt to place the tag, without ending up covered in glue. 

Hoping it will stick or will have to pay for a replacement tag.  GRRRRR!

DH says that since the tag has an expiration date he has to only put up with me for 1 year, and he can use his option at that time to renew.  :)

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