UFO's and Kits project page

I decided to start this page with the intention of getting my UFO's, and kits I have had sitting around for years (OK some kits are newer) completed.

This is my inventory of  UFO's, and Kits, and WIP and their state as of June 13, 2013.  I will try to get pictures of all of them, and update the progress as I go.

Last update October 7, 2013.  I have created more UFO's!!!!

Update June 25, 2014...hangs her head in shame yet more UFO's created.
Update December 31, 2014.

1.  Ginger Rose-  I worked on this off and on for a year and the top is done, it is sandwiched and being machine quilted on my domestic machine.

LOL looks like it was pinned on the barn floor.  Actually on 3 banquet tables.

2.  Hugs and Kisses-  This is currently a flimsy but I do have the back already-update I need to redo the back.  The middle name is spelled wrong-um yeah I took it off the birth announcement- go figure but easy fix.  I just need to sandwich and pin baste.

3. My jewel box quilt.  I have been making this with batiks which I have exchanged with other quilters on My Quilt Place Batik Strip, and Charm Square swap. The top is finished.  Now the quilting!

4.  Redwork Quilt
I have all the embroidery completed.  I am going to design my own blocks instead of what the pattern originally called for. 

5.  Hexie Quilt I got these neat little mylar templates and this is my first hexie flower, then I wanted to do a second round with this dark blue.  I started then realized I do not have enough.  I need 2 more so I will have to undo these, or search through my scrap box maybe I have a wee bit more, at least enough for 2 more hexies.
Pinterest is evil and I have finally decided on a pattern for my hexies but I need to order more supplies. 
6.  Ripples and Reflections BOM.  I feel more confident but this one has been a toughie.  The pattern at times is very difficult.  I finished this quilt to the flimsie stage.

7.  Lazy Sunday Mystery QAL  I have half of part 2 cut out, need to finish because completed  part 3.  Part 4 I think is just the sashing and corner stones.   Top is done to a flimsy stage.And she is loaded on the quilter.  Done, quilted and bound 12-31-2014.  This quilt ended up being donated to the quilt guild for the guild raffle. 

8.  Farmer's Wife.  I have about 34 42  50  58  66  82  all of the 111 blocks done.  Update 12-31-2014
Now to square up and sash.  All squared up working on the sashing and cornerstones.  I need to figure out a border but the hard part is done right?  And I can't seem to find a full picture of it right now.

9.  Quilty Barn Along-  I have 4 or 5 and now she has barns with silos too! I have a 3 barns, and 4 silo barns to do. The original Barn is QAL is finished, but the Silo Barn is still going.

Update 11-6-2013: I have all of the original 12 barns finished and 7 of the barns with Silos.  Now for sashing and onto a flimsy! I also decided to pick and choose which barns so not all of the regular barns or silo barns are in the quilt. 

I started working on the sashing and actually changed it up a bit.  I love what I came up with!
Update this is completed to a flimsy as of  April 15, 2014

Completed 10-1-2014
9a.  I have a subset of this one which are Barns which I am going to use to make curtains for the family room.  

* Update one curtain completed, and lined.

I have two done which is really all I need for 2 curtains.  I need to make some Farmer's wife blocks to go with and then sew the curtains.  Should be super cute in our family room.  I want 6 more farmer's wife blocks. 

10.  Country Charmer.  I love this little block.  Yes it is a little block, but it is so fun.  I have 4 6  8 made so far.  I only need 12 more. 

11. Bargello-  This is a flimsy  I need to get it quilted and give as a gift.

12.  Ben Franklin Crafts BOM-  Blocks done need sashing, etc.

13.  Craft Warehouse My favorite things.  4 blocks done but I have all the BOM kits.
14.  Wheel of Mystery quilt this was a kit that I finished.  DH wants it bigger.  Yeah that should be fun.

15.  Double Wedding Ring Quilt this was a kit.  I have a feeling that when I figure it all out I am going to really enjoy it just like my Lemoyne star.

16.  Poinsettia wall hanging-  I have this all ready to machine quilt, but it is a raw edge applique and is a bit daunting. Update 9-1-2015  Obviously I did not have any idea what I was doing when I started this quilt.  I need to take out the quilting and sew down the raw edge applique first.  Pretty labor intensive process. 

17.  My Berry Paw Patch quilt-  All cut out just need to sew it together.  This was one of my first quilt blocks I tried making without a real pattern.

18.  Washtub Stars Quilt.  I have the pattern, and the fabric....I loved this quilt with reproduction feedsack fabrics which I got in a kit.

19. Chickadee quilt not even started

20. Stars over Bali Skies-  BOM I have not even started.  LOL  phone book that I stashed away for a string quilt which states Seriously Need Help?  
21.  Pumpkin Applique I have the fabric from a BOM. I actually started on one month but my hand sewing of the applique is slow.
22.  Ancient Flying geese.  I started making these years ago a very aggressive first project.  It was horrible.  So I took apart all of those geese, and am actually re-cutting them and then sewing again.  What I am going to do with them I have no clue.

Update 3/31/2014 I have them all trimmed and ready to sew finally yeah!

