Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Like Thursday #18

Time seems to fly between Thursdays for me for some reason.  After you check out my week of My Likes, head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other people who look for fun and beauty in our world.

I like the little toy box I bought for Bobbin's toys.  I pick them up, she takes them all out.

These toys have been picked up at least 20 times the day of this picture.

I buy about 200 lbs of chicken feed a month.  I get a lot of those little wrens, and sparrows in my chicken house.  They eat a lot of my chicken feed, even though there is a wild bird feeder.  I have seen these before, but they were kind of expensive.  I decided if I could cut back on all the feed I have to buy maybe it would be worth it.

It works with a plate.  The chicken stands on the plate, and the door opens and they can eat.  As soon as they step off it closes.  Keeps the small birds out.  But there is a training curve for the chickens. 

I like the tip that Dawn at SewYouQuilt2 gave me about coffee grounds and banana peels for my roses.  I dry the grounds and then put them into the ziploc bag.  I save my banana skins, dry them out a bit too, then cut them up into the coffee grounds. 

I spread it around the roots of my roses, and they  are always abundant, and gorgeous.

I like getting cute new hand towels for the kitchen for the upcoming holiday.

Love the old truck and see the little pink bunny driving.

I like repurposing things, such as a mug Jeff insisted that we keep.  While cleaning out the cabinets I decided to keep this one as a pen/pencil cup.

I like being out and seeing an old car.  I saw this one in the parking lot of a little restaurant that Jeff and I used go to eat.

I like dried strawberries in my cereal.  I really like the Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries, but sometimes they are hard to find.  So I bought the Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds and a #10 can of dried strawberries. 

If you can't find it the way you want it, figure out another way.

Now head over and see what everyone else finds joy in this week.


  1. Love that Bobbin.she is too cute! AND that truck towel......swoon. nice to find the good in each day

  2. boy, Bobbin has really grown! I wanted to try getting a toy box for Harley's toys but I couldn't think of what to buy that he wouldn't think was also a toy. I used to put coffee grounds on my African Violets but I didn't know Roses liked that same acidity. Thanks for sharing the tip. I have bird feeders that operate on the same spring concept that keep the squirrels out. Such a simple and effective invention.

    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  3. Hi Colette,
    That is a really cool contraption for feeding the chickens! It looks like it should work on keeping out the smaller birds as they wouldn't weigh enough to trigger the door to open. I hope the chickens figure it out quickly! I hadn't heard about the coffee grounds and banana peels for roses. I will start saving mine as it is getting to be that time for me to worry about them growing. I love roses! Oh, and little Bobbin. Little sweetheart! She looks so darn cute pulling out all of her toys! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Bobbin is such a cutiepie!!;))) I have been saving my grounds and peels --i have trouble growing roses here for some reason--hope that will help. Hoping to dodge this next big storm coming our way...enough with the snow...;(((
    hugs, Julierose

  5. Sounds like quite the game for you and Miss Bobbin :) I have not tried roses out here...too many deer to worry about. The chicken feeder looks interesting, I have not seen that technique before.

  6. Your chicken feeder is like my anti squirrel bird feeder that one of them has figured out how to use. Drats.
    I use coffee for my geraniums which love it but I had not heard of the banana peel which I will try. I compost everything like that. Thanks for mentioning.
    I've never seen dried strawberries; I'm wondering if they are here. Would love to try them.
    Buried under snow here but all good...not a storm at least.

  7. My dogs have a basket full of toys, too, and Bruster empties it and spreads them all over the house. There were four on my bed last night. We tell him to go get his "baby" and he goes nuts trying to decide which one to bring us. Gotta love our fur babies and the smiles they give us! Thanks for sharing all the things that are fun in your life.

  8. Dried strawberries? hmm, I'll have to look around cause that sounds like a great idea. Your roses are sooo beautiful. I have not heard of drying coffee b grounds and bananas before using on roses. I wonder if that would work on other plants. I NEED THAT "EGGS" TRUCK-SO CUTE. What an interesting chicken feeder since I had no idea they were fighting for their food. Have a great day. fun post. mary in Az

  9. Lots of good ideas in your post this week! I hope your chickens can learn to use the new feeder. I know the wild birds can eat you out of house and home! The spring truck towel is adorable! Have a great week!

  10. great post, every one should look for the happy every day

  11. Bobbin is just the cutest. Great idea for the roses. Going to start saving coffee grounds and banana peels. Thanks for the tip. I have two cats and the toys are all over the house.

  12. I love your chicken feeder gadget. We didn't have a problem with small birds, as far as I know. but when I lived with my Grandma in West Virginia for a while, we had a big rat problem. They had made holes behind and under the feeders. oh it was awful that night when we discovered that was the problem. hilarious to think of now, but not at the time. I held the flashlight and my grandma was whacking them with something! But I kept being afraid they were going to run up my legs, so I was swinging the flashlight all over the place! The next day my grandpa boarded up all the rat holes.

  13. I've seen a couple old cars recently and it gave me a happy moment! The game of take the toys out is one we play around here too. I started just tossing them in an unused chair in the family room and he goes over to shop. Chickens are smart. Remember the ones on tv that played piano's? I never thought about the problems with feed... and attracting other critters. Do the chickens attract predators too? Bobbin is a big girl!

  14. It seems like we all have the same issues with our dogs and their toy boxes. I wonder how we train them to return them when they are finished?

    That is an interesting chicken feeder. I have not heard of those before. I'm also fascinated with the coffee grounds and banana peels.

  15. You know what I like - I like reading your Thursday Likes as I always find them so interesting!

  16. Freeze dried strawberries. Interesting! That chicken feeder looks pretty cool. I like that bunny in a truck. :-)

  17. Bobbin is so cute and so determined, right? :D Love your likes this week. I love freeze dried strawberries as well. I love the idea of recylcing mugs into other things! That chicken feeder intrigues me, hope the chicks get the hang of it soon! Have a great day!


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