Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Goodies!

Just a quick post to show my treasure I snagged at my mom's when I was visiting.

My mother and sister have 20+ big bins of fabric sitting in their storage unit.  They received the fabric from an aunt's mother who passed away a few years ago.   The aunt's father, several years after she passed asked the daughter to clean out her craft/sewing room.  What appeared at my mother's house was 30+ copy paper boxes full of fabric.  Those boxes were repacked into big plastic totes-- 22 of them total.  Now my mother and sister are not into scrappy quilts, they are much more organized.  So I went through those boxes, if the fabric was hideously ugly it went into a bin to be donated.  Since my mother and sister had access to this stash for 5+ years I get first pick.

I ended up shipping home 34 lbs of fabric via UPS.  Now too see if I can convince my DH to lug the box to my playroom to be put away over the next few years.

Also my scissors that my daddy sharpened for me, my cake topper, and pictures from my wedding.  

Don't hate me for my hoard!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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