Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Do Your Projects Grow?

As I was cleaning my fabric from every flat surface in the dining room, and my sewing room due to the current projects I am working on I wondered how others store their current WIP?

I currently use project boxes.  I got oodles of these little plastic shoe boxes with lids for $1.00 a piece.  They are great to put my scraps in.  I have them organized in .5 inch increments starting with 1 inch squares, and strips (over 5 inches long) up to 5 inch squares.  So when I do a scrap busting day they are within easy reach they sit on my cutting table.

Project boxes can travel from room to room.  My ancient flying geese getting retrimmed in the living room.

They store my current project with the cuts I have already made and my pattern.

Pumpkins in progress for gifts

The lids are great for holding pieces-  leftover parts from Easy Street which need to be put into a scrap box.

Small projects like my Christmas Table Runner that I want to make are stored in zip lock baggies and tacked to my cork board.

I even have project drawers-  this was organized when my mother came to visit a few years ago.  Can't find the pattern, or the templates but I do know that it is a bear paw quilt block.

Yes there are several quilts waiting to be finished on top of this drawer and hanging at the side.

And I even have old project grocery bags....look from back in the paper days!

How do you keep your projects organized?

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