Update May 29, 2014 I finished sewing all my ancient flying geese.  Now to get them into some sort of formation. 

23.  Yellow Brick Road quilt I started for my daughter.  For some reason the pattern was confusing to me.  I mean come on it is a block quilt for cryin out loud. There are three different blocks in this quilt and I have one set complete.  I am now working on the others.  With the help of some quilty friends I finished the flimsy.  I do need to put on a border after I find just the right fabric for it.

I will add more pictures when I can get back into the playroom after I clean up the mess I created today.  Unfortunately I have a feeling I am going to find some more UFO's too. 

24.  I created a new UFO waiting for a stash enhancement this is a Schnibbles quilt Lincoln
25.  Donation quilt 1-2013

26.  Donation quilt 2-2013

Donation quilts I number by the number of quilts and the year. I took this panel and instead made a quilt for our new grandson in 2016

27.  Magic Carpet Strip Quilt began for Twisting to the 60's Blog hop.    Completed 11-12-2013

28. Star Struck Table Runner
Mine- Completed 11-30-2013
29.  Star Struck Table Runner 
Bestie's for her Birthday-

Finished quilted and bound.
30.  Mug rugs for Mug Rug Swap through Quilter's Gallery   Done to be mailed

31.  I told you I would find more as I went.  I have a Christmas table runner all cut out, it matches the Christmas card holder I made last year.  It has even been labeled and bagged in the order to sew.  Pinned to my bulletin board.
Update 9-1-2015  I pulled it down and finished the top during the month of August.  Now to quilt and bind.
 All quilted! 
I actually used in for Christmas of 2015

32.  Scrappy Chevrons-  I saw this pattern and it was love at first sight.  I wanted to use my batiks and I have been grinding away at it.  I am working on the final section.  I broke it into 4 sections and I am sooo excited.

Update I finished this quilt to a flimsy 

33.  Aurifil Block of the Month--decided I wanted to make a red and white quilt.  These have been simple yet I am lovin them.  1 more block to go and all the blocks will be completed.
I have the flimsy all finished.  Now to figure out what I want to do for a backing and to quilt.

34.  I need to stay off Pinterest and the computer and life would be sew much more simple.  I saw a pattern called Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell, but then I found another I loved even more called Green Tea and Sweet Beans.  I have made a block and a portion of another.

35. Pattern Test of Tubix.  HRQ (Her Royal Quiltiness) drew up a pattern she called Tubix and asked for some pattern testers.  Of course I put my hand up, jumping up and down screaming pick me, pick me!!
Completed June 25, 2014  Check it out on my quilts page.

36.  Red and White drunkard's path.  A red and white quilt need I say more?

37.  My Quilt Place Designer Batik Group BOM-  Hey I belong to the group so I have to participate right?  They have accelerated and it is more like a couple of blocks a month and as of yesterday I am behind and the next block is paper pieced.  YUCK!  I am so far behind it isn't even funny.  But I love the colors and am looking forward to finishing them up.  There are some in the group that have finished their's and they are fabulous 

38.  Basket Case Quilt
Update finished in August 2015.

39.  Grand Illusion Quilt  from Bonnie Hunter's Mystery 2014.
Needs to be quilted

40.  Sweet Miss Violet's Quilt
Finished and bound and gifted July 2015.

41.  Lori Holt's Farm girl Vintage QAL.  Yep I fell way behind on this but love the book and the blocks I have made so far.

Update Dawn from Sew You Quilt 2 she and a friend are doing this quilt with 1 block a week and I  am going to join them to sew along.

42. Swoon I have seen so many cool quilts that I wanted to make one.  I had been collecting fabrics for quite a while.  I have a couple of blocks made so far.
43.  Fox Quilt.  This was one from the 2016 RSC.
44.  In Our Garden BOM  which I joined in online for 2016.  There were 2 blocks per month 1 pieced and one applique'.  I am about 5 months behind.

I think these are the last 2 blocks I made.
45.  2016 RSC Crown and Star
46.  2016 RSC Sawtoothed Square
47. 2016 Twisted Blossom
48.  2016 Navajo
49.  2016 Bag Lady Blocks from guild.  Now to figure out sashing etc.  To put together, I have a plan.  LOL
50. August Stars I have most of the background cut out in just a couple of hours.  Also practiced the technique for making the blocks.

51.  Barb's Secret Garden I found a bunch of Dresdens in my MIL basement when cleaning it out in 2016.  I took them apart, straightened them up and started making new Dresdens.

52.  Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt from 2015 Allietaire.  Needs borders. 
53.  Winter Quilt from a Kit I ordered
54.  Rock Candy with Sidekick Ruler.  I decided to test the instructions for the sidekick ruler which is used when making the August Stars quilt.  I made up this little table topper called Rock Candy from scraps lying around.

Needs to be quilted. 

55.  Tumbler quilt leader and ender.  I cut up my scraps and sew these together into lengths of 10 tumblers. 
56. I won the guild friendship block for the month of January.  I found fabric I am going to make 5 more blocks and then I think I will have a nice size little quilt.


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