Monday, February 25, 2013

Quilting Nemesis

I have a quilt kit that DH purchased for me in Florida while we were on vacation last year.  I love the colors and I hadn't sewn in many years so I tackled the blocks.  Let's just say I had the worst time.

She will not lay flat, she is only 91.5 by 72.5.  The fabric is probably from 2010 and DH wants it to be queen size.  Which means I need to add about 16 inches or 8 inches on each side.  Yeah I have been obsessing about this all day yesterday while DH and I went flea marketing (is that a word?)I have tons of scraps I am actually thinking about making some of the blocks and alternating them with solid blocks to try to get the size.

Have you ever had a quilt that you want to finish, but just is a pain in the patootie?  I know they end up being UFOs but I am determined that I am going to finish UFOs this year and this is going to be my first one.  I am determined to finish her. 

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